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Patrick's daughter was the inspiration behind his puzzle and games business celebrating African and Caribbean cultures.
The Entrepreneurs Club is a new research report from Hatch Enterprise on perceptions of entrepreneurship across the UK.
The Collective Leadership Group (CLG) is the community of practice for the UK's social enterprise sector, building capacity and impact.
The Hatch experts bring a wealth of experience in their respective fields and help to guide founders on their business journeys.
Isabella has built a community for multicultural people of colour to connect with nature and cultivate their belonging.
Agnese founded Aasté Rugs to bridge the gap between the creator and consumer of luxury goods, investing profits into artisan communities.
At Hatch we’re proud to be an endometriosis friendly employer, something we have been since we signed up to the scheme in 2022.
Hatch has been ranked among the best start-up hubs in Europe in a special report from the FT and Statista: Europe’s Leading Startup Hubs 2024
Four Black women in ski-gear laughing with the Hatch paint splash graphic behind
I want to grow my business I want to scale my business I want to start my business
Investing in Women is the theme of International Women's Day 2024, so we asked some female founders what it meant to them.

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