Creativity in the Age of Coronavirus with Kelly Mackenzie (White Bear Studio) and Kai Lutterodt (My Soho Times)

Podcast thumbnail - Creativity in the Age of Coronavirus

Other the past year we’ve seen many businesses closing down, and others which have continued to operate during the pandemic. Some have responded rapidly with agility and creativity throughout 2020, enabling them to keep going and even excel at what they do. 

However coronavirus has posed new challenges for creative businesses, and staying creative hasn’t come easy. The industry has been hit hard and received very little support from the government. But what does it actually mean to be creative in these challenging times? And how do some businesses succeed while others fail?

In this we’ll be hearing from two amazing women, Kelly Mackenzie – founder of White Bear Studio ,and Kai Lutterodt – founder of My Soho Times, who will be reflecting on the past year and how they have adapted and future-proofed their brands in the age of coronavirus. 

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