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Starting and Running Lean

We support entrepreneurs from South London who want to start, grow or scale their enterprises.

Our definition of a start-up comes from Eric Ries (The Lean Start-up), who frames them as “experiments”. This approach enables us to support the learning that comes with starting and growing a business.

We encourage and emphasise the Lean Methodology because it suits the needs of our entrepreneurs.

The Lean Start-up builds on three fundamental concepts:

  • Build: Drastically shorten each phase of the product development cycle and gain feedback from customers.
  • Measure: Use the feedback from customers (collected for each product and in each product development cycle) using both qualitative (exploratory/ opinion based) and quantitative (data based) techniques.
  • Learn: Take action based upon your research and implement it into the next product development cycle using actionable metrics.

Learn more about the Lean Methodology:

Design Thinking/ Human Centred Design

How can we craft the world around us to meet the needs of the people?  “Design Thinking” approaches design from perspective of the end user and focuses on their needs much earlier in the development cycle.

The steps:

  1. Inspiration: Through understanding the needs of people (customers) we can craft/ create things. This could be products or services that most meet the needs of the customer
  2. Ideation: How can we express the ideas that we have for these products/ services and what can we learn from feedback
  3. Implementation: How can we make these products/ services real

For lots of design tools & methodology, please check IDEO.Org

Business Model Canvas

A business model – on one page

The Business Model Canvas is a strategic management tool for entrepreneurs. It allows you to describe, design, challenge, invent, and pivot your business model easily.

We use it because it helps to frame your business/ social enterprise in a more creative and imaginative way. It also helps to communicate the business in 1-page so that you can give it to internal/ external stakeholders.

Creating one is also fun, and we have dedicated workshops that just do that.

To learn more about the Business Model Canvas, click here:


Lean Canvas

Why use the Lean Canvas?

The main objective with the Lean Canvas is to make it as actionable as possible whilst staying focused.

Ash Maurya has proposed it as a further development based on the original Business Model Canvas. It outlines a more problem-focused approach and it primarily targets entrepreneurs and start-up businesses.

Here is a good overview of both:


Because we also support social enterprises/ charities, we also use alternatives such as this one :