New Partnership with The Company of Entrepreneurs

We are delighted to announce a new partnership with the Company of Entrepreneurs Trust, who share our mission to build a better world through entrepreneurship!

As a charity we are only able to provide the support we do to underrepresented entrepreneurs thanks to our partnerships with like minded organisations and individuals across the ecosystem. 

Our Head of Philanthropy Rosie Pannell was delighted to recently accept a grant of £2,500 from the Company to support the delivery of our mentoring programme for aspirant entrepreneurs. This grant covers a range of administration, infrastructure, and marketing needs to increase the reach and impact of our work.

In addition to their financial support of our 1:1 Consultations programme, Company members generously share their valuable time and experience with Hatch founders as expert volunteers, including Company Master Gary Dixon:

“I myself took part in some mentoring for a group of early stage Hatch entrepreneurs earlier this year and very much enjoyed the session. The energy and enthusiasm from the participants was palpable and I was most pleased to offer some help and guidance in the middle of a great day.”

Ed Goodchild, a member of the Company, volunteered to provide expert feedback at a Hatch Demo Day. He said: “I had the privilege and pleasure to be part of a “friendly dragons” session organised by Hatch Enterprise UK in their Incubator Demo Day.

“Hatch has a simple aim to ‘support underrepresented entrepreneurs to develop the knowledge, confidence, and skills needed to launch and grow a business.’ Happy to report it certainly does.

“And in our group session it was a pleasure to hear four business ideas delivered with style and conviction, which both renewed and recharged my confidence that problem solvers are hard at work to make a difference.”

Having such experienced volunteers willing to share their vast industry knowledge with new founders is incredible, and makes such a huge difference to Hatch programme participants who are just starting their journey. One founder to benefit from support from the Company of Entrepreneurs said:

“Barnaby my mentor was superman – he was able to understand the storytelling to perfect my pitch – he gave me invaluable insight into how to market my product to anyone! 

“His experience in marketing wasn’t a dim light inside of him – it was a beacon – a torch that he was able to pass to me to help light my way. Incredible experience.”

We are so pleased that this partnership has already had such a positive impact, and very much hope to continue collaborating towards our shared mission of democratising entrepreneurship.

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