The Southwark Pioneers Fund (SPF) is a collaboration between Hatch Enterprise, Southwark Council and Trampoline CIC to help Southwark-based founders to grow their micro business. If you’d like Hatch’s help to reach your full potential, our Growth programme allows you to choose from in-depth Incubators and Accelerator programmes as well as on-demand Community support options.

Both our Incubators and Accelerators are longer, more intensive forms of free support, which come with a chance to apply for a grant when you graduate. Our Community offering is a selection of year-round business support, which allows you flexibility and one-to-one options.

Being on the programme has helped me and my business grow by increasing the size and quality of my network, giving me a relevant peer group. It’s the most useful thing I’ve done to transition from founder to CEO.

Erica Rutherford

Kiemu Salmon

Founder, Beutonomy

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Southwark Pioneers Fund Incubator and Accelerator programmes

No founder should have to grow and scale a business in isolation, and thanks to the support of Southwark Council, we’re able to offer Southwark-based founders free masterclasses, one to one support and peer mentoring sessions. To date, we’ve run two Accelerator programmes, with an Incubator aimed purely at Southwark founders taking place in January 2024. Like the previous Accelerators, the Southwark Pioneers Fund Incubator is co-designed in collaboration with the people on it, so you’ll always be able to get exactly the kind of support you and your peers need.

The Business Incubator would more likely be for you if you have had at least £5k turnover in the last 12 months and want to increase your knowledge, skills and confidence in order to grow your business. We also actively encourage applications from women and other marginalised genders, founders from ethnic minority backgrounds and founders with disabilities.

Free to attend

For businesses based in Southwark

Grant access

Graduates can apply through a competitive process for a grant

£5k of value

The accelerator and incubator have a value of over £5k and £4k respectively

These programmes take place online.

The accelerator is currently closed. 

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Need Flexible Support?

Our Community programme is open to anyone and everyone who is looking to grow their business, or simply upskill themselves as an entrepreneur and business leader. Take your pick of our free, on-demand online events or get free consultancy on a topic of your choice.


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