Our Alumni

Meet our founders:

What makes Hatch so exciting and unique is the variety of entrepreneurs we support. Our founders go on to play an important role in developing and improving the social and economic fabric of their community. 


AllFemale Founders ProgrammeHatch Impact Programme

Flo Awolaja

@BeSpoke is an early intervention school based educational programme that explores the link of MentalHealth and Wellbeing through Creativity and the Arts. Supporting those who are disengaged, marginalised and on the periphery of an education system where one size does not fit all. The programme consists of 3 x 6 week modules centred around the themes of Identity, Self esteem and sense of belonging. The aim is that upon completion of the programme the young person will reintegrate into the school.


Anishka Prasad

Dispute Management platform that aims to deliver efficient, effective and a seamless experience of commercial business to business clients. Aims to lessen the time and cost involved in getting claims processed with zero physical contact with either party during the dispute management process.


Kirti Sharma

Bringmecake is an online platform connecting independent, artisanal bakers to those who want a beautiful, handcrafted sweet something for their special occassions. Bringmecake is primarily a business tool aiming to support Bakers in their day-to-day by driving new business, managing order flow and securing payments. It removes much of the administrative burden from the Bakers so they can concentrate on what they do best, making delicious, beautiful cakes and bakes. Additionally the platform aims to create market transparency for the consumers via ratings and feedback on the Bakers and their products.

Mentao Health

Lisa Wang

At Mentao Health, we deliver online leadership training for young people as well as an online community of supportive peers. All courses are designed to improve the emotional intelligence, soft skills and mental health literacy of participants.

Decision Monday

Rachel Watts

In an environment where agencies and consultancies seem to cater to the needs of clients with bigger budgets, Decision Monday is leveling the playing field for small business owners to make better decisions. We work with start-ups, solopreneurs and small businesses sized 0-49 employees in the consumer retail space to fulfil their market insight and market research needs. By offering a range of modular fixed-price market/competitor/consumer insight and research packages, Decision Monday frees the small business owner from having to deviate attention away from the business to conduct DIY research and removes the pain of not knowing the research costs upfront. With easier and more affordable access to information, our customers can, therefore, feel more supported in taking decisions about the longer term strategies and future directions of their businesses.

Cherry Architects

Abigal Watts-Cherry

Cherry Architects is a young architecture and interior design studio focusing on the use of technology in space creation. We believe that good design can drastically improve the quality of people’s lives and their happiness levels, no matter the budget. This guiding principle underpins everything we do from our working process to the spaces that we create. We use the latest digital design software to model the built form, allowing us to produce realistic rendered images, virtual reality walk-through and model sharing apps. We find this a highly effective way of communicating design intent and allows our clients a constant involvement in the design process by envisioning in 3-dimension how space will be experienced.

Bam Bam Boogie Dance Fitness


Our Tech Professional/ Certified Personal Trainer Founder Bami Kuteyi moved to Dublin in September 2015 from London/ Toronto. A young bubbly professional passionate about fun, fitness and female empowerment but with no real options for her to express all of these passions in one place she took it on herself to create a program that is not only fun but effective. Celebrating diversity and encouraging participants to support each other all the while.

Zimbayoga Ltd


Empowering you to find your inner strength both mentally and physically through the practice of Yoga

For Working Ladies


For Working Ladies is a digital media platform producing practical, actionable content that’s easily digestible with focus on career, entrepreneurship, and lifestyle to help women create a more stylish, successful, brighter life. We voice the stories of diverse, smart, and successful women to share with a growing readership of aspiring career and business women.
January 2018 marked our second year in existence as a brand, and also the month in which we launched our events to further educate, support, and equip women as they build successful, stylish and brighter lives.

Barbell Brunch Club


Sometimes with fitness events, you end up going alone and the experience is not the same! Founder Eni, especially found this the case as she loves keeping fit and sometimes had to go alone because none of her friends were able to come. Naturally loving to go out to brunch, she thought to create an experience where ladies of London would be able to meet other ladies and socialise through fitness and food! Hence, the birth of Barbell Brunch Club.

Barbell Brunch Club is an all female fitness collective, celebrating women of all backgrounds and fitness levels!

Cocktails & Conversation


London’s premier events and matchmaking club where you can meet hand selected professionals in some of the capital’s most prestigious venues. We offer access into some of the most exclusive member’s clubs for mixers with London’s elite, as well as a premium matchmaking service where we make personal introductions from our extensive network of successful and attractive singles.

Hep Audrey Ltd.


An online jewellery brand. The Hep Audrey product range is eclectic, versatile and suited for all days. What’s more, you can even mix and match individual pieces across the collections to complete your look. My vision is to support you as a trusted friend through all the key life events.



BeLifted promotes a Mind & Body workout with powerful Gospel music. Come as you are, but don’t stay as you are!

Solocal Travel


There’s nothing quite like your first taste of freedom travelling alone. It’s more than the wind in your hair, the sun on your face and the unlimited choices in front of you, it’s the knowledge that the world is your oyster and no one is going to hold you back. It’s more than just a journey to new and unexplored destinations, it’s also a voyage within, discovering who we really are as women.

Just pack your bags and go solo!

On-Screen JM London


ON-SCREEN helps film productions off-set their costs by providing them with complimentary and discounted products for their cast and crew:
For brands ON-SCREEN provides the opportunity to be seen by producers and production professionals looking for products to place in the actor’s trailers as well as on-screen in their next project. The production saves costs by not having to buy or hire the products and the brand gets free product placement.



The skincare products that women as young as 13 use were created in the 1970’s. Emotional well being is ignored altogether; technology/data are relatively unexploited. Despite 3/4 of younger consumers saying they want alternatives- their needs are not being met.

With Plenaire we are building beautiful and sustainable products for the next generation of skincare users that believe that beauty is a two way conversation. Plenaire will disrupt a multi- billion euro industry using data, content and artificial intelligence to develop more personalised, immediate solutions while ensuring that our footprint meets the the sustainable, social impact and clean ingredient requirements that younger consumers see as essential.

Skin Mama Ltd.


Organic, Natural and Vegan Skincare line that loves your face! Africa’s age-old, best kept secret is out!



A global one-stop marketplace shop for the latest natural, cruelty-free and indie beauty

Yana Binaev


Raising awareness towards equality and diversity through creative direction and photography.

Serious Datum


Making virtual reality experiences that change people’s behaviour. Using VR as a tool to address subtle forms of behaviour and biases which can effect productivity and the way another person feels. Main topics of interest are implicit biases, cross-cultural understanding and innovation. I have a background in biomedical science and documentary film and enjoy inter-disciplinary collaboration as a way to solve problems. I produce experiences and consult via my company Serious Datum Ltd.


Folora Duang Arop

A job listing site for candidates and employers, leveraging technology (AI & Machine learning) to match opportunities submitted by companies with qualified candidates. I believe everyone should have the equal access and opportunity to finding their dream job. We spend majority of lives working, so let it be in a meaningful job where you feel valued, respected and can be your best self.


Qian Huang

PetPanion is a smart mobile app empowering and rewarding pet parents to live a healthier, happier and longer life with your pets hand in paw, without worry or fear. Our slogan is “Love | Connect | Protect”. PetPanion enables you to manage your pet’s health and wellbeing anywhere, anytime on your mobile phone and connects you with your vets, trainer, dog walker and groomer in a smarter way. Guess what? You will also be rewarded with PetPanion coins and we will donate to the charity of your choice! Our vision is to make pet care and pet insurance more accessible and affordable for every pet parent on this planet.

Wardrobe Patrol

Enekpen Eke

A private style coaching and kindness coterie, helping to transform wardrobes and then pay it forward. I help busy Professionals at a crucial point of change, advancing or moving into new territory, get comfortable with their new exposure in the workplace. Developing a quietly confidence appearance that once affected daily interactions, I bring a peace of mind that builds upon self image, altering the way you view and treat yourself and how you approach and interact in business, whilst developing a strong executive presence that inspires confidence in others long after you leave a room. As a simple style coaching company we believe differences make all the difference and work to redress sometimes false impressions that can act as invisible barriers to progression at work. Clients have the option to pay their purchased service forward to a young person entering the labour market, needing support enriching their personal brand or corporate image, as they too fill up space.

Create Your Table

Eni Timi-Biu

Create Your Table (CYT) offers project-based solutions that address the lack of diversity and access to equity for Black women chefs and food entrepreneurs within the hospitality and small-scale food production industries.

Zola Eve

Ncheta Dasilva

Zola Eve, which means peaceful living, is a sustainable, ethical and empowering yogawear brand. Our garments are made from recycled polyester (discarded plastic bottles, fishing nets and carpets), where production saves raw materials and uses less energy and water than conventional processes. Our garments are made in a London factory that operates as a social enterprise (paying fair wages) and enables us to minimise out carbon footprint. We donate 10% of all profits to a women’s charity, empowering war-torn women to rebuild their lives.

Pip and Henry

Jeroo Doodhmal

Pip and Henry aims to deliver eco-friendly, customisable shoes for little children. Our shoes will be: made using only the best earth-friendly materials (organic, biodegradable and/or recycled materials); customisable through the use of accessories which will allow for the creation of several ‘looks’ through just one pair of shoes; designed to aid in the comfortable growth of little feet

868 Cocktail House

Kandana Hamilton

868 Cocktail House, is an exciting new pop up cocktail bar. The ultimate goal of 868 Cocktail House is to be an exclusive cocktail bar serving the very best of classic as well as signature cocktails in South East London. The venue itself will also be a space where creative expression will be welcomed, encouraged and facilitated

Feng Shui Foon

Foon Chik

Feng Shui Foon is a luxury brand for Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology products and services. Be happy and successful when you do the right thing in the right place at the right time with Feng Shui Foon. Get consultations, courses, apps and more from Feng Shui Foon.

Play Tone

Obie Pearl

Play Tone is your playground for alternative fitness and fun. Unleash your inner child by adding play to your day with classes and events. This isn’t child’s play this is for big kids. Take timeout with hula hooping, roller skating, jump rope and other playful activities. Play Tone is open to +18 ages*, all genders, and abilities from total beginners to pros. We are living in a society with a longer life span but with more chronic health issues from obesity, muscle pains, work environment issues to stress and anxiety that our current system is struggling to solve. We recognise modern day life can be stressful, demanding, and sometimes lonely and we are not finding enough time to laugh and play. The joy of Play Tone is that working out doesn’t feel like a chore, this is not a fad it is a lifestyle, our activities are super fun, people build relationships, grow in confidence, learn new skills and gives a fresh, unique and creative approach to working out. *Soon we plan to open a CIC to be able to host community events for all ages from +6. #DISCOMADEMEDOIT


Alicia Li

On-demand design marketplace for Socially Responsible Businesses: Easy to use, pay-as-you-go design marketplace. Launch and grow your socially responsible brand with personalised, high-quality design products.



Oilixia is a natural beauty brand that features potent and high performance ingredients sourced from all over the world. We support the local environment and communities from which our star ingredients are sourced. Our products are cruelty free, vegan and they work!

Common Vision (CoVi)


Caroline is the founder and director of Common Vision (CoVi), a millennial think tank championing positive ideas for our shared future. She was previously a special adviser at the Big Lottery Fund, one of the founding team members of the foundation Power to Change, and managing director of think tank ResPublica. She studied at the University of York, the University of Copenhagen, and the London School of Business and Finance. Caroline is a board member of the UK Cohousing Trust and a British Council Hammamet Fellow. In 2015, she was named one of Management Today’s 35 women under 35.

Bella Lash Brow


Debbie moved to China in 2013 to teach English but ended up training in Eye Lash Extensions and quickly becoming well known as the new UK expert! Since returning to the UK she set up her own company in Clapham, catering for career-driven woman who understand the of looking and feeling amazing with treatments that are non-invasive, classy and natural looking.

Bella Lash Brow is heading towards becoming a Training Academy training ambitious women in specialists skills and also setting them up as successful entrepreneurs.

Particle 6


Particle 6 is an award-winning fully integrated media company in London. With a science background, we make complex stories accessible and entertaining, with factual and emotional integrity. Creating engaging content that drives results for your needs. For we are creative perfectionists.



Elle trained as lawyer at a leading tech law firm in the City, and specialised in advising tech and media companies of all sizes (Snapchat, Apple & Amazon to name a few) during which she developed a passion for advising companies in their early stages as she felt she could really add value to their businesses.

Elle founded Elletrepreneur in 2015 to simplify legal services for startups, providing affordable contracts and a solid legal structure for early-stage businesses. Elletrepreneur uses technology to streamline what goes on behind the scenes in providing legal services, without compromising on valued personal service. The end result: startups have bespoke legal documents tailored to their businesses at a fraction of the price.

Elle joined the FFA to gain help with developing tech, investment and marketing strategy.

Air Peace of Mind


Emily is a qualified lawyer and mediator.  She has a degree in Social Anthropology which she studied because of her interest in people and their cultures.  She is a keen traveller, has visited over 38 countries and has a particular love of Africa. Through her travels she has had the opportunity to meet a great number of people and now enjoys hosting visitors to London! Air Peace of Mind represents the two aspects that she believes is important in the home sharing economy: hospitality and making guests feel at home. Air Peace of Mind was founded in early 2016 with the view to managing and hosting central London properties for both home owners and guests alike.



LITTLE BUD is a flower company with a conscience. Through innovations in their supply chain, LITTLE BUD minimises their part in the huge environmental and social impact of the flower industry. Sourcing from British and Fair Trade growers, they supply flowers that are wild, seasonal, and fresh from the farm.

Georgie is an experienced strategy consultant, having worked across Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia delivering agricultural development programmes and research for organisations including DFID, USAID, and the UN. She set foot on her first commercial flower farm outside Nairobi in 2015, and the seed for LITTLE BUD was planted.

Georgie joined the FFA to gain help with digital marketing strategy, investment raising, and platform development.

pebble magazine


Georgina is the founder of pebble magazine – a platform of information and inspiration for sustainable, stylish living. She has been an editor and publisher for 15 years, working with BBC Good Food, BBC Travel, Time Out, Lonely Planet Traveller and many more. After sensing a gap in the market as consumers shift to support more ethical brands and ask for more transparency in every industry, she launched pebble in November 2016. Building on her former roles, Georgina has fast become an expert in ethical fashion, sustainable living and food provenance. She now offers content strategy and sustainable consultancy and is a speaker and panel moderator on topics such as ethical fashion, zero waste and good food.

Fieri Consort


Hannah read Music as an undergraduate at the University of Manchester before studying piano as a postgraduate at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance. Hannah is a founding member, soprano and manager of the Fieri Consort. She also sings with a range of ensembles including The Sixteen, Britten Sinfonia Voices, Siglo de Oro, Musica Secreta and Erebus Ensemble.
Although living in London and studying voice with Yvonne Kenny and Gary Coward, Hannah spends part of her time in Basel, Switzerland on the Advanced Vocal Ensemble Studies with Anthony Rooley and Evelyn Tubb. Hannah specialises in 16th-18th century solo and consort singing and made her opera debut at the Brighton Early Music Festival in 2015 as Sirena in ‘La Liberazione di Ruggiero’ by Francesca Caccini, which was broadcast on BBC Radio 3.
Performing without a conductor, Fieri presents innovative and engaging programmes, and specialises in the rich and varied tradition of 16th and 17th-century Italian repertoire. Performing a cappella, accompanied by early instruments, with guests and even, memorably, with members of their audiences, Fieri’s interpretations are always ingenious and informed by the collective experience and knowledge of the group. In 2014, The Brighton Early Music Festival selected the Fieri Consort to participate in their prestigious Young Artist’s Programme, BREMF Live!, and in the same year, the group embarked on its first international tour to Australia, where they will be returning in 2017. Fieri has featured on BBC Radio 3 several times, performing in their lunchtime concert series and live on ‘In Tune’ and ‘The Choir’. Fieri were delighted to be awarded the Cambridge Prize at the prestigious York Early Music Festival in 2017.
Blake House


Ieva Padagaite is a filmmaker at Blake House Filmmakers Coop making video for charities, social enterprises, academics and artists. Ieva is a storyteller dedicated to collaboration and the building of social, economic and environmental alternatives. She has written and directed a couple of award winning short films and is an active advocate and contributor in the cooperative movement. Her aspirations are to grow Blake House as a meaningful, dignified and democratic workplace for creatives and eventually make a move into fiction film and TV directing.

Ieva joined the FFA to grow the creative side of herself and the business and learn how to navigate the creative industry world.

Nude Nutrition


“I am on a mission to end nutrition nonsense and free you from dieting and food guilt. I provide the most up-to-date evidence-based nutrition information and empower you to make changes to your health and lifestyle via personalised nutrition coaching”

Grenadine Escape


Lara’s started Grenadine Escape when on holiday at 19 years old, by building a website which enabled her to earn money as a villa and yacht rental agent and visit the Caribbean during her French studies at Bristol University. She is in her element in natural surroundings, by water and has a very creative, imaginative mind, which means she’s happiest when fulfilling creative roles (strategic thinking, property photography, content creation, writing, website design) and building partnerships. She is also commercially driven to create a career/life through which I can protect plants and people.


Lara joined to FFA to pivot the business to become an aspirational lifestyle brand, which is more connected to wellbeing and nature.

Big Mouth Gets


Big Mouth Gets is a London based social enterprise run by young graphic designers, who work to simplify political content to make it appeal to new audiences. Our aim is to increase political engagement by making democracy approachable, accessible and inclusive for everyone. We do this by producing graphics and data visualization to creatively showcase policy and better explain political output.

Position Dial


PositionDial is a free to use web application that helps you explore where you stand on issues you care about, see views from all sides and live your values. Position Dial’s goal is to support deeper democratic engagement, mutual understanding and stronger accountability. We build civic confidence and capacity in citizens, help people see the different sides of issues (bursting their filter bubbles) and frictionlessly collect, reveal and help people navigate data on meaningful (vote, campaign, buy) actions they can take in line with their positions: driving up trust and empowerment.
”What I liked that I haven’t got from other accelerators is more of a focus on designing your life and how business fits into your life. It made me feel I have more PERMISSION to be where I want to be and live the LIFE I WANT TO LIVE.’’



GLOBAL7 was created by Medina Ashabi Ajikawo (Actress & Motivational Speaker), a vibrant dynamic agency representing talented versatile Actors from across the globe for Film, Television, Theatre, Commercials, Voice-Overs, Radio and Stills Photography.

We are rapidly growing, developing contacts within the industry, and are already generating a high level of interest among industry professionals from casting directors to talent seeking representation and promotion of their talents. In addition to representation we deliver groundbreaking Acting for Film & Television short evening courses in Soho, designed for adults who are passionate and have an interest in developing their screen acting skills. These short courses will inspire and motivate you and build your confidence in acting. Students learn how to develop a character, how to approach a script and screen techniques in a supportive and creative environment. Further screen acting training is encouraged at intermediate and advanced levels for those wanting to pursue an acting career.

GLOBAL7 is now providing a great showreel service that will take the actors career to the next level, think GLOBAL!

GLOBAL7, with the experience, competence, commitment and cultural understanding, coupled with a strong can-do approach, will not lack in energy in inspiring their clients to succeed in what is generally perceived as one of the most challenging industries to break into. We are in the business of making things happen.

We represent professionally trained and experienced actors from all quarters of the world and social backgrounds, and also provide opportunities for the development of aspiring actors with the drive, confidence and energy to succeed.

GLOBAL7 is committed to Inclusion and Equality Of Opportunity.



With diverse experience rooted in Tokyo, San Francisco and London, Natalie Meyer heads up Tokyoesque, an insights agency enabling companies to expand globally. Her mission is to promote mutual understanding and connections across markets. With Tokyoesque, she does this via a mix of market research, professional support and culture-centred insights. Originally from Silicon Valley, and having obtained her MSc in Global Media & Communications at The London School of Economics, Natalie now works on a range of market entry and research projects throughout Europe and Asia, often dipping in and out of the startup scene, corporate Japanese world and Major Events industry. She has a keen interest in the impact of global cities, yoga, meditation, blockchain and cultural differences!



Founded in 1995 Acacia has grown from strength to strength building a reliable reputation within the flower and plant industry. Acacia combines a wealth of interior and exterior landscaping experience with creative design and flair. By having a real passion and belief in the many benefits of flowers and plants, we are able to provide a high-quality service to meet your needs. Within recent years it has become apparent that flowers and plants improve a company’s corporate image in the eyes of customers and enhance the working environment for staff. Acacia is dedicated to the integration of nature into everyday living. We firmly believe that the presence of living flowers and plants at work, home, and in public places improves life and benefits society. Operating from a modern floral studio we are able to allow for creative innovation at all times. Offering unique floral and plant designs for weddings, events, and all occasions in London and throughout the UK area. Acacia creates fresh and organic designs inspired by nature, whimsical gardens, and nostalgia. We are dedicated to providing a healthy and beautiful alternative to traditional floristry and landscaping, whilst always considering the environmental impact and damage, ensuring this is kept to a minimum at all times. Through the growth of our brand and reputation, Acacia has been able to extend its services into contract cleaning and other service solutions nationally for a wide variety of public and private sector organisations including offices, retail and leisure.

Haven’t Stopped Dancing yet


Former C4 and BBC reporter, Nikki Spencer, started her disco events company Haven’t Stopped Dancing yet ( www.haventstoppeddancingyet.co.uk) after a failed attempt to go out clubbing in London’s West End when she was in her 40s. She decided to start the kind of club she wanted to go, where they played 70s & 80s soul, funk and disco, and people could dance their socks off and feel welcome whatever their age. Eight years on thousands of people a year party at HSDY events in London, and more recently Brighton, and they have also brought a bit of disco sparkle to numerous festivals, and private events for everyone from EE to St Pancras International. Nikki also teaches Events Organising and Press and PR day courses at City Lit.

Carousel & Co.


Carousel & Co. provides strategic consulting, programmes, and workshops to help independent retailers and brands increase their profits, while decreasing their stress.

Agency founder, Rachel Peterman, has spent the last 10 years of her career in the luxury goods industry, holding key buying, planning, and sales roles within Gucci, Bloomingdales, Michael Kors, and Coach. She uses this experience to help small-to-medium sized enterprises compete in an ever-expanding global market.

The Heritage Capsule


The Heritage Capsule creates a family tree to preserve personal culture and heritage, for future generations, offering mixed reality immersive experiences, recreating the journey of ancestors.

Hypnobirthing Works


Rosie Goode is a clinical hypnotherapist, hypnobirthing expert, founder of Hypnobirthing Works, and teacher/trainer.  With over 13 years in clinical practice, creating and delivering group and private courses throughout London, she has helped countless clients (over 2500 couples) achieve their dream of a positive birth.

Rosie is hoping to become the Headspace of Hypnobirthing and is looking at ways to put her expertise on line.
‘’I leave every session highly motivated, with new ideas and new ways of looking at my business.  I’m very much enjoying the 1 to 1 business coaching, the female entrepreneurs sharing their journeys,  and the inspiring women in the group – and we’re having fun!’’

Canvas Café


Ruth Rogers is the founder and Creative Director of The Canvas Café, a social enterprise café and creative venue that launched as London’s first Happy Café in 2015 and supports creative and social innovation in emotional health and well being.  Ruth is also the founder and trustee of Body Gossip, a positive body image charity that has produced sell out theatre shows in London and Edinburgh, has collaborated with the Southbank Centre on the world’s first Body Love Flashmob, and has reached over 20,000 young people all over the UK with a unique programme of body confidence education programmes.  Ruth was previously an actress, most notably puppeteering Joey’s Head in War Horse in the West End, and co-presenting CBeebies Radio for the BBC.

One of the reasons Ruth joined the FFA was to reshape her role within the business, so it allows her to spend more energy on the things she loves doing.

Sahar Millinery


Welcome to the world of Sahar Millinery, whose purpose is to spread and inspire beauty and creativity. We do this by specialising in handmade hats for women; Hats which have great shapes, compliment the wearer, and are comfortable to wear. Sahar Millinery hats are traditionally made, with a contemporary finish, and handcrafted in London. We also offer workshops with the purpose of teaching the craft of millinery, and bringing out creativity from our participants. Sahar Millinery was founded by Sahar Freemantle after she completed her degree in Performance Costume at Edinburgh College of Art. We also have a sister company called UglyLovely. UglyLovely is a playful exploration at what beauty is, taking inspiration from nature and surrealism. Sahar has been exhibited at the V&A, featured in The Guardian, The Independent’s list of best Ascot Hats, on Screen in Downton Abbey, and on celebrities such as Ellie Goulding and Paloma Faith.

Make Do And Mend


After 10 years of working in theatrical costume in London’s West End, Sarah combined her lifelong love of vintage fashion and practical sewing skills to set up Make Do and Mend: a beautiful treasure trove of unique vintage & retro fashion and accessories, handpicked and sourced from around the world by Sarah herself.

She now has a physical shop in Pop Brixton along with their own in-house reworked label – MDAM – creating more trend led pieces whilst ensuring nothing ever goes to waste!

Sarah joined the FFA to gain confidence growing her business in the way she wanted including how to manage a team and finding funding opportunities.



Sukhi Jutla left a decade of corporate life to become a serial entrepreneur and author. She is now the Founder & COO of MarketOrders, the online global marketplace for the gold jewellery trade industry.

As a Female Techpreneur Ambassador, Sukhi is a regular speaker at entrepreneur and start-up events & conferences and passionate about supporting female entrepreneurship. She is also a mentor and judge at various accelerator and start-up programs.

Sukhi is the author of 2 books: ‘Escape The Cubicle: Quit The Job You Hate. Create A Life You Love’ and ‘The FinTech Book’. She is also a blockchain advocate and is a finalist in the Asian Women of Achievement Awards (2018), a celebration of leading British Asian women who are helping to shape a better Britain with their ideas, example and talent.

Sukhi Jutla- Short Bio

Sukhi Jutla left a decade of corporate life to become a serial entrepreneur and author. She is the Founder of MarketOrders. As a Female Techpreneur Ambassador, Sukhi is a regular keynote speaker and passionate about supporting female entrepreneurship. Sukhi is the author of 2 books and is a finalist in the Asian Women of Achievement Awards (2018).

Chit Chaat Chai


Tania launched Chit Chaat Chai as a street food market stall across London and Hampshire which went on to receive critical acclaim from the Independent and the BBC before opening the first Restaurant site in Wandsworth, South London.

Soon after the International Design Awards recognised Chit Chaat Chai as “Best Designed Restaurant”. Tania is currently a mentor for food start-up accelerators in both London and Singapore, and has also has been a panellist at the House of Commons empowering minority leaders in the UK workforce. She has been nominated for the Young Hospitality Entrepreneur Of The Year and recognised in the British Bangladeshi Top 100, a celebration of 100 leading British Bangladeshi figures who are helping to shape a better Britain with their ideas, example and talent. She is also a keen marathoner having ran the London, Paris & Milan marathon and has recently taken up martial arts.



Theresa is an aquatic ecologist and sea-foodie. After several years at sea as a research diver in her native Canada, she moved to London and has become increasingly involved in London’s sustainable food movement. In 2013 Theresa co-founded SoleShare, London’s first sustainable fish box scheme (think veg box scheme but for fish). She hopes SoleShare will continue to boost London’s appetite for local seafood and encourage public interest in protecting our seas and coastal communities.

One Dear World


One Dear World is an award-winning family business with the vision of nurturing future global citizens, they produce multicultural rag dolls and storybook that introduce diversity to young children.

Founder Winnie Mak, mum of a toddler boy and a business professional from Hong Kong, is passionate about cultural diversity. Inspired by the multicultural environment in London and her parenting experience, she was inspired to make changes in the toy and children’s book market. They believe all children, both boys and girls, deserve a doll that represents them so that they can appreciate themselves as they are. Seeing dolls that look different from them ensures that children can grow up with a broad worldview, preparing them to make friends with people from around the world.

Founder, The Reasons Why Foundation

Roger Blackman

Runs behavioural change programmes, helping people involved in crime to make better decisions and reduce the number of people who re-offend, improving lives, lowering crime rates and reducing the cost to the taxpayer.

Founder, Sen Talk CIC

Annaliese Boucher

Supporting Children on the autistic spectrum and their Families

Founder, Chichester Community Development Trust

Clare de Bathe

CCDT was constituted as a community led and owned organisation to meet the needs and to maximise the potential of the community assets of the growing housing estate at Graylingwell Park and surrounding new estates. It aims to deliver social and environmental benefits particularly for disadvantaged residents; to maintain and develop community facilities. Our community is a mixed private and social (40%) housing development in Chichester, an area with many pockets of deprivation. It is still in development with building work ongoing and a constant stream of residents moving in; 800 homes are currently occupied, with a further 1500 yet to be occupied/ completed.

As this community grows apace, the need to ensure that community cohesion endures and improves, is paramount. The wider local area of Chichester is growing more deprived, with rapid population growth, a scarcity of affordable community facilities and poor transport links, forcing residents to frequently travel by car to access facilities, employment/ health advice, and affordable childcare. Since its inception CCDT’s work has been consistently driven by the people living in and around those developments. The slogan ‘We make it happen’ is derived from many years of reaching out to local residents, establishing their interests and needs and working to bring them into a reality. Supporting local tutors or service providers to launch classes or events in community buildings, offering initial hiring’s for free with marketing support to give each fledgling business it’s greatest chance of survival. Developing community programmes such as the Park Run, and a monthly fish & chip quiz night, staffing them until volunteers feel able to continue them alone, remaining available for logistical or marketing support.

Although our turnover is large this is due to the trust taking on assets and land. Our trading income amounts to 22% of our income and we are looking to trade in 20/21 with the opening of a new cafe, health and wellness centre and learning centre. We are looking for support with scaling up and trading up as well as trading.

Founder, Earth Sea Love

Sheree Mack

Providing opportunities for BAME communities to develop and sustain a relationship with the great outdoors

Founder, BuddyHub C.I.C.

Catherine McClen

BuddyHub is a technology enabled connecting company that creates meaningful friendships for older people to empower them to age actively and well. We strengthen communities to include older people and be intergenerational, interracial, intercultural and cross-socioeconomic.

Cognitive science tells us ‘friendship is the single most important factor influencing our health, wellbeing and happiness’. We all need a close group of people who can support us yet our friendship group usually shrinks in later life. Making new friends is not easy, especially if your health is poor: the loss of close friends in later life that has created a loneliness epidemic. Older people need to make new friends to improve their quality of life and health which is why BuddyHub focuses on creating meaningful friendships for them.

BuddyHub creates a new social circle around an older person – our Members – called a Friendship Wheel. We carefully match a lonely older person with three local volunteer ‘Buddies’, replacing the friends lost from an older person’s personal network which is driving a loneliness epidemic. Buddies are the missing link to help older people connect with activities and to their community: having a Friendship Wheel promotes active ageing for older people.

Founder, London Play Design CIC

Max Mueller

Makes natural playgrounds for children. Unlike equipment from conventional manufacturers, their amazing tree houses, play sculptures and school playgrounds are hand-made.

Founder, Social Supermarket

Jamie Palmer

Social Supermarket is the UK’s largest marketplace for social enterprise products which includes over 70 brands and 700 products. We are on a mission to make it easy to find and buy from social enterprise products. We sell direct to consumer and also to companies. One of our feature products are gift boxes which put together a range of social enterprise food and drink items.

Founder, The Safety Box Youth Programs CIC

Nathaniel Peat

The Safety Box ® CIC programs are a refined system of training and development in helping young people and young adults develop important skills such as leadership, communication, team working, presentation, high risk conflict resolution, violence reduction, personal development and problem solving. We recognise that these are some of the essential keys to success. They open doors to learning, to life in addition to work. They are a platform on which to build employability skills and the gateway to future well-being and prosperity. We work in Prison, YOIs, PRUs, Schools and with the community to resolve issues of violence, gang conflict, bullying, low self esteem, knife & gun crime. Viewing violence through the lens of public health, The Safety Box employs an evidence-based model, proven to reduce violence in different cultural contexts. The Safety Box in partnership with Cure Violence & Surviving Our Streets successfully implemented this model for the first time in a UK Prison, this was a slight adaptation from the Cure Violence USA model into a UK YOI where the group violence reduced by 96% in one year. Since then, using a combination of the previous successful intervention the Aspire Higher program has worked between 2016-2020 in reducing serious violence within the custodial setting.

Founder, Spark and Co.

Ishita Ranjan

A Community Interest Company that provides inclusive tailored information, education & opportunity to people of colour in the UK from different walks of life.

Founder, Neon Performing Arts

Emanuela Pagliei

Neon Performing Arts was founded by Emanuela Pagliei, a dancer and choreographer from Italy and Delroy Blake a singer and musician from London.

The aim of Neon Performing Arts is to be involved and engage with the next generation of artists and performers and to provide for their needs.

We also believe that the energy of this young generation can be channelled away from the prevalent gang culture and into positive and creative mediums. For some in the longer term we hope this will lead to professional careers and employment within the entertainment and art based industries.

Founder, Revolution Hive

Ishani Parekh

Revolution Hive is a grass-roots social enterprise committed to tackling educational inequality by providing young people from disadvantaged backgrounds with an education for real life – an education that equips them with the skills, knowledge and mindset to thrive in the 21st century. We have innovatively designed a broad but vital curriculum of personal, social and global development topics – from finance to feminism, confidence to colonial history – and deliver these workshops through a team of inspiring young role model who are expertly trained in engaging young people.

Over the last 4 years, we have grown our business from the ground up and worked with over 8000 young people across the UK in schools, universities and various youth settings. We have yet to tap into the pool of funding available and would greatly benefit from business coaching to achieve our mission in providing every young person with access to this vital form of holistic education.

Founder, Link UP London C.I.C.

Kim Perlow

Connects highly skilled professionals with meaningful opportunities that strengthen individuals, organisations and communities to foster great connections.

Founder , Element Creative Projects CIO

Alex Sayers

Element runs creative arts projects with young people leaving the care system, and vulnerable school students. Our projects promote social connection, emotional wellbeing, and positive identity formation. We cover a range of artistic approaches, designed to encourage participants to reflect positively on who they are, what they care about, and what they want from the future. At the end of our projects, participants present their work at a showcase. Once participants complete a project with us, they become part of the Element alumni network through which they maintain friendships, attend cultural events, and access further opportunities both within Element and through our partners.

In the four years that Element has been operational, we have grown into a registered charity with 3 full time staff members, a roster of alumni facilitators, and strong partnerships with councils and schools. Our strategic plans for 2021 involve increasing our delivery capacity through a new hire, expansion of our schools projects, and embedding our client relationships in existing Local Authorities, to further the impact and legacy of Element projects for both individual care leavers, and the Leaving Care Teams which support them. As such, becoming part of the Hatch programme would fit incredibly well with our priorities going forward. We would love the opportunity to tell Hatch more about the work that we do!

Founder, Writerz and Scribez

Jemilea Wisdom-Baako

Writerz and Scribez CIC is a commuity arts company working with marginalised groups to bring about social change through reducing social isolation, developing skills and improving wellbeing.

Founder, Southwark Gymnastics Club

Levent Charles

Southwark Gymnastics Club has been in operation since September 2010 and was incorporated as a Community Interest Company (CIC) in 2012 by a small group of coaches that had already worked together for a number of years. Initially SGC took over a handful of sessions running at Harris Academy Peckham and Brunswick Park Primary school for about 150 gymnasts. Determined to grow from a small club into a full-time operation serving the local community, the coaches worked hard to improve facilities, develop gymnasts and mentor future coaches.

Founder, Social Starters Ltd

Andrea Gamson

We plug the skills gap in social enterprises in the Uk and around the world by bringing them mentors and consultants with specialist skills to share.

Founder, The Integrate Agency CIC

Eoin Heffernan

The Integrate Agency CIC is a social enterprise that supports the community through world class training, advocacy and support services. We grow, strengthen and give voice to the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector.

Founder, Love Welcomes

Abi Hewitt

Love Welcomes provides meaningful, compensated work to refugee women in camps who generate beautiful consumer products from humble materials.

The goal is to create an economic infrastructure so that refugees can support their families and offer a positive way for society to engage refugees in love.

The work and pay give the women a sense of productivity and purpose, reducing despair and raising self-esteem. The products raise awareness in the world of the common humanity we share with refugees and the value of welcoming all. The profit from the sales of the products is used to provide key services to the community in the camp including and not exclusively; transportation to legal meetings, food markets and medical services.

Founder, Novus Homeshare

Radha Hirani

Homeshare is a simple concept that brings together two people for mutual benefit and helps tackle loneliness and isolation. Novus Homeshare is a charity that matches people who want help or support around the house with people who need accommodation and are willing to help. Our service helps people from all walks of life in need of an extra helping hand at home.

Founder, Yenza

Tanja Kent

Cleaning for commercials and domestics

Founder, Supply Yoga: Social Enterprise

Abi Nolan

Democratises access to wellness services for both the local conscious consumer but also for community support service users across London.

Founder, YSYS

Deborah Okenla

Your Startup, Your Story (YSYS) is a diversity partnership organisation and startup community for founders, developers, creatives, investors and more on a mission to make a difference. At YSYS, we know that amazing things can happen when people start sharing ideas and collaborating. Our community is a space for people with shared values to build relationships in marketing, technology, venture-funding and more.

Together with our community, we collaborate with accelerators, incubators, venture capitalists, startups, not-for profits, universities and corporates on initiatives which foster diversity, inclusion and social change. We believe that if the startup ecosystem is truly going to change, the community must lead the change themselves. We exist to work alongside the community and for the community; to harness and accelerate their ability to thrive.

Through our collaborative impact programmes we have provided access and opportunities for 8,000 + diverse individuals in the UK tech sector from 2017 – 2018. Our goal is to reach 100,000 by 2020.Edit About Your BusinessJob TitleCEOEdit Job Title

Founder, Shine ALOUD UK

Rianna Raymond-Williams

Shine ALOUD UK C.I.C, is a sexual health awareness social enterprise based in, North London, UK. We use creative solutions to discuss sexual health and relationships among young people under 25 and adults working with young people under 25. Through the work that we do, we aim to empower our audience to have healthier conversations about sex and relationships, and thereby pride ourselves in entertaining, educating and empowering ALL to have healthier sexual health outcomes.

Our flagship publication Shine ALOUD UK has been a major part of this work which has allowed us to work with a range of young creatives to create our unique publication in addition to publishing age appropriate and relevant content to tackle a range of topics relating to sexuality, some of which include parenthood, peer pressure, contraception and personal hygiene. Through the work that we do, we are keen to create sex positivity and tackle sexual health inequalities particularly among marginalised groups.

Founder, Creative Opportunities

Ashar Smith

Creative Opportunities is a social enterprise that facilitates and encourages creativity amongst young Londoners, supporting them to develop skills, make connections and lead change. Founded in January 2014, we work to reduce isolation, poverty and inequality by increasing the social skills, sense of community and employability of our young members. Our user-led programmes empower young people to develop creative processes, freethinking and technical knowledge under the guidance of industry professionals. We co-design and deliver employability as well as social action programmes in which participants use leadership and creative campaigning skills to tackle issues in their communities. Our mission is to teach young people transferable skills relevant to their interests and guide them to successfully navigate their chosen pathways, advocate for their own rights and challenge injustice in their communities. Our vision is for all young people to understand the power of their creativity and use it to create positive change in the world around them. Our values are inclusivity, diversity, youth leadership, reflection, innovation and social impact.

Founder, Lendoe

Demi Ariyo

Lendoe is changing the way underserved small business owners raise finance. We do this through our partner loans which range from £5000 – £20,000 and can be provided alongside additional capital from third party providers who are also mandated to serve the underserved. According to statistics, only 5 in every 10 small businesses born this year will see past their third birthday. We feel this is dreadful and want to play our roll in changing this fact by tackling 1 of the 2 key reasons for small business failure, funding.

Founder, Like Minded Females

Sonya Barlow

The LMF Network CiC is a global community dedicated to reducing inequalities and providing a foundation to succeed to women and underrepresented minorities.

We believe that to change the narrative of inclusion we need to equip everyone with essential knowledge, network and opportunities. This is why we provide life skills workshops, digital training, a supportive community and access to expertise for everyone. We also work with organisations to build diversity and inclusion and increase employee happiness.

While we are open to any industry and profession, we especially focus on technology, business and entrepreneurship.

Founder, ShoutOutUK

Matteo Bergamini

Founded by Matteo Bergamini in 2015, Shout Out UK was launched to fix the lack of political education in schools by bringing young people together to talk and learn about politics.

Founded by Matteo Bergamini in 2015, Shout Out UK was launched to fix the lack of political education in schools by bringing young people together to talk and learn about politics.

Shout Out UK (SOUK) is now a multi-award winning education platform and creative social enterprise. Fusing education and tech with film production and animation ensures we create world-class programmes on Media & Political Literacy and high impact Democratic Engagement campaigns.

Founder, Plastic Patrol

Lizzie Cafr

Combines wellbeing and environmentalism to crowdsource data that cleans the planet and informs industry and government changes.

Founder, Plastic Patrol

Liz Heard

Plastic Patrol sits at the intersection of wellbeing and environmentalism. Plastic Patrol organises and delivers clean up events combined with activities globally and operates a citizen science research programme to gain insight into the distribution and composition of polluting litter and develop solutions.

Founder, Be You Be Me

Sophie Higgins

Social enterprise consultancy

Founder, Trauma Treatment International

Polly Rossdale

We set up TTI because we believe that working both with victims and the organisations that care for them is the best way to help recovery, build capacity and develop resilience. Through organisational assessments and support for self-care and burnout prevention, we seek to increase effectiveness and foster lasting change.

Our practice is evidence-based.  Whilst good techniques exist for treating trauma, knowledge of best practice is still in relative infancy.  We plan to learn from, and contribute to, the scientific research evidence in this field in order to help healing.

Founder, Caius House

Delrita Tester

Youth and community activities

Founder, EqualPlus

Manuel Wachter

EqualPlus coaches organisations for top performance by leveraging the full potential of their diverse talents.

Founder, Superhighways

Kate White

We support London charities, community groups and residents do more with digital.

The Advantage Group


TAG supports diverse & underrepresented groups of young people into further education & work placement opportunities by raising aspirations & enhancing their employability. Their mission is “to give every young person the power to become a leader and to think above and beyond.”
Founded by Economics Student Alvin, It is for students, delivered by students. It was founded early this year and since then has worked with 200+ young people aged 14 – 25 years across the UK.

Now with a team of 9, they deliver workshops, events, educational projects including CV clinics, university living skills, University application support. It is an academic and professional support network with a view for prospective students to gain life experience, work experience and provide new routes to employment.

Selkie Patterns

Caroline & Alexandra

At Selkie Patterns Ltd we make sewing patterns and textiles, designed and produced here in the UK with the environment in mind. Our goal is to set up a business that brings together sewing, which is our passion, and sustainability, which is our future. We want to be an online business, driven by women, where people can come and shop for stylish sewing patterns and textiles that don’t cost the earth. We aim to release three patterns a year, with accompanying fabrics to make them in. The patterns and fabrics will work together like a collection, which is unique to the home sewing industry at this point.

Our main aim for our range is to offer you collections that are environmentally friendly without compromising on style. Bold colours and bold choices for bold women!


Deeban & Kevin

Remarxs.com is an online work review resource & student support network to break down social barriers to success. It is a state of the art software which connects students in need of support with their work to professionals who can offer reviews of quality & value and offers a solution to unethical work writing services.

Founded by Deeban Ratneswaran & Kevin Dodd whilst working in the A & E department. They realised they shared a mutual vision to improve health systems & provide equal academic & professional opportunities to any aspirational individuals. They believe in the power of peer review & owe their success to the support from others at the start of their medicinal journey.

The focus is on academic work reviews, project collaboration & mentoring in all subjects of academia & study. It also supports students in their next steps to excel their careers (e.g. job applications & interviewing).

The Colour Press


A sustainable & artisan stationery & card making company which uses sustainable materials from an old letterpress machine.
They specialise in bespoke special occasion cards, invitations & business cards and run workshops from their workshop underneath a railway arch in South London.



Mia from Brixton is a Fashion student from Central St Martins currently in her first year. Starting a business ‘by accident’ by posting her works on Instagram, she is now inundated by orders & requests for bespoke, tailored alternative clothing. ‘The Saville Row’ for South London, Mia create beautful bespoke pieces which have the user very much involved in the design process. Clothing is designed to fit the wearer perfectly, be good for the environment & make whoever wears the piece fantastic.

The Higher Learning Bridge


Rianna is passionate about supporting young people and students dealing with the change that comes with transitioning into & from University life.
Concerned & frustrated by the increase in suicide rates amongst Students, Rianna founded the Higher Learning Bridge. The HLB is a holistic support service whose primary focus is to educate, equip and empower students and graduates to deal with transitional periods in life; with a focus on Higher Education.

For the last 6 years she has been travelling across England speaking to over 10,000 young people. Delivering sessions in schools, colleges, universities and communities. She used her experiences in life and her educational journey.

Together We Succeed


Together We Succeed is a youth recruitment platform aimed at 16-24 year olds and SMEs in the local community with the aim of aiding professional and personal development of both candidates and businesses in the local community.

Frustrated at the lack of employment options for young people, Taylor is in the process of setting TWS up. It aims to tackle the lack of employment options for young people and also solve the problem of recruiting staff for local SMEs.

The aim is to create a platform where candidates can show their skills and qualities that could be beneficial in local SMEs in terms of business development, enhanced perspectives and ideas and recruitment that would of otherwise not been possible with current recruitment agencies.

Together We Succeed aims to showcase the best talent and SMEs that are the hubs and cornerstone of all communities.

Total Function


Antonette is the Founder of Total Function, a new & holistic health clinic located in Southwark, offering sports massage and injury treatment. It is home to a range of professional & expert therapists; acupuncturists, physics, nutritionists etc to offer a well rounded & holistic approach to therapy.

The Collective Liberation Project


The Collective Liberation Project offers anti-oppression trainings and diversity consultancy, with a focus on mindfulness and embodiment.

Founder Camille (Loughborough Junction) works with not-for-profits & universities to equip individuals & groups with emotionally sustainable tools to understand oppression and transform it in their communities.

Fat Belly Clothing

Cristian & Declan

Fat Belly is an urban fashion label. Declan (Tulse Hill) Cristian (Peckham) are Graphic Designers & Creatives who design & produce limited edition caps, t-shirts & jumpers incorporating a mix of South London & traditional Inca, Mayan & Aztec inspired designs. They ethically source materials and fabrics from Equador to support deprived areas both in Ecuador and London. They have a large following in South London & are now aiming to deliver workshops for young people in Screen Printing, Graphic Design & Product making.

InUse ReUse


In-Use Reuse is a Brixton based recycling company which manages the collection, organisation and disposal of pallets and wood waste for markets across South London and upcycles them into furniture for the local community.



Lily is the founder of ‘LAILII’ a hair & beauty brand for textured hair providing a range of products & accessories made from natural & ethical materials.

After launching her very own children’s book, Lili now offers support and advice through books, interactive hair guides, hair conventions, hairstyling apps, blogs and workshops.

Open Curtains Theatre Project


Makeda is the Founder of the Open Curtains Theatre Project, an accessible Drama company for young people aged 11 – 16 years based in Brixton. Frustrated by the lack of youth provision in Lambeth, Makeda set up her own business doing what she enjoys most. Open Curtains Theatre Company is a creative Arts Service provider that uses Drama as a tool to build young people’s confidence, social skills & creativity.

LAMBB (Look At My Black Beauty)


LAMBB (Look At My Black Beauty); is a collective of creative individuals from Lambeth who have come together to redefine images of people of colour in media. It is all about reclaiming our place and not being afraid to take up space. The LAMBB collective creates short films & delivers workshops to challenge stereotypes & put pressure on the media.

Teleanas Treats


Teleana is a self taught baker from Waterloo.

She provides cupcakes & treats for all occasions serving up delicious baked goods at events for all occasions.



Lunr is UK’s biggest subscription marketplace.

It enables users to discover hundreds of products, from music and video streaming, to food and beauty boxes.

Users can also manage how much they’re paying for them, and when, to keep on top of payments and direct debits. We are designing the website at the moment, and expect to start developing our mobile app towards the end of 2018. Founder Timi (Kennington) also attended our Launchpad programme in Spring 2018.

Southern Community Roots


 Empower impoverished communities to have self-sufficiency through gardening

Mental Health The Arts


MHTA is an early intervention creative arts academy for young people between the ages of 13-25 years old with a direct and indirect experience of mental health.

Just Effect


Money Talks’ financial empowerment workshop series for vulnerable debtors in Lambeth. Designed to support people in tacking personal finance issues and engage with long-term financial planning.


Emma & Virginia

Bekudo is a Virtual Consultant that helps companies articulate the expertise they need to grow and innovate their business and matches them with independent professionals. Bekudo makes the optimum match based on skills, experience and company culture, but is blind to race, age, gender and location.

Turkish and Kurdish children group


A supplementary school which aims at educating, supporting and developing children and young persons, from low income family’s and ethnic minorities groups

Rose & Butterfly Coaching


Provide 1-2-1 coaching for people who’s mental wellbeing is negatively impacted by lack of purpose and direction in their working life or career.



Challenge 59 delivers dance and film projects to benefit health and well-being of young people in disadvantage communities

Film the Change


Make documentaries and short films looking at current environmental issues & solutions

Unblurred Lines Theatre Company

Lauren & Emily

Our aim is to educate young people about the dangers of CSE as well as help them have a better understanding of consent and coercion. Our work focuses primarily with workshops in schools, Pupil Referral Units, and councils with young people. We also hope to produce theatre with groups of vulnerable women.

Africa Fashion


To recruit & develop local FE students and HE graduates in journalism/media with African heritage to provide them with the vital real-world experience and skills they need to kick start their careers in media/journalism.

Swiss Rouge


Swiss Rouge’s aim is to recycle ocean plastic into luxury sunglasses

Rising Stars Support


Support young people from disadvantaged communities, into training, education and employment, using mixed martial arts as a platform for self-development and to engage young people.

Tom & Joe

We organise cycle adventure to ecovillages around Europe. From a weekend to a 3 week ride we bring people together, physically empower them through the challenge, showcase alternative and sustainable living and build a community together on the road.

Corona Kids

Yvonne & Ingrid

Supports children impacted negatively by parental imprisonment- delivers awareness training to statutory agencies, provides consultation to schools,establishing parent peer support group

The Saffa Hut


A street food venture born out of the desire to recreate the true authentic flavours of South African Street food here in South West London.

Step Into The Booth


Step Into The Booth are a Photo booth hire service aimed particularly at clients in the London area. The aim is to provide a unique event sharing experience in a fun and creative way. We aim to go that extra mile and push barriers to create the perfect event experience.

Bubble & Squeak


Bubble & Squeak is an ambitious new social enterprise based in East Acton (West London). At the core of the project is collecting surplus food that would have ended up in landfill and redistributing it to the local community on a ‘pay as you feel’ basis. Since February 2017 we have been running a weekly food stall in Old Oak Primary School Playground as well as at Old Oak Community Centre.

2-­3 Degrees


2-­3 Degrees is a social enterprise with the aim of inspiring and equipping young people with the power to make positive decisions through talks and workshops. The mission is for every young person to develop the ability to overcome their challenges by building the knowledge and skills needed to create the best possible opportunities for themselves.



A mobile app that helps people to select the wine in the restaurant based on a few criteria: location, budget, food, number of people. After setting the restaurant the person picks the budget that he would like to spend per bottle of wine, food, number of guests the app automatically propose 5 wines best matching the food (food pairing) and the budget (on the scale from 1 to 10). The app is available for IOS and Android.



Angrymoo connects UK businesses that are interested in the Chinese market with local marketing agencies and freelancers based in China. My company will also provide consultancy and project management services to facilitate communication between UK based businesses and Chinese marketing companies and freelancers.

Taino Spice


Taino Spice, a preserves business focusing on Caribbean pickles and chutney recipes with a modern twist. The aim of these preserves is to bring these vibrant flavours and traditions to British plates. These pickles and chutneys are homemade using as much organic and locally sourced produce as possible. They are also naturally vegan, gluten and nut free so are completely adaptable to various dietary requirements. Our desire is bringing flavour as well as the health benefits of the ingredients which all provide natural sources of vitamins, minerals and contribute to the functioning of the metabolism and immune system.

Page­‐Muir Consulting


Bespoke marketing strategy, implementation and management needed to run a successful crowdfunding campaign. It is a personable service, with an excellent success rate. Services include 1-­‐1 crowdfunding consultations, workshops and university talks.

Just AK


Just AK is an eco-friendly ethical clothing label specialising in mens streetwear. The designs are inspired by political social and economical factors and topics that affect our society.

Switch Up


Switch Up is a series of regular 20min workshops designed to show you how to change your state and self-generate energy. Coming from a voice & communication coaching background, Dolly started this company with the aim to help people as entrepreneurs, students and corporate workers become more present and engaging speakers.

From The Hill


Jody is a freelancer filmmaker that wants to establish a business developing film documentary and comedy scripts and treatments with a focus on social injustice.

The SpaceCraft


The SpaceCraft aims to address social issues as isolation and loneliness by bringing people together to benefit from crafting, teaching them new skills and by connecting to people in their community – through making and selling handcrafted products.

Tapestry Innovation Ltd


Tapestry Innovation Ltd is a design led social impact business founded by Linda Damerell. The company mission is all about enabling people who work in, and for, communities and neighbourhoods, to harness their creativity and ‘can-do’ attitude to create positive change together – community connectivity.

Linda has spent 30 years in enterprise development – starting her own business on a market stall in the 1980’s and going on to run award winning businesses in design and manufacture, marketing, and retail.

7th Breath


7th Breath is an innovative approach to training physical mind and mobility fitness that uses myofascial techniques Tai Chi and Qi Gong to influence postural change and pain relief. Lindon’s aim is to take advantage of his experience in the field to establish a training centre open to the community as a Community Interest Company.



Vala is an online lifestyle medicine service that provides companies and consumers with access to high quality registered medical clinicians via an online video platform.

Brothers in art


Solomon is an artist who draws portrays and delivers workshops to young students in schools in order to help them express their full potential through arts. His business Brothers in Art is an online artist agency aimed to bridge the gap from clients to consumers.

Piece of the Puzzles


Piece of the Puzzles is a fundraising platform for grassroots educational charities around the world that despite delivering excellent standards of childcare and education remain underfunded and underexposed. Toby’s mission is to increase access to and quality of education around the world.

Butter Nut


Butter Nut of London produce healthy and ethical butter nut. The business is committed to making nutritional food for the future and to tackle the current culture of excessive waste.

7 telecom


7 Telecommunications is a provider of full range telecommunication solutions to both business and residential customers in the UK.  By joining Hatch I will to gain expertise in better structuring the company as well as in developing a marketing strategy to grow my business.

Buatshini UK


Buatshini is a new clothing company fashioning a better way of living. We produce T-shirts, hoodies, dresses and many other products with unique designs inspired by the stories and life experiences of many vulnerable children living on the street – from The Congo in Africa to the rest of the world.

Little Lights Of The World


Welcome to Little Lights Of The World. My name is Dia and I have created an ethical children’s wear brand. We offer high quality natural and organic fabrics. The USP of this brand is a range of exclusive, uniquely designed logo tees with positive, encouraging and prophetic messages, including World Changer, Pioneer, and Visionary. We aim to support a children’s cause through the sales of each piece. In a time when there is so much uncertainty and little thought for our future generations I wanted to combine my business expertise and creativity to promote the limitless potential within every child.



I am a clinical psychologist working for the NHS. Originally from Belgium, I always like to see the big picture. I enjoy problem solving and tackling the root cause instead of the symptoms. I value creative ideas and coming up with fresh approaches.

I am launching a new platform where the conscious consumer can source high quality food. With the possibility to order breakfast, lunch and or dinner up to a week in advance.

Geeks In Motion


A badass team of unique creatives
Uniting innovative tech and passionate art
To create & share meaningful stories in inspiring & unusual new ways


We’ve mastered YouTube vids, international TV co-production and lavish VFX promos for major brands. Now, inspired by Immersive technology we can empower audiences to become part of a story like never before.

Where talented creators: filmmakers, designers, engineers, animators, musicians and writers unite theirunique skills with real character. Innovating new and unusual ways to share stories and inspire audiences.

Improving the way professionals are treated in the creative industries.
Providing opportunities for new and emerging talent to shine.
Evolving the way stories are created and shared.

Whatever’s exciting or emerging, we’re there like kids in a candy store. Each Geek brings an individual voice to the team, contributing influences from film, theatre, gaming, extreme sports, comics, YouTube, TV, animation, anime and more. A truly international perspective: Making films and geeking out, from London to Tokyo.

Belle Beauty Services


After 11 years in the beauty services industry, Giorgiana created Belle, the link between luxury beauty services and the fast paced, digitally connected consumers of today. Having managed the top luxury beauty brands at Selfridges including Charlotte Tilbury, Mac, Nars, Bobbi Brown as well as the premium couture houses, Tom Ford, Chanel and Dior, mentoring and coaching hundreds of talented artists, Giorgiana launched Belle to enhance and personalise every woman’s beauty experience. “A senior artist with minimum 5 years of experience should make you feel and look VIP”, this is what Belle delivers. An “on demand” service shouldn’t end with the convenience and comfort of having an artist travelling to you , it should also provide certainty that you will look stunning for any occasion or event you’d like to attend. At Belle, all artist have been hand picked for their individual talent, work of art, experience working with red carpets events, bridals, theatre and celebrities and their passion for creating looks that will empower women to look and feel unique.

Kayu Photography


Who you are: I am a freelance photographer with my own unique story based in South London

Services:  Photography: Private vents, Corporate events, headshots, travel, visual story telling. These services will be offered to normal fee paying commercial and private clients and ethical clients; start-ups/social enterprise/charities (with a focus on storytelling.)

Kayu Photography will focus on income generation and take on at least one Ethical client each month.  Should a discount be needed this will be offered. Whether Kayu Photography takes on more ethical jobs will depend on the income generating work.


In addition to my normal photography services my other USP will be visual storytelling. This process involves expressing and communicating the organisations story, journey, values, personality/character, vision and offer.

SN Management


Serena Nalty-Coombs set up SN Management in 2008 to help solopreneurs, SME business owners and professionals to find practical ways to achieve their goals, using established organisational skills to structure projects into manageable tasks and focused activities until they are achieved.

Serena is skilled in setting up administrative systems and knowledgeable in various practices, research and solution based operations to the benefit of her clients. With over 10 years in social housing and a civil service background she has developed tried and tested project management formulas.

Working hard to provide tailored support to each of her clients from direct support through 1:1 sessions or full project management services for business clients delivering the outcomes they desire. Her practical project management skills and her innate way of breaking tasks down is the key to how she successfully supports each of her clients to achieve their personal and business goals.

Naturally Delicious


Hi I’m Shaine Williams and my company is called “Nature’s” also known as “Naturally Delicious Dairy free ice-cream”. I currently produce organic hemp ice cream, soon I’ll be offering a variety of dairy free products with loads more amazing ideas and approaches.


My business is a coworking space for artists and creative start ups. The space will not only provide studio and desk space but also a coffee shop and events space in South East London. With the decreasing amounts of affordable studio space for young artists and affordable workspace for start ups. The workspace will help create not only an affordable workspace but also a community for people to be part of to share and develop their work in.

xo Childcare


xo Childcare is a 24 hour 365 days childcare provider. We offer our service to healthcare workers. Our service offers a series of programs/ activities devoted to the physical, emotional and social development of children. Our aim is to offer our service user the comfort of an extended home, what we like to call a home away from home. We offer different activities for children newborn through six years old. Our service is designed to improve both the qualities of life for parents and children of healthcare.

XO Childcare offers that peace of mind to parents who work in healthcare that their loved one is safe and being well cared for adequately as they care for other’s loved ones. Our service also reinforce good social skills in group play environment for all our children.

Nameless Studios


Along with a renowned contemporary musician and a not-for-profit real estate developer, and strong from a project manager background, I am working on an collaborative model of social enterprise.

Nameless Studios will be the first artist-led, rehearsal spaces dedicated to new, experimental and cross-genre music in London. Everything ensembles, soloists and music creators desperately need.

Cakes By Steinz


Karismatic Minds


Karis is a Social Change Agent –

Karismatic Minds was created to provide people with a chance for change by redefining the narrative of leadership and empowerment through creative expression. Services include bespoke programme development, Consultancy on youth related matters and Training & Development through experiential.

Dyslexia Power


Marcus is creating a learning community and marketplace for dyslexic entrepreneurs where dyslexic people create video courses and learn from each other. He is inspired by his own experience with mild dyslexia as well as working in education and a variety of businesses. Statistics show the stark impact dyslexia can have – with estimates that 50% of prisoners are dyslexic as well as 50% of self made billionaires. Marcus is on a mission to rebrand dyslexia, not as a learning disability but as a unique learning style and gift if understood and utilised.

A Life Less Ordinary Wanted


I founded A Life Less Ordinary Wanted in 2014 so that I could do the work I love in a way that works for me.

For the last decade I have been inspiring, challenging and empowering entrepreneurs, business leaders, their teams and organisations to become proactive about change, reach more of their potential and become Less Ordinary.

I am known for my high impact, positively challenging, holistic approach to personal growth & leadership development. My support covers personal crises as well as professional development, leadership challenges, career progression and business growth.



HUSH is a discovery tool for finding calm, quiet spots and experiences on the go across London and Paris. HUSH was born out of the need to find quiet spaces locally to switch off and recharge away from work to help manage my generalised anxiety.

Humble Works


Hey there, my name is Ryan R Bish, a Project manager with over ten years working within the voluntary sector across five London boroughs and Greater Manchester. I have co-ordinated various community cohesion initiatives working in partnership with government services, educational institutes community organisations.

Trading under the name, Humble Works, I operate as a freelance project manager who supports non-for profit organisations meet specific project targets and manage quality assurance obligations which were agreed with their sponsors.

I am a skilled and experienced project manager who has an eye for detail and passionate in helping communities overcome challenges and enhance their community services.

Raw Ingredients CIC


We are a vegetarian and vegan cafe aiming to provide training opportunities to disadvantaged individuals and cooking classes to people in food poverty.

Positive Purpose AM


My name is Andrea and I am the Founder and Director of Positive Purpose AM. We are a Wellbeing Agency, focused on coaching for personal development, health and wellbeing, career transition and work/life balance. We offer coaching packages, events and speaking engagements to support committed clients on their positive journey for change.

Firepot Wonderboom


Extraordinary eating experiences in transformative spaces, filled with live art.

The One Wing Project


Vision: A world where everyone has the wings to fly

Antiqu’e is the founder of the The One Wing Project – ‘providing the wings to fly’ Supporting young people, females and vulnerable adults within the creative, growth and development sectors, so they feel inspired and empowered. We do this by tackling social issues through creative expression and working within the community to affect personal transformation. The One Wing Project is suitable to anyone who wants to explore self-development and creative awareness.

Lets fly together!

Creative Crafts Boutique


Creative Crafts Boutique aims to offer local people creative crafts, skills and enterprise support. Creative Crafts Boutique brings people together to learn how to embroider logos, create custom gifts, create and design jewellery and clothes. We Connect, Create and Sell.

Southwark Arts Forum


My name is Bridget Edwards, SAF Director. SAF is a leading arts network. SAF helps artists and arts organisations to have a greater impact on their local community. We do this by providing a range of networking, information, and advice services. Our members come from all walks of life. They include visual artists, musicians, filmmakers, dancers, photographers, poets, film producers, graphic designers, theatres, galleries and studios. There’s good support whilst you’re learning but on graduation, as you seek to make your way in the industry, affordable support, connection and showcase opportunities are limited. Our new annual festival will help address this.

Built By Us


Built By Us (BBU) is a not-for-profit consultancy based in London that specialises in the construction sector. Created by industry for industry, we find and develop the diverse talent that businesses need.

Built By Us believes that everyone can make a positive contribution to the places we live, learn and work in. To ensure candidates are able to take full advantage of opportunities we take the time to get to know them, providing information and customised support.

In Your Own Words


‘In Your Own Words’ offers a unique opportunity to enhance your loved one’s celebration with a poem written just for them. Whether you need the perfect reading for a friend’s wedding, a personalised thank you to someone who’s shown huge kindness, or a way to express your affection, a truly bespoke gift is just the thing.

Mister Suave

Eric & Ezra

Mister Suave provides the refinement of luxury men’s grooming, with a focus on simplicity and affordability. We create premium quality grooming products tailored for the young black gentleman, helping to refine their appearance for a smoother finish. We started our business from a frustration of not being able to find grooming products that were catered to our skin complexion, hair type and busy lifestyles. After years of discontent from using generic high-street products, we decided to develop our own solutions for skincare, hair care and beard maintenance.

Return of the Mac

Josh & Abi

Return of the Mac was born of our childhood favourite macaroni cheese. We discovered that we were not the only people obsessed with this cheesy delight, but that others had their own personal affair with the dish. With over 30 years of hospitality experience between us, we put our creative heads together and endeavoured to make the tastiest, unique Mac’n’Cheese combinations we could and serve it the world with a big cheesy smile.


Orlandam Team

Orlandam is a profit with a purpose company creating fun products and collective experiences to combat loneliness in big cities. Jesse is an Australian product designer and Neila a french marketing professional. Knowing that 1/3 people feel lonely in city like London they both wanted to give everybody the opportunity to experience the city at the fullest.

Revive Foundation


We are an organisation that offers advice and support to survivors of FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) to access reconstructive surgery by certified plastic surgeons. We also provide Support and Referral to appropriate agencies, offer Community support and FGM training for Professionals.



MPLOYME is a not for profit social enterprise who provides workshops in the area of employability and business startup, we have employment workbooks that accompanies all sessions.

Sensitive Souls


Sensitive Souls is a husband and wife team who started their business out of passion and necessity. As an allergy sufferer who was fed up with the lack of tasty treats on offer, Alex decided to create his own. The tasty, exciting and safe treats we create are all free of the main food allergy groups. There is a growing market for allergy free foods and ours appeals to both adults and children. We currently have five tempting treats for you to indulge in: Rockin’ Rocky Road, Mega Millionaire Shortbread, Fabulous Fruity Flapjack, Brilliant Brownie Bites and Terrific Toffee Popcorn.

Our mission is simple: To make the best tasting like for like premium ‘free-from’ products that are safe and enjoyable to eat for everyone.

Planet Paleo


Planet Paleo is a food and food supplement company drawing on some of the main principles of the paleo diet and evolving them to help support the challenges people face in modern living. I have worked in the field of Natural health for many years and it’s a true passion of mine.

Change Please


Our mission is to tackle homelessness by selling great coffee. We have worked with London’s leading coffee experts to source and produce the best coffee around. We’ll be training homeless people as baristas, giving them the skills and tools to sell the best coffee on the street, via state of the art carts and machines. We’re combining The Big Issue’s 25 years of experience with a fresh approach to making a difference. Each barista entering the programme will be housed, trained and given all the support they need while being paid London living wage. After six months they will move into full time employment with one of our partners so we can help the next wave of people. This really is a fully rounded programme designed to get people back on their feet.

Skin House


I’m currently running a mobile service that provides beauty treatments. From manicures to pedicures, electrical facials, Lycon Waxing, tinting, massage and semi-permanent eyelashes extensions.

Katiico Jewellery


Katiico Jewellery is a fun contemporary handmade fashion and fine jewellery label. Founded by me Kate Bruce a University of the Arts London graduate. Born in London and of Ghanaian heritage I fuse my cultural influences to create jewellery and gifts as beautiful and individual as the wearer. I work with mixed metals, Swarovski crystal elements and our unique handmade glass beads. My jewellery has a rich history and meaning that will resonate with anybody.

Katiico jewellery is universal to all cultures through a contemporary approach.

Good Vibe Canyon


Good Vibe Canyon is all about spreading good vibes, shouting about the causes we care about most, and supporting those who are passionate about creating positive change. This is why we’ve made it our mission to help socially minded businesses and charities establish themselves online. Using digital media we provide the strategies, content, web copy and 1-1 support needed to help spread their visions and connect them to the people that care.

Wildfire Adventure Camp


Jules and I believe that adventures are important; for enjoyment and discovery but also for development and learning. As children every day is an adventure, but as adults we too often forgo adventures because we think we don’t have time, or it costs too much or because we’re too old. To help adults have more adventures, we decided to create Wildfire Adventure Camp.

Wildfire Adventure Camp is the worlds first Questival: half adventure camp, half music festival for adults only! Built for inquisitive, intrepid adults; by day, Wildfire is a bustling camp full of expeditions, bushcraft, artistry, engineering, and adventure sports. As darkness falls, the forest transforms into a glittering Wildfire of music and festivity. Our 2015 test event received storming reviews from Vice, The Independent, Reuters and The Telegraph and has been described as Carry On Camping meets Wes Anderson.

Carte Rare


My name is Lorcán. I’m a multi-disciplinary creative with over 7 years professional experience in music, branding and art direction. I have a BA (Hons) in Fine Art Media and have demonstrated success leading local and international marketing campaigns. I established Carte Rare in 2015 as a multi disciplinary creative studio. Carte Rare will also focus on producing a collection of high quality T-Shirts designed and manufactured in the UK. There will be a focus on the quality and durability of the garments, the sustainability of the materials used, and the uniqueness and artistry of their design.

Sistah Outlets!


Sistah Outlets is a Community Interest Company that embeds literacy, communication, life-skills and coaching with arts, crafts, music, fashion, agriculture and business. We recognise that a holistic and balanced approach to business that empathises with individual and community needs can contribute to equality, better health, wealth, and happiness. We extend this approach by using any surplus to support a youth programme in Ethiopia where young people can also learn entrepreneurial skills to suppor



HelloHub in a nutshell can be described as a social network for locals, and although various Geo-social networks already exist as community forums, we believe HelloHub’s USP is its methodology.

Rhoda Elizabeth


My Name is Holly Smith. I am the designer behind the brand Rhoda Elizabeth. I studied Creative Arts at Bath School of Art and Design specialising in Mixed Media Textile Design and Visual Design. Applying a distinct combination of quality materials and original designs, I produce luxury, bespoke wallpaper and soft furnishings that are elegant and functional. Holding a strong ethic towards fair-trade and sustainability designs are inspired by human nature, particularly our sense of humour and appreciation of our natural world.



Baretalks ignites honest conversations to empower choices. It starts these conversations with speeches and workshops at schools, universities and with young adults, and is currently focused on mental health.
Mental health directly affects 1 in 4 people a year and costs the UK government approximately £105.2 billion every year: it impacts all of us. And even though there are great treatments out there, two thirds of people struggling with depression do not ask for help and suffer in silence. Baretalks empowers young adults to step out of silence and get access to support.



Hi! We are three entrepreneurs from different professional backgrounds. We started up Fabment with the idea that everyone can enjoy a fabulous moment with an exclusive service in special places without any hassle. Going out with a group is usually something difficult to plan, time consuming and disagreements with mates arise. As a result, many people skip these plans and groups often end up leaving that pain to the same person and going out to the same places. Fabment allows people to easily reserve tables and bottle service at the best venues improving their night-out experience.

Star Clean Exclusive


My name is Joseph Banton. I am the founder & CEO of Star Clean Exclusive (sce). My business is unique in that we provide a high quality, eco friendly clinical deep cleaning service, providing our clients the same standards you will find in London’s cleanest hospitals at a affordable price .We aim to provide a positive social impact to our community by providing young adults with a job or an apprenticeship and the ability to obtain training through the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICS). BICS offers a number of training routes including the Cleaning Professionals Skills Suite.



We are Coffeelate, manufacturers of a unique coffee chocolate bar blend with exotic spices. Made from the finest ground coffee beans, combined with exotic cinnamon spices and dark chocolate it’s the perfect complement to your regular coffee – and something your taste buds will thank you for! We source the finest ingredients from all around the world so we are taking a huge step in the right direction to become a fair-trade enterprise. Furthermore, 15% of our profits will be invested in sustainable agriculture and energy projects worldwide.

BodyMind Shiatsu


BodyMind Shiatsu is all about the therapeutic value in getting to know and accepting ourselves. There is an emphasis on the interconnection of the body and mind, and working with the body as a way to heal and free up energy throughout the system.
I provide person-centred one-to-one shiatsu bodywork sessions that focus on natural health and lifestyle. I also run workshops on relaxation and body awareness with adults and young people. It’s all about working holistically and creatively. Currently, my particular interest lies in the natural self in the urban environment. My work draws on Traditional Chinese Medicine and my background in Psychology, Arts and Play.

Power of Uke


I believe that shared musical experiences can transform the way we work together. In the last 10 years I have worked as a teacher, musician, facilitator, coach, researcher, songwriter and comedian and have been fascinated by the power of music in bringing people together.
Last year I combined all of this to create ‘Power of Uke’ – team building days with a difference. Colleagues spend a day learning the ukulele, reflecting on their organisation and then writing and performing a team song. Workshops push colleagues out of their comfort zone, develop leadership and communication skills and allow them to re-establish a team identity and provide a long-lasting change in their team dynamics.



We are Wormfood Music Ltd. Growing out of Wormfood London (music promotion company – since 2007), we are a booking agency providing bands and DJs to festivals, venues & promoters across the UK and aiming to work more with Europe in 2015. A large proportion of our work focuses on African inspired music, jazz, reggae, Balkan and electronic. We specialise in the common ground between world music and electronic music. We pride ourselves on a passion for music and a friendly, personal relationship with our artists and our clients.

Astraea Bride


Astraea is a contemporary, compassionate bridal wear label. It was created to bring more love and kindness into the world, because boy, or girl, we do we need it. At the heart of Astraea is the goal to help end child marriage and transform lives of vulnerable women and girls. Behind the beautiful dress is a story of empowerment, vegan principals and a team with deep love for the planet we are.



LattjoPOP is a social enterprise which offers a very child friendly café in South London but also works as a platform for small businesses to reach a niche audience. We offer an affordable retail/workshop/crafts/cafe space to budding entrepreneurs wishing to expand and try their product on the high street.

Small is Beautiful


Small is Beautiful is a festival, a colourful, hands-on weekend celebration of the ideas of radical economist E. F. Schumacher. It blends small-scale technology use, ideas from international development and new economics with the arts through lectures, debates, workshops, music and installations. The festival aims to ignite imaginations and unlock positive solutions for our future in a creative environment.



I am Noemi from Berlin, now living in Brixton. I recently left my corporate job to follow my dreams and launch brünch – when London meets Berlin for brunch. Created from a passion for bread, brunch, booze and Berlin, brünch is a roaming brunch pop up that offers an exciting alternative to the traditional British brunch. Brunch is an experience and hand picks its venues carefully. It offers a brunch spread, imports Berlin drinks, plays mellow Berlin tunes, and hopes improves on the original Brunch experience.



My business is DigitalAngel which provides 1-2-1 digital skills training for seniors (over 50s) who find it difficult to understand internet concepts. Millions of over 50’s in London alone lack digital skills and are being left behind in the current digital revolution. As the service is mobile the customer can have tailored training in the comfort of their own home, with their own computer.



Hustlebucks is a Social Enterprise providing garment printing for local businesses, organisations and one off clients, as well as running creative learning programmes in Graphic Design and Community Arts. Apprentices design clothing collections that get sold in store. We print vinyl jobs in store and outsource our Direct To Garment (DTG) and Screen printing jobs.

School Ground Sounds


During my teaching experience, it became clear that increased pressure on schools to perform in Maths and English often meant that music is left behind, denying young people of invaluable opportunities and cultural capital. With a background in music production and experience working with artists (including George Ezra when he was 18), I felt well placed to tackle this inequality. And so I set up School Ground Sounds (SGS), which is now a music charity with a mission to discover and showcase talented musicians in London schools. We provide high-quality opportunities for young people to record and develop their music-making.

AGR Designs


AGR clothing,is a versatile clothing brand. I have passion for designing elegant clothing and edgy streetwear. The emphasis is on style and clothing that is fashionable without having to compromise on the amount of skin exposure.

BS recruitment


Recruitment of Sales Professionals at all levels from Telesales to Senior Leadership to Business Information clients including Market Research and, media & publishers.

Sankofa to Nature


Sankofa to Nature provides Forest School sessions, programs, events and special projects to people interested in learning more about nature, helping them to learn through nature and reconnect. The programme is open to groups, organisations and education providers that are or would like to be environmentally conscious, for all age groups. Sankofa means to return, so we return to nature as a fountain of knowledge and wellbeing: camp, hike, spend days in nature as this is the healthier choice also for fun and entertainment. We provide professional and fully qualified guidance,knowledge & positive approach to nature, bridging the gaps between urban life and the natural spaces available and its resources.

Recovery Arts


Recovery arts is a peer led organisation which provides training and employment to vulnerable adults in Lambeth. Our mission is to create an organic artistic culture, which showcases the skills and talents in Lambeth. We deliver workshops through our RAW (Projects have included: Thrift shop, Café, family fun day, art gallery, talent show) and RAT programmes delivers short courses designed and taught by local service users. We also partner with likeminded organisations to deliver a wider range of workshops. Our future vision is to expand so we can provide the tools needed in recovery breaking the cycle of relapse and criminal activity.



EquallyPossible is an online video course for applicants to UK medical schools. Medicine sadly remains an elitist field, and any teenager with such ambition would likely fail if they did not attend a private school or had years of mentoring. EquallyPossible grants access to all this information one needs to apply successfully, delivered in 400 bite-sized videos and exercises. It’s designed for web and app accessibility, and ultimately a fun and engaging experience. A passion project developed by real doctors and medical school interviewers, it will only cost 30 pounds and made truly affordable for everyone.

New Beginnings Youth


I am a youth worker in Lambeth. I provide a youth service which allows other agencies to connect and engage with young people in a way others cannot. This is done through building a relationship with the young people using tailor made programmes to tap into their interest and empower them by allowing them to identify their own needs. We then marry up there’s needs with the appropriate service providers. This is a unique service which aims to build genuine partnerships while also equipping young people with the ability to take advantage of the available services.

Roadworks Media


RoadWorks Media is a community interest company that transforms young lives via hands on media training.

Working within the local community we seek to encourage self-expression and the belief that with enough hard work anything is possible. By involving young people in our projects and providing them with hands on training, we give them the power to gain experience, knowledge and confidence to build up their careers . Current projects include the creation of short films, the magazine, and a pod cast. We also run creative workshops that are open to participation.

Archie Mac London


Archie Mac London is a surface design company based in Brixton where. The brand is all about telling stories: it’s named after my great granddad, Archie McMillan, whose 100 year old drawings I stumbled across whilst looking for family photos. All my designs have a hidden story, there’s more to each one than meets the eye. I set up my business in order to one day provide patient, creative employment for people who’ve faced barriers to employment and plan to outsource my production locally.

We Are Grounded


We Are Grounded is a branding & communications company & we offer graphic design services to small and business enterprises. We also aim to be a hub for creativity by providing struggling businesses with the branding advice they need to tale their businesses to the next level.

Green Oil


In 2008, Simon developed Green Oil, an ecological bicycle chain lubricant. Other lubricants were toxic, imported, the packaging wasn’t recyclable. Many even said ‘Dangerous for the Environment’ on the back. Simon was concerned about toxic chain lube when riding through a river, and further realized every product used on a bike enters the environment. Samples were sent to the Ecologist Magazine, who made the lubricant ‘Pick of the Month’ in October 2007. Green Oil UK Ltd was founded in January 2008. Products have won awards, from What Mountain Bike’s Gold Award, to Cycling Plus Magazine’s Best Buy Award

Reconnect a Youth


Reconnect a Youth is a youth advocacy agency. We help to encourage young people’s knowledge and awareness of difficulties that may face them in the transition from childhood to adulthood, through workshops and one to one mentoring. We are trying to bridge the gap left by cuts in funding for youth centres & services for young people.

Brixton Soup Kitchen


Brixton Soup Kitchen provides food, hot meals, and information to the homeless in Brixton. There are over 1000 people living rough on the streets in Brixton. The number of homeless people is growing due to the difficult economic circumstances. We collect un-used food from various outlets such as: Nandos, Greggs, Pret a Manger, Food for Love. We also give out food to local people in need. The Brixton Soup Kitchen started in the beginning 2013. Since then we’ve given out around 400 meals per week / 28,000 since we started.

Coco Gourmand


My name’s Vanessa Bolosier. I have a background in publishing, digital production and branding. I’m a food writer, recipe developer and run an award-winning confectionery company called Coco Gourmand. Coco Gourmand has been trading for 10 months, manufactures coconut-based sweets like fudge and brittle and supplies independent delis, coffee shop and more recently Selfridges Food Hall. The sweets are gluten free, suitable for vegans and dairy free on some, suitable for vegetarians on all, only use fresh ingredients and natural products and have won 2 Great Taste Awards.

The Grain Grocer


We are a Re-fill concept shop, offering organic, non GM & ethically sourced wholefoods, everyday ingredients & Eco friendly household products. Serving freshly made organic juices, smoothies and healthy snacks & we’re on a mission to reduce unnecessary packaging.

Nature & Life


NATURE & LIFE is manufacturer and wholesaler of natural supplements, a family patented natural extract that supports wellbeing with un-compromised quality. Our product BETA GLUCAN 500 directly activates and boosts the immune system to protect from infectious, viral, bacterial, fungal, and parasitic diseases. It reactivates, regulates restores and relieves.



Snact is a social enterprise developing creative solutions to food waste and food poverty. Every day huge a amount of food is wasted unnecessarily. Snact addresses this by using some of this perfectly good and edible food to make great snacts. Our first product, fruit jerky, is made with 100% fruit, no additives or preservatives. We want to draw attention to the issue of food waste, an injustice when so many people have to rely on food banks to feed themselves. That’s why we’re going to create employment opportunities for people who are affected by food poverty, giving them the opportunity to earn extra income, by selling our products and keeping the margins that would usually go to retailers and distributors.



My line of work is within the arts and it’s a bit hard to narrow it down because there is a bit of art in everything. The way I started is drawing, pretty bad drawings I might add. But I kept at it and now I can draw anything I want whether its real or fabricated. Then I moved on to digital imagery and became pretty good at it. After that I started filming and learned a lot about directing and the composure of a storyline. There has been something inside me as far as I can remember; the desire to be the best. I guess that has been the driving force for my actions, I don’t think anyone could ever be the best but I’m going to have a damn good try anyway.

BID Network


The Before I Die Network is a supportive and inspired community of young people working together to achieve their dreams. The network helps participants to think about what they want to achieve with their lives – and to break those daunting goals down into the steps and challenges they need to overcome in order to achieve them. Users can connect with each other through interactive workshops and an online peer-to-peer site to share advice and skills to help each other to achieve those steps.

Particle Studios


We are three music based individuals who are setting up a demo recording and rehearsal studio, much like Sun Records was many years ago in memphis, a studio who will record anyone who comes of the street. No matter what style or where they come from. We will set up a platform for the best of artists that record to take them further into the industry. London is full of ambitious musicians who cannot afford high prices for demo’s, and decent rehearsal spaces. Also London schools are finding it difficult to produce music programmes that allow for their students to learn instruments. We will facilitate these needs through funding schemes that will help provide lessons for schools that cannot afford it.

Founder, Formed Architects & Designers

Tina Patel

Customer focused, proactive architectural agency that consider the whole cycle of schemes seeking to work with home owners and developers to reach your end goals, specialise in project rescue to take schemes forward where they may have stalled or poor design is preventing positive outcomes whether that be getting funding or planning. We like to engage in conversations as early as possible so we can understand what you are trying to achieve so that we can collectively work together to make it happen. Our team is agile and able to support customers in a hands on friendly way.

Founder, Colour Chronicles

Ruth Sturdy

We make inclusive childhood and baby record books where it doesn’t matter if the family is nuclear or not, the constant is the child. The childhood record book, The Book of You is unique because it asks the child questions from the age of three as well as there being pages for the grown up to capture memories from the year. The books are modern with an exercise book style inside, allowing the content to bring it alive. The books are hardback and cloth bound, available in six bright rainbow colours.

Founder, Rebecca Page

Rebecca Page

Rebecca Page is disrupting the under served global sewing community with beginner-friendly, online sewing patterns with unrivaled fitting expertise. We are a metrics driven business with highly specific demographics and are the only sewing pattern company in the world with a community of 329,000+ and 250+ brand ambassadors & pattern testers.

Founder, Natalka Design

Natalia Talkowska

Natalka Design is a global team of digital visual storytellers that help bring your stories to life. Whether digital illustration, art, animation or VR, the team in London help clients around the world make their audiences understand faster, better and for longer through breaking complex messages into ones easy to digest. We’re doing this in a variety of ways: from creative facilitation, strategy visual collateral, graphic recording for physical and online events, clever digital imagery for any type of content, VR, animation or virtual Doodleledo events. We offer fully digitised services and online visual communication solutions that supercharge your brand. We’ve worked with big and small clients in a variety of ways from facilitating strategy sessions to event marketing and brand visibility. Let’s do something great together.

Founder, Careful Feet Digital

Hale Korkmaz

For small businesses, we automatically create brand assets and post to social media so their brand looks credible and their message is clear online.

Founder, Sound Universe London

Kate Stewart

Sound Universe London is a distributor of Crystal Tones® Alchemy Singing Bowls Crystal Singing Bowls. Our mission is to support those on their journey into Sound Medicine and Quantum Healing. We offer UK Sound Healing Courses, Sound Healing Events, One to One sessions, Tours and Retreats. Our Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls viewings are held in Haggerston, East London. Our courses are led by Yantara Jiro, a visionary, inspirational leader, singer and explorer of Sound and Consciousness.

Founder, Careful Feet Digital and Dime

Khaleelah Jones

Dime automates social media marketing and branding for microbusinesses.

Founder, Poetic Endings

Louise Winter

Poetic Endings is an award-winning modern funeral service in London. We empower you to have the funeral that you want and need because we believe that good funerals are incredibly important.

Founder, WordlyWise Language Services

Debora Chobanian

We provide high-quality translation and interpreting solutions for small, medium and large organisations who need to communicate effectively in another language. Our team of highly experienced language professionals are always on hand to help you get your message heard.

Founder, Passio

Ashley Peacock

Passio digital agency with accessibility which puts Disabled and Neurodiverse people, the real experts, at its core.

Founder, A Lighter Side To Life

Ann-Marie Smith

I support female entrepreneurs with the mindset, strategies and tools to create more impact, influence and income

Founder, Green Ramona

Maris Sandhoff

First marketplace fighting for social and climate justice within supply chains. We collaborate and support small female led eco-businesses to grow while at the same time offer customers products with transparent supply chains to protect them from greenwashing.

Founder, Mother Patty

Rennae Matthews

Caribbean comfort food.

Founder, Sqft Digital

Sarah Hayford

Sqft Digital is an employer branding and social agency that aims to change the way students think about working in the built enevironment.

Founder, Kidd's Place

Schafvon Kidd

My business is about better supporting women, I am an empathetic cheerleader, I have the gift of encouragement and I provide services which help and remind women how imperative it is, that they include and consider themselves more, in their own lives. I support woman to break from the grind, take some down-time, diminish feelings of burnout and remove the guilt elements that often come with making yourself the priority. With our brand Giving yourself Grace I show women in what ways, they can begin giving themselves grace by making small purposeful efforts, knowing that they are not alone. As I work with the women, I offer them access to a supportive and engaging community of like-minded women, who begin their transformational journey right where my clients currently are. Additionally, I actively help mothers in supporting them to gain some down-time for themselves, by providing a safe space for children aged 4-7. Children can have fun by creating and engaging together as they partcipate in online arts and crafts sessions with myself and my daughter at Kidd’s Place. My hope is that whilst I make fantastic creations with remarkable children, mums can use this time for ‘Giving yourself Grace’.

Founder, The Soul Shack LDN CIC

Shanelle Webb

The Soul Shack LDN CIC is a youth led social enterprise that works with young people and communities affected by youth violence, the criminal justice system, school exclusions, and food poverty, using cooking and peer education.

Founder, sAInaptic Limited

Rajeshwari Iyer

sAInaptic is an intelligent revision platform that helps students interactively practice free text answers with feedback in the form of predictive scores and examiner-like annotations on the answers provided.

Founder, The Do Gooders

Nohelia Rambal

The Do-Gooders is an inspiring directory of sustainable brands, helping consumers easily find ethical alternatives to everything.

Founder, NewCo

Naima Camara

NewCo is a community that enables early-stage start-ups and collaborators to track their time and equity. The more you work, the more you earn. It is an app designed for teams from different backgrounds and cultures, collaborating together to achieve something great. NewCo was founded in March by Dom Vinyard (CEO & Founder) who has 15+ years of experience working at the intersection of UX, engineering and product and Naima Camara (COO & Founder) who has experience helping start-ups scale, in strategy and research.

Founder, Chatty Cats Care

Michelle Adams

We are Chatty Cats Care a professional pet-sitting service based in London. We serve busy people who take regular trips and holidays away from home and need a reliable and trustworthy person to take care of their pets while they’re away.

Founder, Okiki Skincare

Antonia Ogunsola

Okiki was founded by mother, Ade, and daughter, Antonia, in 2016 to create beautiful, handcrafted and natural personal and home care products—including candles, soaps and lotions. Okiki literally means prestigious in Yoruba and we were born out of a desire to create high-quality products from the best natural ingredients while paying homage to our rich Nigerian and Ghanaian heritage

Founder, Fife's List

Fifelomo Coker

A vendor directory and event planning website especially for a Black British audience.

Founder, Isifiso

Kavitha Ravindran

Eco friendly clothing that fits, irrespective of age, sex and size. Isifiso is an size inclusive, disability agnostic relax-ware brand that handmake it from their London studio. Want an zero.waste home, we offer upcycled and repurposed products for your home to reduce your carbon footprint.

Founder, sAInaptic Limited

Kavitha Soundararajan

sAInaptic is a AI-driven revision platform for GCSE science students that offers automated correction of short answer exam-style questions with instant feedback. The revision is personalised and data-driven, enabling students to reach their true potential.

Founder, Andrea Rose Dance

Andrea Rose

Andrea Rose Dance, is an online platform to encourage and support people over the age of 45+ to develop an wholistic approach to their health, mind and fitness through dance. The dance programs offered will help to develop a creative mindset, that will lead to better productivity and transferable skills in all areas of your life. Andrea Rose believes dance can improve one’s quality of life, regardless of age, physical ability and gender.

Founder, Unplugged Women

Niharika Chaudhary

Informative Women Fertility Awareness Platform to help women achieve freedom to decide what they want with the help of comparing different options and easy to access reliable information provided by the experts.

Founder, Leen Loves

Sarah Al-Sarori

Leen Loves Green is an online shop for kids clothings. We bring sustainable and ethical clothings closer to families who look for comfort, quality and uniqueness without compromising the planet.

Founder, PDA The Game

Cecilia Dosu

#PDAtheGame is a card game question style innovation for those stuck in the shallow millennial dating pool. The goal is for players to get to know each other whilst developing playful intimacy in the safe space and context of a game. PDAthegame is a lifetime invention to help you determine compatibility and ask those difficult questions. The real value of PDAthegame is its ability to transition into new levels of intimacy as a relationship grows to help players navigate the ebbs and flows of maintaining a love connection. It is the first product from the Introspecktion brand. A brand for those who want to look deeper.

Founder, Intro K

Kaori Sato

Intro K is a consultancy company to help Japanese companies to do a business in the UK and vice-versa. We are an expert on business match maker between Japanese companies and UK companies. We also acts as an interface between them. It means that Intro K introduces Japanese companies to the UK partner companies and give them cross-cultural communication support. 

Founders, Axtionery

Aretha & Erica Rutherford

Axtionery is a new and exciting range of paper-based gifts designed with the explicit purpose of supporting mental fitness. From journals to pop-up books for adults, our beautifully-crafted stationery fuses the latest scientific thinking on wellbeing with products that support mental fitness, creativity and joy in a fun and innovative way. Axtionery believes that what we read and what we write can shape minds, change lives and transform communities. For us paper + pen = power and performance. Axtionery helps you perform, plan and play. Axtionery is performance enhancing stationery

Founder, Anchor Events Directory

Sinmi Kesinro

Anchor Events Directory is a directory that features suppliers that meet all your events needs. Whether you are an individual looking for a supplier or event planner hoping to impress your clients we have something for you. Businesses can also join our platform by becoming an anchor supplier and featuring on the app.

Founder, Like Minded Recruitment

Mercedes Esprit

Like minded recruitment are a recruitment agency aimed at supporting those who have been through the criminal justice system into work using a mixture of mindset and confidence building programmes.

Founder, Leap

Malvika Taneja

Leap is an investment platform for UK customers, allowing them to earn a return while investing in education globally. There is a recognised funding shortfall in global education today ($148bn as per UNESCO). Despite 85% of individual investors being interested in sustainable investing (as per Morgan Stanley), there are no direct solutions within education today. Leap wants to be a bridge between individuals seeking to invest sustainably in education and established partners that improve education outcomes today.

Founder, Homeless Exercise

Tatchen Dawodu-Alcide

Exercisery enables homeless people to thrive through fitness by running 30 min- 1 hour outdoor exercise sessions run by volunteers. We want to bring homeless people together within the community to achieve the common goal of doing regular physical activity to improve physical and mental health.

Founder, Sow Sukha

Amy June McBean

Sow Sukha is the first wellbeing giftbox of its kind, delivering all natural, entirely plant-based wellness through products and handy therapist-devised tips, designed to help you get a handle on your mental wellbeing.

Founder, Curl Tribe

Korina Holmes

Afro and mixed textured hair products online retailer focussing on british and sustainable brands, with an affiliate program aimed at empowering black women and equal enterprise

Founder, Curl Tribe

Merika Holmes

Afro and mixed textured hair products online retailer focussing on British and sustainable brands, with an affiliate program aimed at empowering black women and equal enterprise

Founder, Mindful Nicstars

Nicola Harvey

Mental health and wellbeing training for educators, parents and anyone interested in children’s mental health.

Founder, Baiou

Tanisha Harvey

Baiou is a premimum, swimwear brand for girls aged 6 months to 5 years with a snap-button crotch. Upf50+ and made out of recycled oven waste (plastic bottles & fishing nets). Our packaging is also ecofriendly.

Founder, Tydil

Sherry Ho

Production of disposable items of plastic packaging has grown at a rate of 12% per annum. It is not enough to reuse and recycle, we need to reduce. Tydil will be the go to marketplace for alternative plastic packaging empowering businesses to make a choice and overseeing the materials used to suggest sustainable options which are appropriate and avoid overconsumption of any materials.

Founder, ICI CARE

Samantha Kidjo

We use data to create custom-made clean hair products. We want to work with females in social vulnerable situations by allowing them to access self-employment and partner with our company to manufacture the products.

Founder, Rent The Dress

Rani Shah

Rent modern Indian fashion pieces in England. Traditionally women travel all the way to India to get the best pieces for weddings/events and wear these pieces only 3-4 times.

Founder, Storytellr

Natalie Johnson

The Storytellr platform is a revolutionary way that writers can assess, connect and sell their stories. As a critically acclaimed scriptwriter and filmmaker (LA Film Festival, Beverley Hills FIlm Festival, National Screen Institute of Canada), I realised that the door was constantly shut and did not allow new storytellers the opportunity to be able to get their work sold.  I want to create a platform to discover people like the next Quentin Tarentino, J.K. Rowling and Stephen King. The ‘no unsolicited work’ policy that has overrun the industry allows little to none new writers to get their work in front of the right people. Writers are not innately marketers, or business savvy so when it comes to self publishing or producing they are not likely to be successful without a production team. The ‘no unsolicited work’ policy prevents the opportunity for a bridge of storytellers and investors.  There is not a platform currently out there that will be able to provide the service of connecting the gatekeepers of massive distributors, producers and investors to writers. This will be the first platform to assess, connect and sell a story

Founder, Saisha Ayurveda

Namitha Muthukrishnan

Saisha Ayurveda is about helping consumers create a customised premium natural lifestyle of self-care and preventative health by utilising the knowledge and tools from the Ancient Science of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is a lifestyle focusing on both internal and external health to move from a state of ‘dis-ease’ to a state of ‘ease’. It’s a lifestyle I have grown up with thanks to my great grandfather and his family before him were all Ayurvedic doctors and teachers. From simple things like changing my diet according to the seasons to more complex things like healing my cystic acne scars naturally Ayurveda has taught me the value of my health and the steps I need to take to maintain it. The nagging feeling that I needed to do something to help others was born when I moved to the UK 5 years ago. I observed an approach to health that was unknown to me. i.e. only visiting the doctor when you are sick and only curing the symptom and not the root cause of the problem. I also observed a tendency of overdependence on the health care system and a lack of simplicity and ease to practice self-care. Through these observations, Saisha Ayurveda was born, with a mission to spread time tested methods of customised self-care. This includes knowledge sharing, skin care products and lifestyle products. We have a limited range of products at the moment however each of them has been created with great thought in terms of their formulation, ingredient usage, cosmetic packaging and labelling. We are vegan, natural, eco-friendly and synthetic chemical free.

Founder, Hived

Murvah Iqbal

Hived, a sustainable delivery hub service that provides a low-carbon last mile solution.

In London, inefficient van delivery systems cause pollution and congestion. Hived solves this problem by creating micro-hubs in under-utilised spaces, where parcels can be delivered by electric van in the evenings. Packages are then delivered to consumers on foot, cutting 9 hour delivery windows into 15 minute walks.


Mejero Uwejeyah

Providing a way an alternative to the way people in the UK (diaspora) support the health needs of family in Nigeria. The focus is for these people to buy affordable healthcare plans for their family at an affordable price. This solution provides peace of mind as they know that if their family member is sick access to healthcare will not be delayed due to funds and they will not have to find the money to pay for the hospital treatment. On average £500 is spent on hospital treatment. the healthcare plan is a cheaper alternative.

Founder, SPRUCE

Mahira Kalim

Single-use plastic free, eco-friendly and non-toxic home and personal care products delivered as a subscription service. We are reimagining everyday home and personal care so customers can make the eco-friendly choice without compromising on quality or convenience. Plastic-free refills delivered at home, without requiring trips to refill stations or to return plastic packaging back to retailer. Our unique formulas are vegan and cruelty-free, and locally made in the UK.

Founder, Voqa

Joann Burton

The inspiration behind my own idea derives from my dissatisfaction, as a dancer and an athlete, with the existing protective wear products available in the marketplace.

I want to establish a business that is involved in the production, sales and distribution of affordable yet innovative and stylish protective apparel. My first prototype product will be knee pads for dancers and other sports enthusiasts.

Through my creative product designs, I believe individuals are allowed to explore their desire to express themselves through a collection of aesthetic and colourful designs; whilst being physically protected.

Leythan Mohamed

An online tuition service aimed at medium to low income families that can not afford traditional tuition services. Students who currently benefit from tuition centres are disproportionately advantaged students from high income families . My service aims to bridge the gap and provide quality tution to those who otherwise wouldn’t afford .Founder, Tutoring

Founder, Confidence Bank

Debo Harris

Platform to provide matched funding for female led startups through spare change bank transactions

Founder, Silver Rain Films Ltd

Andrina George

Silver Rain Films is a UK based Production company. The aim of the business is two-fold. The primary objective of the business is to create unique, emotive and engaging content for UK and intentional audiences. Silver Rain Films aims to work with UK broadcasters and key websites to distribute its content as well as utilise social media channels such as YouTube. The initial focus will be on factual and factual entertainment, before creating fictional programming when the company becomes better established. Silver Rain Films is keen to work not only within the UK but to promote engaging content in the African market. The second objective is to work with clients to create content for business within the UK. Silver Rain Films is keen to work with entrepreneurs who add value to the world we live in. As Silver Rain Films owns much of its own equipment, business can work with a colourful and creative company who provides an excellent cost-effective service. There is a growing need for more entertaining and engaging content and Silver Rain Films aims to fulfil this need. Silver Rain Films; creating magic with vision and sound.

Founder, Hear me out

Akira Pope-Williams

Hear me out is a consultancy agency that deliver training, workshops and keynote speeches, tailored and adapted to the needs of children’s services and young people across all boroughs. Focusing on the development of corporate parents in multiple departments with the aim to improve the care system, relationships and outcome for the care experienced young people.

Founder, Hobbsession

Loretta Rose

Hobbies are dying. Our work lives and free time have merged and we are told to monetise whatever hobbies we have left — more work. The service provides bored, on-the-edge-of-burnout workers a programme of hobbies to explore, just for fun, friendship and the opportunity to be surprised.

Founder, Blue Phoenix Fisheries

Zuleikha Salim Said

Fisheries import and export.

Founder, Blacktent Consulting

Zeynep Binboga

Management Consultancy

Founder, Mr MoneyJar Limited

Timi Merriman-Johnson

Financial education

Founder, Blacktent Consultancy Ltd.

Belinda Perriman

Management Consultancy

Founder, ArchiMake

Cheryl Pilliner-Reeves

Archimake Architecture Academy. We provide creative problem solving design education for schools, after school clubs & Homeschoolers.

Founder, Mama Dolce

Jane Visram

Makes Ice cream with a conscience.

Founder, Udamon

Henry Langdon

We help young people find and engage their full potential through imaginative and compassionate mentoring.

Founder, Scuseme Ltd

Dawn Giesler

Connect people to personally vetted tradespeople and home services within their community.

Founder, Ancestors unKnown

Dana Saxon

We provide curriculum and workshops to schools and community organisations, introducing young people (and adults) to family history research and other untold histories. We give a special focus to histories of black and brown communities, which are most marginalised and overlooked in schools and at home.

Founder, Mama Sia Ltd

Maame Opoku

We sell beauty products made by a group of 30 women in Ghana and we aim to help vulnerable women set up businesses or gain skills in the beauty industry.

Founder, Inclusive Schools CIC

Nadia Nagamootoo

We work with UK primary schools, running a programme of activities to upskill staff and parents on the impact of gender stereotyping on young people and how to create a psychologically safe environment where children can be who they want to be.

Founder, Glamor Hair London

Nkem Adejumo

We create custom wigs and extensions mainly for people suffering from Alopecia.

Founder, Mi-Tribe Ltd

Shashika Edwards

Wellness community focused on holistic healing therapies.