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Tackling social inequality and racial injustice has been at the heart of our work at Hatch since we launched in 2014. We’ve worked with our founders to bring new products to market, realise ambitions and facilitate meaningful change across the business landscape. With Hatch’s support, entrepreneurs are winning awards, contracts and the hearts and minds of people in their communities.

Hatch is the difference between singing in the bedroom and singing on stage.

Danna Walker

Danna Walker

Founder, Built by us

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Danna, founder of Built By Us

"Hatch is the difference between singing in the bedroom and singing on stage"

Danna, a black, British female of Jamaican heritage from a single parent family who started an apprenticeship as an electrician and became an architect entered our incubator programme determined to change the face of the building industry in 2016.

In just 2 years, she is one of London’s and the UK’s biggest actor to support the diversity & inclusion agenda in the industry. She recently presented Architecture of Incarceration on BBC Radio 4 documentary, got interviewed by architectsjournal.co.uk & womanthology.co.uk, took part in the UK’s first Women In Construction Summit. Yet, when we met Danna, Built By Us had only been incorporated for a year as a limited company and was far from the incredible not-for-profit consultancy she has built with us.

As part of the incubator, Danna also benefited greatly from our business training in twelve steps but it was really the mentoring programme that pushed her business. “My mentor, Ignacio Delcastillo, from Deutsche Bank was brilliant, understanding and driven. He now sits on the Advisory Board for Built By Us.”

Mentoring is now part of her business model and we helped her by sharing our methodology, our mentor handbook and mentor agreement models. She now has 3 mentoring programmes working with almost 100 mentors and mentees across 2 existing programmes called “Shape” (16 mentors/ mentees) and “Fluid” (80 mentors/ mentees) and is launching one more programme called “Build”. Her programmes link of volunteer mentors and mentees from across the construction industry and construction professionals at a variety of career stages. She’s now turning over £15,000, with growth anticipated for 2019 at £45,000. Her needs are to operationalise the company and to help with impact measurement and reporting.

We are proud to see her being part of every discussion around Architecture/ Building industry related to inclusion and amongst her recent project. By supporting Danna’s project into a cornerstone of her industry, we know our work impacts further than the entrepreneurship sphere.

We’ve grown into an award-winning enterprise support organisation. Initially we set-out to support 1000 entrepreneurs by 2020, instead we’ve managed to support over 5000 entrepreneurs and we want to support 30,000 by the end of 2025.


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I sometimes wonder who has learned more from whom, my mentee from me or me from my mentee. She is an inspiration to me.

Claudia Coppenolle

Claudia Coppenolle

Head of Digital Market Management,
Deutsche Bank