Do you already have a business but don’t know how to market it properly? Do you want to learn how to create a sustainable business model? Growing a business is not easy and it comes with many challenges including knowing how and where to access funding, increase your marketing, and how to stay true to your mission as you grow your business.

Come and join our Incubator programme to keep you accountable for your business goals. You’ll get to meet other entrepreneurs at the same stage of you and come out with clarity on how to finance your business, where to find the right support, and build meaningful connections.


Graduates can apply through a competitive process for up to £5k of funding

The Hatch programme provided us with confidence and a great network of mentors and potential collaborators, which is what makes this programme truly invaluable.

Naima Camara


About the Programme

Eligibility Criteria:

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  • You have started trading, or have customers or clients, and projected to turn over at least £5k annually

  • You are based in the UK

  • You can commit to the workshops and Demo Day

Cohort-Based Expert-Led Session

18 hours of expert-led masterclasses on topics including strategy, finance, marketing, funding, sales and pitching.

Peer Learning

18 hours of facilitated peer learning, peer coaching, and accountability groups. Gain fascinating insights, exchange ideas and swap skills with like-minded individuals.

1-2-1 Support

Access to mentors to support you with navigating your business challenges.

Demo Day

Showcase your business to a panel of experts and get actionable feedback on how to take your business to the next level.


Incubator founders said their confidence in being able to access the funding they need increased by 122%


Incubator founders said their ability to measure the impact of their business went up by 54%


Incubator founders said their ability to sell to their target audience increased by 36%

“Now I can see how my business is growing, why my business is growing, what it needs to do in order to grow – I can see it clearly.”

Tameeka Smith

Founder Trimenco, CIC. Incubator Graduate

Play Video about Tameeka Smaith from Trimenco CIC

Programme Schedule

The programme consists of 9 expert-led sessions, 7 workshops, and a demo day. 


So what’s the Dream?:

Developing a business around YOU as the founder

  • Expert Session: Tue 17 Sept 6pm-8pm
  • Workshop: Tue 24 Sept 6pm-8pm

Before we get started:

Programme Introduction

Tue 21 May 6pm-7pm


Taking Stock of Where You Are:

Exploring your current organisational strategy and product/market fit

  • Expert Session: Tue 1 Oct 6pm-8pm
  • Workshop: Tue 8 Oct 6pm-8pm


Keeping track of all the Money:

Understanding your numbers and systemising your business

  • Expert Session: Tue 15 Oct 6pm-8pm
  • Workshop: Tue 22 Oct 6pm-8pm


Gaining Traction:

Marketing and PR to elevate your brand

  • Expert Session: Tues 29 Oct 6pm-8pm
  • Workshop: Tue 5 Nov 6pm-8pm


Levelling Up:

Preparing for Growth and Supercharging your Sales

  • Expert Session: Tue 12 nov 6pm-8pm
  • Workshop: Tues 19 Nov 6pm-8pm


Accessing Funds: 

The funding landscape and looking at what’s right for you

  • Expert Session: Tue 26 Nov 6pm-8pm 
  • Workshop: Tue 3 Dec 6pm-8pm


Telling your Story:

Pitching and presenting your business

  • Expert Session: Tue 10 Dec 6pm-8pm
  • Workshop: Tue 17 Dec 6pm-8pm


Why your Business Matters: 

Communicating your Impact

  • Expert Session: Tue 7 Jan 6pm-8pm


Inspiring Leadership:

Becoming the leader you were meant to be

  • Expert Session: Tue 14 Jan 6pm-8pm

Demo Day and Graduation: 

  • Tue 21 Jan 6pm-8pm


Our goal is to make our programs as accessible as possible. Each program is designed with input from our cohorts and tailored to meet the unique needs of each group. During the application process, we will ask you to detail any accessibility needs we can support you with.

If you would like to request support in completing your application (e.g. transcribing your application answers), or to discuss your accessibility needs please book a call with us or email

Who we are

Hatch is a charity that supports underrepresented entrepreneurs from across the UK to imagine, launch, and grow businesses and organisations that are sustainable, successful, and have a positive and lasting impact on their communities.  We’re working towards a fairer society by helping develop these founders’ skills, knowledge and confidence through our support programmes designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

We’re not typical of the third sector. Although we’re a charity, as entrepreneurs ourselves we know what it takes to grow a business. We recognise that talent is equally distributed across society, but opportunities are not. Too many people from underrepresented backgrounds are unfairly prevented from realising their entrepreneurial potential to positively impact their own lives, the lives of others in their community and wider society. We’re working to change that by creating an inclusive ecosystem where everyone has access to the power of entrepreneurship to create a fairer economy.

Consequently, while much of our work and support is accessible to all, we focus on supporting founders who are women, from an ethnic minority background, or live with a disability or are neurodivergent – essentially anyone who might typically get overlooked when it comes to getting what they need to launch and grow an organisation in the UK.


7,800+ founders have been supported through our programmes and events.

More than 8 in 10 of founders on our longer term support programmes are women or identify as women.
More than 6 in 10 of founders on our longer term support programmes are from an ethnic minority background.


5 starts representing a 5 star review.
5.0 out of 5.0

Google Reviews


Michelle Adams

5 starts representing a 5 star review.

I have had such a great experience with Hatch on the Female Founders Incubator Course from start to finish. I cannot thank them enough for all the advice, tips and help I have received throughout. I would 100% recommend Hatch to anyone who is starting a business or have already formed and running one.


Ruth Sturdy

5 starts representing a 5 star review.

Doing the Hatch Female Founders course was a huge turning point for me and my small business. The support was superb and the knowledge gained is something I will forever be grateful for. Huge thanks to the wonderful team that make up Hatch.

Apply now


£75 £150

Date of next programme:

17th Sept 2024 – 21st Jan 2025

Application deadline: 19th August 2024
Location:  Online

Do you have any questions? Are you unsure if this is the right course for you? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by booking a call, or emailing our team at

Frequently asked questions

Each of our programmes is designed for a different stage in your entrepreneurial journey, from idea to scaling.

Launchpads are for entrepreneurs who have a business idea or have just launched their business, understand the problem they are trying to solve, and are ready to start their entrepreneurial journey. Over twelve sessions, you will learn the basics of entrepreneurial mindset, business strategy, finance, branding, and pitching that you need to get your business off the ground.

Incubators are for entrepreneurs who have been running their business as a side hustle and gained some traction and are now looking to make the business more sustainable and have a clearer strategy. Over nine workshops you will learn the skills you need in business strategy, culture and mission, social media, legal, storytelling, PR, pricing, customer journey mapping and pitching in order to help turn your business from a side hustle to your full-time job.

Accelerators are business and leadership programmes that have been designed for entrepreneurs who are ready to scale their business and impact. Over twelve workshops, you will evaluate your personal leadership strengths and the opportunities for your business to grow, and tap into the knowledge of the other entrepreneurs on the programme to plan your path to sustainable growth.

You can see all the programmes we’re currently offering on our programmes page:

Hatch programmes are for entrepreneurs based in the UK. Every programme we run has different application criteria that allows us to best tailor our support. Some of our programmes are reserved for or prioritise founders from groups that are underrepresented in entrepreneurship, including women and other marginalised genders, or Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic founders, founders who are working on a social or environmental impact business, or founders from a specific geographic region.

You can find out more about each programme’s eligibility criteria on the programme page.

You can express your interest in one of our programmes using the application form. Try to answer the questions in as  much detail as possible, as we don’t ask applicants to submit a business plan or model.

After the deadline for the programme applications have passed, a Hatch team member will be in touch  to let you know if you are invited to an interview. Depending on when you apply, this may take a few days to a few weeks. During the interview, we will ask questions about yourself and your business to see if you are a good fit for the programme. In some instances, an interview may not be required.

After the interview, we’ll let you know if you have been selected to take part in the programme. We aim to get back to you within 1- 4 weeks with a decision. Some programmes may have additional criteria which we use to assess your suitability. For example, some are for women only, others may require that you have a social or environmental impact and some are based on your turnover. 

In each of our programmes you will get access to

  • Expert-led workshops
  • Facilitated group sessions with other entrepreneurs
  • 1-2-1 mentoring and coaching
  • Support developing and practising your pitch
  • Access to our additional community events + networking opportunities

Our accessibility supports include, but are not limited to:

  • Assistance completing the application form via Zoom or phone call
  • Alternate application form formats (large print, audio)
  • Providing interview questions ahead of time
  • Captions enabled on all sessions
  • Option to have the camera off
  • Session materials sent in advance
  • Support workers are welcome to join sessions, as well as AI notetakers upon permission from all cohort participants. 
  • Additional support from the programming team, including 1:1 sessions
  • Experts and facilitators representative of the cohort
  • Frequent breaks
  • Expert sessions are recorded for review afterwards as many times as you’d like
  • Flexibility around attendance, e.g., if you cannot attend a session, we can offer a 1:1 catch-up with the programme manager

All of our programmes take place online, either via Zoom, Butter or other online meeting software.

Thanks to our incredible corporate partners, we are able to offer our programmes at a reduced rate to participants, and in some cases for no cost. You can find the prices for each programme on the programme application page.

Hatch Enterprise’s operates a trust-based self-referral system, when it comes to bursaries. It is our policy to offer bursaries to anyone who:

  • Is unemployed or underemployed.
  • Is eligible for government assistance, including Universal Credit or benefits.
  • Would risk their ability to meet their basic needs (eg. buy food, pay childcare, pay rent or make debt payments) by paying to join one of our programmes. This includes the needs of anyone who you may have a responsibility to as a carer.
  • Would reduce their ability to afford things like public transport or fuel, or their ability to commute to work by paying to join one of our programmes.
  • Anyone who has an unstable housing situation, and/or anyone who has very limited expendable income or savings.
  • Anyone who would negatively affect their ability to run or grow their business by paying to join one of our programmes.

Through our ongoing partnerships with Parallel Lifestyle and Evenbreak, we are able to offer optional free places to any disabled people who would like to accept a bursary.

Additional partnerships also enable us to offer free places to residents of the following housing associations: Peabody, The Guinness Partnership

If the cost of the programme is a barrier, you can indicate that you would like to be considered for a bursary in the application form to reduce or remove the programme cost.

No. Hatch’s programmes provide support to entrepreneurs, but we don’t take any equity or stake in your business.

Like most early-stage programmes, Hatch doesn’t sign an NDA with participants, but we never share any confidential information from the application process or programmes.

Hatch’s programmes are part-time and designed to fit around your business and your life. Most programmes will have a maximum of 8 hours of workshops a month and we ask all participants to attend all programme events unless they have communicated with the Programme Manager beforehand.  Some programmes offer additional support opportunities via 1-2-1 mentoring, extra optional events or a set of recommended tasks to complete outside of your 8 hours of monthly workshops. All content is designed for Founders to follow at their own pace whilst on the programme.

When you graduate from the programme, you will become part of the Hatch community. You can continue to build connections with other Hatch founders, access exclusive events, masterclasses, perks, and share and receive news and opportunities.

We ask that there is one primary founder who takes part in the programme and attends the workshops and 121 support. Co-founders or business partners who are not on programmes are welcome to attend 121 support alongside the main founder. There may be additional opportunities for participation, but this would be detailed to you by the programme manager.

Once you have completed and graduated from a Hatch programme you may be eligible to apply for a grant through the Hatch Fund. The grants team at Hatch will let you know about eligibility criteria and how much funding you can apply for when applications for grants open. We work with our grant-making partner, Groundwork, to administer this fund.

The amount you can apply for will vary based on two factors; what programme (Launchpad, Incubator or Accelerator) you’ve graduated from, but also which of our partners is supporting that specific programme. As an example, it’s possible that two Launchpad programmes running at the same time will have differently sized grant pots available at the end of the programme. This amount is largely dictated by our partners. Also worth noting, not all applicants will be successful as the grant fund is competitive, and the total maximum amount applied for may not be awarded.

Most of our programmes have between 12-18 participants in a cohort. Sometimes we
run multiple cohorts at a time, so some of your sessions may have multiple cohorts brought together for particular sessions giving you even more opportunity to network with like minded founders on a similar journey to you!

Hatch is open to all business models, sectors and industries. So whether you are creating a product, service or marketplace, selling to individual consumers or businesses, seeking funding or bootstrapping – our programmes can help you and your business.