Join one of our hands-on Hackathons for some dedicated time to focus on a specific aspect of your business.

Our interactive Hackathons are for entrepreneurs at any stage who want to dedicate some time to think about their challenges and opportunities from a new perspective, and get more clarity on their business. You’ll join a small group of like-minded entrepreneurs and share your ideas and solutions in a safe and encouraging space.

The group activities were most helpful. Love the initiative – super valuable. My next steps are to get on with it and get the idea into a reality whatever form it takes.


What does this session look like?

You’ll meet the facilitator and the other entrepreneurs in the room

You’ll be introduced to the practical tool we’ll be using and see a worked example

You’ll go through each section of the canvas, filling it in about your business

You’ll leave with a practical tool you can use to build your business

You’ll also learn how else Hatch can help you on your business journey

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Hatch Hackathon: Lean Business Model Canvas


Sat 28 Jan or 25 Feb or 25 Mar 2023


Join this deep dive session for some dedicated time to learning and applying all the key components of running a business to your idea. These sessions are particularly designed for anyone who already has a business idea and wants help to flesh it out more.

Pick a date that works for you.



£0 – £10

Frequently asked questions

Hackathons are for anyone who has a business idea and wants to learn more about becoming an entrepreneur. You will begin to learn the entrepreneurial skills you need to bring your business idea to life.

Launchpads are for entrepreneurs who have a business idea, understand the problem they are trying to solve, and are ready to start their entrepreneurial journey. Over twelve sessions, you will learn the basics of entrepreneurial mindset, business strategy, finance, marketing and pitching that you need to get your business off the ground.

Incubators are for entrepreneurs who have been running their business for some time and are ready to start focusing on growth and expanding their team. Over nine workshops, you will learn the skills you need in business modelling, product/market fit, finance, legal, branding, wellbeing and pitching in order to make your side hustle your full-time job.

Accelerators are business and leadership programmes that have been designed for entrepreneurs who are ready to scale their business and impact. Over twelve workshops, you will evaluate your personal leadership strengths and the opportunities for your business to grow, and tap into the knowledge of the other entrepreneurs on the programme to plan your path to sustainable growth.

You can see all the programmes we’re currently offering on our programmes page:

Until further notice we will continue to run all of our programmes online.

Like most early-stage programmes, Hatch cannot sign an NDA, but we won’t share any confidential information from the application process or interviews.

After you finish the programme, you will become part of the Hatch community. You can continue to interact with other entrepreneurs, join events, and share news and opportunities.

For the Hackathon, you are both welcome to book places separately and take part together. 

For the Launchpad, Incubator and Accelerator programmes, we ask that there is one primary founder who takes part in the programme and attends the workshops. Co-founders or business partners are welcome to attend some events and 121 support alongside the main founder.