You might need support with responding to a global crisis, managing your businesses’ finances or hiring needs, or understanding the legal obligations you and your business will have. Whether you’re a product or service-based business, getting access to the right free business support resources or advice at the right time can make all the difference during a more challenging time for your business. 

 If you’d like more hands-on business support from us at Hatch, you can also visit our highly sought-after programmes, browse our year-round free founder upskilling events, or apply for one of our free 1:1 Consultations with an expert on a subject of your choice.

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Business Funding: Is Social Investment Right for Me?

Advice and resources on accessing social investment for your small business as an underrepresented founder in the UK.


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I want to grow my business I want to scale my business
Advice and resources on accessing social investment for your small business as an underrepresented founder in the UK.
I want to grow my business I want to scale my business
Advice and resources on raising venture capital investment for your small business as an underrepresented founder in the UK.
I want to grow my business I want to scale my business
Advice and resources on raising angel investment for your small business as an underrepresented founder in the UK.
Simple steps on how to register your business as a CIC along with personal experiences of the process from the Hatch community.
I want to grow my business I want to scale my business I want to start my business
In this article, we break down the impact of inflation, and provide a few resources to help business owners face the cost of living crisis.
Business motivation should be as important as any other aspect of your plans for your business. Follow these simple steps to stay motivated.
I want to grow my business I want to scale my business I want to start my business
Information and advice to small business founders on trends to look out for in 2023 across marketing, sales, and more.
In the last decade, the amount of young people starting a business has almost doubled. Let us help you start your business journey today.
Prioritization is essential for finding a work-life balance that suits you and for the sustainability of your business.

External links

Adjusting your business model in response to the current economic crisis
  • Natwest
  • Business Builder is a digital tool designed to give you the right support, at the right time for you and your business.
  • Acumen Academy free on-demand finance course (2.5hs)
  •  Through this online resource you will learn how to read basic financial statements – balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement – to unlock vital insights into your business performance, spot strengths and weaknesses and plan for immediate and future cash needs, and you’ll begin making informed decisions to maintain financial health, and plan for growth


Where to find and how to access funding from funders, alternative funding resources and other opportunities.
  • Edge Fund
  • A useful list of sources of funding for charities or social enterprises
  • Virgin Start Up
  • If a startup loan could help your business in these challenging times, get in touch with Virgin StartUp for an initial conversation. £500 – 25,000 per founder can be obtained.
  • Field Guide to Relationship-Based Fundraising
  • The Guide is an extremely accessible fundraising toolkit designed for non-profits of all sizes and experience levels. It provides a set of activities, case studies, tools and best practice templates to help organisations build strong relationships with high-value audiences such as Trusts and Foundations, Governments, Multilaterals, Corporates, and Individuals
Helpful resources to make use of when managing a team or to prep yourself for hiring
  • Acas
  • Example letters, forms, policies and HR documents for company owners and HR managers to download and adapt for their own workplace.


  • Charlie HR
  • guidance for anyone who employs others who need to understand sick pay obligations and how to manage and support your team during this time


  • NatWest Mentor
  • Stay legally compliant with these free up-to-date HR templates tailored to your business, offered by NatWest Mentor
Guides and support for legal aspects like contracts, insurance, data protection, health and safety and more.
  • GoCompare
  • A guide to setting up as self employed when it comes to your legal, tax and insurance obligations. 


  • qlegal
  • Free legal advice, workshops and resources to tech start-up companies and entrepreneurs. They provide resources which cover a wide variety of topics, including: confidentiality; various subjects related to intellectual property; General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR); patent protection; trade marks; an overview of company structures in the UK; and guidance for kickstarting a business in the UK


  • Charity Excellence
  • A guide to setting up as a CIC vs a charity with key questions to consider and useful information for avoiding time and workload that would be involved in the registration
Tools and resources you can use to support you or your team working remotely.
  • Hubble
  • The Hubble Pass gives you access to hundreds of amazing coworking spaces, private day offices, and meeting rooms around the world. They’re offering the Hatch community 6 free credits per person to try it out for free (£30 value)—giving you at least one free coworking pass! You can claim the offer here and someone from the Hubble team will be in touch


  • Tally Market
  • a flexible and low-cost workspace solution that meets the individual needs of each of your team members. Enable your team to book individual and group workspaces across the UK and only pay for what you use. Simple to set up and easy to use. They take the admin out of providing you with truly flexible workspaces. Tally Market are giving Hatch founders a Tally Market subscription for up to 3 users for 3 months (includes free day passes at 40+ venues)


  • Notion
  • Organise your projects and working with stakeholders in one workspace.


  • Remote Starter Kit
  • some mighty-fine tools that will help you to power your team’s virtual collaboration and happiness.


  • Slack
  • Non-profit organisations of any size are eligible to receive 3 months of Slack’s Standard or Plus subscription free of charge.


  • Superhighways
  • 5 top tips for making best use of accessibility options in Office 365
Communities of entrepreneurs where you can connect with other business owners.
  • Digital Candle
  • prioritising support and assistance for charities looking for urgent help to ensure business continuity (remote working, tools to support their communities).


Tools and opportunities to upskill yourself and help you lead your business with more confidence and impact.
  • Good Life Goals
  • personal actions that everyone around the world can take to help support the Sustainable Development


  • Discoverylane
  • this document is designed to help you navigate what opportunities might meet your needs and amplify your social impact.



  • Google Skillshop
  • Develop skills you can apply right away, with e-learning courses designed by Google product experts. Learn at your own pace and get Google product certified.


Resources to help you manage your own wellbeing and take care of your most vital asset – yourself and your team!
Mental wellbeing
  • Calm
  • Slow, deep breathing lowers stress in your body & mind and stops you from engaging with distracting and negative thoughts. Take 3 minutes of your day to focus on your breathing using Calm’s bubble.


  • Compassionate Cuppa
  • A community interest company that offers mentoring.  Their sessions are 1:1, to listen and understand your concerns and needs.  There may be some learning element which helps you gain new insights.  With the learning, you decide what needs to happen to that is useful or helpful to you.


  • Talk for Health
  • A social enterprise that demystifies effective therapeutic talk, making it accessible to all.  People get plenty of time to reflect on and share about their lives and struggles, and they learn how to respond to each other using peer counselling.


  • ABC Life Support
  • A Social Enterprise company delivering physical and mental health first aid training for all ages to individuals and organisations across the UK.



  • Frontline Therapist
  • Affordable and accessible counselling service for individuals who struggle to access culturally sensitive counselling and who may not be able to access counselling due to cost.
Physical Wellbeing
  • Supply Yoga
  • Our Impact fellow Abi is an advocate for whole community wellness and has started a social purpose subscription service offering inclusive, affordable yoga classes that transcend barriers to access.


  • Dare Bee
  • Free no-equipment visual workouts, fitness programs and challenges, training and running tips, recipes and nutrition advice.
Tools for burnout, when taking time off is tricky


  • Journify
  • Every morning track your sleep, motivation, and energy, and use the burnout test to keep your stress in check.


  • Bullet Journal
  • Unload your messy thoughts and to dos into the Bullet journal and allow your mind to focus on what’s important.

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