My Launchpad Experience

Passionate. Driven. Inspirational. These are the words that came to mind when I reflected on the new intake participating in the Hatch Launchpad programme. As someone who had recently begun my journey at Hatch as an Intern, I was intrigued to see the faces that make up the amazing stories that encapsulate the success of Hatch. I was not let down!

The day begun with an outdoor group activity that bonded the group.  It did not take the group long to come together, reinforcing the collective ambition of the participants.

In business, the story of the entrepreneur can be neglected. Thankfully, I was exposed to the amazing narratives that have summed up the budding entrepreneurs. It is not difficult to see where the drive and vision for their projects come from. From experiencing homelessness in the Congo, to lengthy careers working with the vulnerable in the UK – the influences on their business ideas give a defining factor of originality.  As the day progressed, participants were asked to present their (social) business ideas to the group. The support and feedback from everyone was a testament to how well the group had bonded.

Additional exercises gave the entrepreneurs a better idea of their plans and a chance for them to articulate key aspects of their business that they may not have considered before. The programme also allowed for entrepreneurs to network with one another, with some individuals planning to work together as a result.

It should come as no surprise that when you put like-minded individuals in a room together that they will bounce ideas off each other and see if there are ways to connect. It was refreshing to witness a collaborative approach, which allowed the entrepreneurs to really get to grips with the viability of their business idea.

It would be misguided to think that the programme was not strenuous. The tasks organised by the Hatch team really prodded the entrepreneurs and got them thinking!

When it came to the final activity over the two days, it was astonishing to see how the programme had inspired confidence and a greater sense of awareness around their ideas. Every participant had shown improvement and it certainly provided an incredible platform for the entrepreneurs to take a massive step forward in their lives. It was a pleasure to be a part of their journeys and I am sure the participants will be ones to watch in the future!

By Mohibur Rahman

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