Assessment Day: An Overview

On Tuesday the energy was contagious. Filling the Carnegie Library (or a room within the library) with Hatch applicants, we held our assessment day for the start-ups that applied to the program.

Assessment day for us is a lot more than just getting a feel for who has applied. Instead, it’s a fantastic opportunity for everyone to get to know each other, find out more about the program and to really understand how we can help. This is why at the beginning of the assessment we didn’t go straight into “Hatch”. Instead we decided to start with the icebreakers – That way we would briefly be able to get to know the applicants and the applicants would get to know us.

During the assessment day we were also able to introduce some business concepts such as the business model canvas, the lean methodology and the Javelin experiment board, as well as an insight into customer profiling. We also introduced our good friend Keith, a copywriter who worked with the entrepreneurs to help them really get to the message of their business. By introducing these concepts and helping the businesses with their message we hope that everyone went away from the assessment with something useful.

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