Our mission is to support underrepresented entrepreneurs to imagine, launch and grow sustainable and impactful businesses through tailored support, community and partnerships. Since 2014, Hatch has supported more than 6,700 entrepreneurs on their journey to build sustainable, impactful businesses, bringing them together with the experience and skills of more than 1000 mentors and coaches in the process. Up until early 2020, the majority of the entrepreneurs we worked with were based in London and the South East. Having since taken our portfolio of support programmes online, increasingly we now work with entrepreneurs from right across the UK.

The majority of our founders identify as female or a marginalised gender (70%), with six in ten coming from ethnic minorities (60%). We’re proud to work with a large number of entrepreneurs who run a social enterprise or mission-driven business (70%), playing our part in improving London and the UK’s startup ecosystem by bringing together more founders from underrepresented backgrounds.


Have successfully completed our core programmes since 2014


The number of founders we’ve supported since Hatch started.



could be added to the UK economy if women in the UK were able to start and scale new businesses at the same rate as men*

We’re helping to change this by …

… supporting women entrepreneurs with the skills and networks they need to start, grow and scale their businesses

We believe that achieving gender parity in business is essential for the continued success of our society. So we created our Female Founders programme designed specifically to support women with the tools they need to overcome the inequality currently endemic in business. 


Of founders on our core programmes are women


of women reported an increase in leadership skills because of our programmes

*Natwest, ‘The Alison Rose Review of Female Entrepreneurship’, 2019

I received really high quality financial and legal advice from the connections Hatch has found for us. These have been invaluable opportunities.

Khaleelah Jones

Careful Feet Digital Agency


of businesses in the UK are social enterprises…

Yet 47% of social enterprises grew their turnover in 2018*

We’re helping to ensure more social enterprises are started, grow and survive by…

… Providing bespoke support to every cohort of impact founders, from legal advice, to leadership skills and finance.

Being an impact business ourselves, we understand the challenges and opportunities that impact businesses (including social enterprises, CICs and charities) face, and we believe that we are well placed to offer experience-based support. We do this through our dedicated programmes that leverage our collective knowledge and expertise to the benefit of the impact ventures we support, without making them dependent on us.


Of founders on our core programmes run an impact business


of impact founders reported an increase in their ability to raise funding

*Hidden Revolution: Social Enterprise in 2018

What ultimately attracted me to Hatch was its willingness to work with founders at the earliest stage in their journey.

Timi Merriman-Johnson

Mr Moneyjar


of small businesses are run by ethnic minorities… Yet diverse founders are 58% likelier to be engaged in product innovation*

We’re helping to change this by …

… tackling the gap by providing racially minoritised entrepreneurs with access to the skills, networks and opportunities needed to succeed.

We’re actively working to broaden entrepreneurship to ensure the business landscape is truly reflective of UK society as a whole and that it gives founders from diverse backgrounds the opportunity to start and grow a business. We want to highlight both the challenges and opportunities that come with supporting their businesses .


of our founders come from Black, Asian or minority ethnic backgrounds


of participants reported an increase in understanding of their vision, purpose and values

* FSB, Unlocking Opportunity, 2020

We have been surrounded by a supportive community, experienced professionals and most importantly a safe space to share our own mistakes!

Sonya Barlow

LMF Network


of SMEs, comprising over 30% of the UK’s economy, felt they haven’t had enough support from the government*

We’re helping to change this by …

… Providing bespoke support to every cohort of founders, from legal advice, to leadership skills and finance.

In direct response to Covid-19 pandemic we launched our 121 Skilled Volunteering programme which provides outreach and resources, runs events, and matches entrepreneurs with 1-2-1 expert advice. We help them solve key business challenges and provide them with the support they need to adapt their business models, increase their knowledge and confidence, maintain their staffing, and continue trading.


Founders have been through our 121 Skilled Volunteer programme


of participants reported an increase in their skills, knowledge or confidence

*Simply Business, ‘The impact of Covid-19 on UK small business’, 2021

I don’t think I’d have been in such a strong position to do this if it hadn’t been for Hatch.

Louise Winter

Poetic Endings

Partner with us

With your support, we can help more impact businesses, women-led businesses and ethnic minority-led businesses deliver positive impact into the world. By partnering with Hatch, you can meet your CSR goals and engage your employees in volunteering with impactful businesses.

  • Sponsor a Hatch Programme

  • Get your employees involved

  • Become a Hackathon Partner

  • Deliver an expert workshop

I sometimes wonder who has learned more from whom, my mentee from me or me from my mentee. She is an inspiration to me.

Claudia Coppenolle

Head of Digital Market Management, Deutsche Bank