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Over the last ten years of supporting over 8,000 entrepreneurs, we are confident that the most effective and engaging way to learn is by hearing directly from the experts themselves, engaging in a programme that offers comprehensive coverage of essential areas of focus for founders finding their way.

Our programmes provide opportunities for group discussions and exercises that dive deep into the details of your business, establishing a solid foundation for your next steps alongside our newly launched Hatch Fund offering grant opportunities to founders who successfully complete a cohort programme with us.

Our impressive line-up of experts includes branding and marketing expert Khaleelah Jones, , customer research entrepreneur and founder of tectonic, Nana Parry, Hattie Willis, founder of GuessWorks and co-founder of entrepreneurship community IfWeRaise, and Krystle McGilvery, qualified accountant and founder of Mind Over Money(to name a few!).

These experts have the knowledge and expertise to help founders navigate every aspect of running a business, tailoring the content of each session to apply directly to the founders in the cohort.

We are sincerely committed to supporting founders from diverse backgrounds through our cohort programmes in our mission to build a more inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem in the UK, and we’re proud to work with experts who foster various learning styles and templates to suit the needs of founders.

Khaleelah Jones is a 2x exited founder who most recently started, scaled, and sold digital marketing agency Careful Feet Digital LTD.

"My session is designed to give you an overview of the brand and marketing landscape. I want you to walk away understanding the landscape of brand and marketing and how both are applied as levers to grow your business."
Khaleelah Jones sat with a laptop

“You’ll walk away from my session with further resources for reading and experimenting so you can immediately apply what you’ve learned to your own business. You’ll be able to ‘speak the language’ a little bit to further your own knowledge through conversations, outsourcing and further research.”

Khaleelah joined Hatch as an expert back in 2022, having been a past graduate of our Accelerator for late-stage businesses back in 2020.

“It has been an incredible experience. In that time, I’ve spoken to over 100 founders in various stages of building and growing their business. The people you meet will support you throughout your business journey, and building and growing a business really takes a community.”

Nana Parry is a self-described serial entrepreneur and business builder with nearly 10 years of experience in customer insights, problem identification, and solutions.

He is also the founder of Tectonic, a customer research firm that helps companies gain a detailed understanding of their customers. He has worked with individual founders all the way to FTSE 250 businesses.

“My work with Hatch is predominantly related to how to effectively conduct customer discovery (how to draw insights out from your target and potential customers effectively through conversation), collect impactful customer data, and use that data to create insights that are useful for the business.

“One of the reasons I teach this content to the Hatch founders is because one of the core reasons my prior businesses failed was because I made massive assumptions about my customers.

“I previously created products and services that were never really going to work because I was creating solutions for problems that didn’t exist. I didn’t understand the power of figuring out what customers actually need, and packaging it in a way that increases the likelihood they will make a purchase. Once I understood this, it turned everything around in my entrepreneurial journey.”

Nana Parry stood giving a presentation
"At Hatch you get access to great experts delivering highly practical workshops rather than theory. It's also great to get access to a number of founders at a similar stage experiencing similar challenges, with similar goals. The startup journey can be lonely so having people that get it is a great asset at any stage of your business."

Nana has been working with Hatch for more than four years. With his expertise, he has developed a session that assists founders in truly comprehending what their customers want and how to increase value for them.

Krystle McGilvery is a qualified CIMA Chartered Accountant, ILM Business Mentor, CBT Coach and Mental Health First Aider with nearly two decades of experience in the finance and education sectors.

Her company Mind Over Money has provided many high profile brands like Moonpig, Equifax and AllBright with finance training.

“My sessions are designed to demystify financial and business planning for founders, particularly those apprehensive or inexperienced with finance. My sessions and private mentoring are tailored for their business stage, ensuring founders understand the financial underpinnings of their businesses. The aim is to foster financial confidence, allowing founders to make informed decisions for their businesses’ growth and stability.

“This includes insights into how their business can generate profits and the key drivers for growth. The training on pricing strategies helps founders identify the most effective approach to revenue generation in a sustainable manner. Additionally, our focus on financial planning and cash management enables founders to build confidence in their business’s trajectory, plan for growth, make informed decisions about expenditure, investments, and crucial strategic moves like investing in assets or launching new projects.”

Krystle has been working with Hatch for four years, partnering with us on our Launchpad and Incubator programmes. Her teaching is centred on providing a foundational understanding of business and financial management, including key areas such as financial planning, cash management and pricing strategies.

"If you're contemplating applying to a Hatch programme, I encourage you to take the leap! Hatch offers invaluable resources, expertise, and a supportive community for entrepreneurs at any stage of their journey. The programmes are designed to empower you with the knowledge and tools necessary for your business's growth and success."
Krystle McGilvery headshot

“I’m also driven by the positive impact small businesses have on the economy and those who find traditional employment challenging. Collaborating with the Hatch team has been consistently rewarding, thanks to their blend of professionalism and enthusiasm.”

Lastly is Hattie Willis, founder of GuessWorks and more recently the co-founder of entrepreneurship community IfWeRaise.

Her work with Hatch spans user journey mapping, customer development, pitching and funding strategy for founders.

“Our expertise is in taking startup frameworks that are all very well in theory, and translating them to be really actionable for founders straight after each session. We share inspiring examples from startups they will know, and those they won’t, and equip founders in the sessions to ask the right questions at the right time.

“Our mission is to lower the overwhelm for founders, help them feel less alone in the hard decisions, and avoid common pitfalls.”

Hattie’s sessions are tailored to each programme to ensure founders are getting the right advice at the right stage. For our later-stage programmes, Hattie focuses more in-depth on investment opportunities and demystifying the funding landscape for founders.

Hattie Willis headshot
"One of the things I love most about teaching with Hatch is the real sense of community on every cohort. No-one is afraid to ask a question because it's the most open and supportive environment, and everyone is learning together. The sum is so much bigger than the parts, and the peer to peer cheerleading is incredible."

With multiple programme opportunities open for applications for founders still in ideation stage all the way through to founders looking to scale and widen their impact, take a look at our programmes page to find the right fit for you and your business.

All of our cohort programmes take place online and run three times a year, spanning between three to six months depending on the stage of programme.

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