Rachel Gilmore: Mentoring with Hatch is ‘So Rewarding’

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A hugely important aspect of the Hatch experience is the sense of community that it fosters between like-minded entrepreneurs, and the vast expanse of learning that can be shared between founders at different stages.

For those typically underrepresented in entrepreneurship, the lack of existing networks, role models, and mentors with similar experiences can be a significant barrier to growth and success, minimising opportunities for shared learning.
One way that we encourage a culture of shared learning across the Hatch ecosystem is through our peer mentoring scheme, where our more experienced later-stage founders are matched with those just starting out in their business journey to tackle a particular challenge.

Rachel's Mentoring Experience

A founder who has had a lot of experience sharing her expertise this way is Rachel Gilmore, founder of We Are Clean, who signed up to be a peer mentor after completing the Hatch Accelerator programme during the pandemic. 

“The Accelerator programme was brilliant. As a group of really interesting women meeting to support each other with their businesses it created this incredible space, time, and opportunity.

“We Are Clean was a newer business than some of the others so I was able to learn from them.”
We Are Clean is a coaching and facilitation provider that uses systemic modelling to help leaders and their team to develop the skills and capability to collaborate more meaningfully, increase efficiency, make better decisions, and access improved results. 
Rachel’s techniques enable her clients to understand more about their patterns including how they work, how they communicate, and how they make assumptions. 


Her experience in coaching made mentoring a natural fit, and after doing a few sessions she had a ‘flurry’ of requests from others seeking her guidance. 

“I’ve loved doing the sessions, the founders are all enthusiastic, committed, and making a difference in the world. It’s great to support them.”

She has already supported a wide range of early-stage founders with businesses across nutrition, women’s health, dance, medical scanning, and more. 

 “There are so many interesting, innovative businesses, and interesting different worlds to discover.

“Mentoring is a fantastic learner-centred approach to career development. It’s so rewarding.”

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