Demo Day at Brixton East 1871!

Last week, in the bright and airy space of Brixton East 1871, Hatch hosted an exciting demo day filled with pitching, judges and prizes.

As the room slowly filled up with guests, entrepreneurs and judges were welcomed, and our excitement grew. To see first hand the progress that our Hatchlings had made from their first pitches all the way back in February was something that couldn’t be missed. As our first entrepreneur, Emanuela, took to the pitching area it was hard not to be excited for them.

Joined by Victoria at the London Community Foundation, Darrel from Gearbox Records, Gareth from CAF Venturesome and John from J.P Morgan, the judging was (thankfully) taken out of our hands. These individuals are highly experienced in investment and start ups, meaning that they were able to ask relevant questions of our entrepreneurs as well as give really useful feedback. After each entrepreneur pitched, they were asked to fill in a feedback form where the first four questions where given a scoring system of 1-4. It is on this basis that we decided on the winner of our “Best Pitch Award”.

The “Best Pitch Award” wasn’t only a certificate either! Instead we were very lucky to have £500.00 kindly donated by the delicious Senzala Brixton and Gearbox Records. It was a close call, but in the end School Ground Sounds, a charity that helps disadvantaged young people get into music won. We couldn’t be happier for Tom and are so, so proud of all of the entrepreneurs that pitched! We can’t wait to see what you do next!

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