We know that access to funding is a challenge that many underrepresented founders face, and can be a major barrier holding a lot of these entrepreneurs back from growing their businesses and deepening the impact they are able to have in their communities.

Having the finances to invest in the business is crucial, which is why Hatch is working in partnership with Pizza Hut and Groundwork to deliver grant funding to graduates of the New Founder Launchpad and Incubator Programmes

Graduates of the New Founder Launchpad programme can apply for a grant of up to £1,000, whilst graduates of the New Founder Incubator programme can apply for a grant of up to £5,000 to help them grow their businesses and take it to the next level. This could include exploring new markets, increasing trading, building capacity or measuring impact.

Successful applicants will be selected based on the impact of the funding on their businesses, and the social and environmental impacts of the project.

Who is eligible?

You must have completed the New Founder Launchpad or Incubator programme delivered through Hatch to be eligible for a grant. You can apply if you are a:

  • Sole trader or unincorporated business
  • Company limited by shares or guarantee (including CICs)
  • Limited Partnership
  • Charity (including CIOs) or Charitable Trust
  • Constituted not-for-profit group
  • Co-operative Society
  • Trust or Community Benefit Society