A Successful StartUp Britain

On the 10th of October, Hatch welcomed StartUp Britain to Windrush Square. As the blue double-decker bus arrived on a Monday morning, it brought with it a host of experts offering free business advice to help prospective entrepreneurs and start-ups. Not even the cold weather could not keep the budding entrepreneurs from flocking to the bus, with the StartUp Britain experts and by our team, helping to offer impartial guidance.

The talent that exists within South London was made clear as a range of exciting entrepreneurs visited us. Mission driven businesses using musical instruments to give young children the opportunity to participate in the arts was just one of many ideas that were floating around the square.

Since the introduction of the nationwide campaign to promote business through StartUp Britain, the emergence of new registered businesses has shown growth every year, with more than 480,000 start-ups already launched this year. The day gave every indication that this number will continue to increase.

It should come as no surprise that beginning a business can be a terrifying experience without the right support and guidance. The Hatch team were readily offering assistance on how to make the passions of the visitors into a reality. We also provided experts consisting of volunteers from legal firms that specialised in corporate law. By discussing the legal steps and potential obstacles entrepreneurs may find along their journey, the entrepreneurs were given a insight into the legal framework they would have to operate in.

Employees from Natwest provided financial guidance to the entrepreneurs, equipping them with the necessary information to raise capital and providing knowledge into the scrutiny they will face in this task. Staff from 123-Reg talked about how to get start-ups online and visible to their customer base to be one step ahead of the game.

The enthusiasm and passion of the entrepreneurs and volunteers reflected StartUp Britain’s success. It certainly is now a question of how many were inspired to make a mark in the business community and change their lives and the lives around them.

Thank you to all that visited the bus and we are sure that you certainly made the first of many stops in your journey to success.

By Mohibur Rahman

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