Tips On Developing Your Business: Finding Balance

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We know that the Hatch formula is one that works, with nearly a decade of experience supporting over 6,700 people with our community and cohort programmes, and we don’t want to gatekeep the expertise we’ve acquired over this time.

In this article, read about how prioritization can help you find a good work-life balance as a business owner.

1. Why Prioritization Is So Important

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When you are first starting to develop your business and refine your ideas, it can be difficult to balance all of the other things in your life.

Although it’s completely normal to be swept up into a passion project, it is important for the sustainability of your business to establish a healthy work-life balance as soon as possible.

If you feel like your life has become more dedicated to working than it is to living, perhaps it is time to take a step back and re-evaluate what you want from your business, and how you can feasibly achieve your goals without sacrificing your health or wellbeing.

2. Writing a Priority List

One way to find a good work-life balance is to write a priority list.

First, list everything that is important to you and that you want to get out of life. Make sure to include anything you feel passionate about or would need to have joy in your life.

For example, if you feel passionate about learning about new things and that it is important for you to spend more time with your family, then those things should be on your list.

Once you have written out all of the things you want and love in life, revise your list and pick three things you find most important.

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3. Routinize Your Priorities

Once you have chosen the three most important priorities for your life, find ways to incorporate them into the life you are already living.

Going back to the example of wanting to spend more time with family, if you think about your time, you may find you are missing opportunities to be with them already by getting distracted by emails or working through dinner time.

By setting reminders to turn off your phone, for example, you may find lost time to focus on your priorities.

Reclaiming time for your priorities can make a real difference in helping you feel in control of your life, and may give you the space to focus on what you want and need.

If you find it impossible to incorporate your three priorities into the life you already, then perhaps it is time to make some changes.

4. Be Flexible For Change

Change can be scary. It is, unfortunately, inevitable. 

Embracing change and taking charge of the decision to enact change in your life will help you feel more in control whilst teaching you invaluable skills that you can apply to your business.

We understand entrepreneurs mindset, particularly during the startup phase. As Lori Greiner encapsulated it,

“Entrepreneurs are willing to work 80 hours a week to avoid working 40 hours a week.”

However, if you aren’t getting what you want out of life, it is important to weigh up your priorities to find a balance that suits you best.

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Who are we?

At Hatch, we work with entrepreneurs from underrepresented communities. We help them build smart ideas into successful, profitable, and sustainable businesses that have a positive and lasting impact on their communities.

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