Our Mentors

Our Mentors

Hatch has supported 2500 entrepreneurs and start ups since our inception. A critical part of the success and attraction to our programmes is access to our network of highly skilled mentors, from a wide range of different backgrounds and expertise.

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What she could, she did. And what she couldn’t, she allowed me to tap into her networks.

Telixia Inico

Founder, The Truth Sessions


Through mentoring Claudia was able to give her practical guidance on her marketing strategy, PR and website from her own experiences and knowledge earned through her career. Their meetings allowed Telixia to redesign a lot of her user-facing product and how she accessed her client base.

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Telixia, founder of The Truth Sessions mentored by Claudia, Head of Digital Market Management at Deutsche Bank

The Truth Sessions is South London’s first and only non-profit creative agency that provides creatives, young people, community organisations and small businesses with the set of tools they require to build their brands and client bases at affordable prices, allowing them to take their passions to the next level.

Telixia came to Hatch along her journey in growing the agency and to explore avenues to make it financially sustainable. She was matched with Claudia to help her set clear goals on her professional development, and growing her product offering.

Claudia was able to give her practical guidance on her marketing strategy, PR and website from her own experiences and knowledge earned through her career. Their meetings allowed Telixia to redesign a lot of her user-facing product and how she accessed her client base.

‘What she could, she did. And what she couldn’t, she allowed me to tap into her networks.’ This put Telixia in touch with a new and thriving community of resources, intelligence and experience and created exciting opportunities for growth.

Claudia highlighted the importance of the relationship between mentor and mentee, as well as these concrete benefits, saying ‘most importantly you can be a sounding board. I think for entrepreneurs, it is most important to feel re-assured and to have somebody who can support them and listen to them outside their usual circle.’

They both felt that the real strength of mentoring for an entrepreneur is that unique, strengthening and encouraging relationship. ‘She believes in what I’m doing. Even from one conversation she got the vision. Its like I’m committed to my business and she’s committed to my business.’

‘The impact you make is by simply asking the right questions. All it takes sometimes is a little nudge.’ Telixia valued this highly in Claudia, and she will be taking a seat on her advisory board.

Claudia was thrilled to watch Telixia persevere and her business develop as the meetings progressed. ‘I sometimes wonder who has learned more from whom, my mentee from me or me from my mentee. She is an inspiration to me.’

Mentor with Hatch

Mentoring with Hatch offers a unique opportunity for businesses and professionals to work with a community that appreciates their skills, expertise and networks. In addition to providing vital support to the mentee mentoring also rewards the mentor with a host of benefits, including:

  • Increase job satisfaction and localised peer recognition
  • Develop professional relationships and new networks
  • Learn from your/their mentee
  • Access fresh innovation and cultivate intrapreneurship
  • Experience the start-up world and enhance professional development, such as the opportunity to sit as a trustee or advisor to a fledgling business
  • Access other start-up communities and events, such as Demo Days, Hackathons etc.

Can I be a mentor?

Most likely – You don’t need previous experience as we will provide training, you’ll need to be a good listener and have a supportive attitude. Knowing about the challenges of running a small business is a big plus.

What do I have to do?

Provide entrepreneurs with support to develop their small business. For example, you might help them carry out market research, or test their business idea, even write a business plan with them.

How much time is required?

Not much, just an hour a week. What’s more, you can be flexible with times and you can even do it over video chat if that suits.

Do I have to travel?

Do I have to travel? Not necessarily. If you want to do things over video chat, either in your lunch break or from home, that’s fine.

How do I become a mentor?

Get in touch with us and we will guide you through the process.

Once I apply, what’s next?

We’ll call you and organise a time for you to come in for a chat. Then we can get started…

Our mentors hail from a diverse array of disciplines & companies, here are a few:


Sergey Atliyev

Educated in politics and economics, I have more than 6 years of experience in sales and account management within advertising and financial sectors. I also have extensive experience and interest in educational projects and initiatives, including various volunteer and charity events. Having gained experience of selling financial software to emerging markets, I am now pursuing a career in private banking.

Director & Founder – Frodas

Tom Barratt

After 10 years working in advertising, I decided that I wanted to help make the world a better place and started a new career in the charity sector.

I’ve spent the past few years running a UK-wide Olympic Legacy programme, where I discovered my passion for working with young people and also for mentoring. Whilst there, I started up a commercial offer and turned the programme into a new social enterprise.

I’ve since set up a consultancy, Frodas, which helps charities to become more financially sustainable.

Go Native

Ian Barrigan

I’m positive, outgoing and direct!! Joined British Airways on a graduate programme straight from Southampton University in 1988, worked in lots of different business units in commercial and operational roles, living and working in London, New York and Dubai. Gained an MBA and enjoyed lots of incredible experiences with some brilliant people. 17 years later I joined Hilton in London, then glh hotels and now Go Native Serviced Apartment as Commercial Director and Board member.


Christina Boey

I read Law at the University of Exeter before moving to London to train and qualify as a solicitor with Simmons & Simmons in their Financial Markets practice group. In 2006, I joined JPMorgan and I am currently an Executive Director in the Corporate & Investment Bank’s Legal department in the Markets practice group.

Founder – SB Vision

Sandra Burko

Performance Coach, connecting the dots between on-boarding and L&D by coaching individuals & groups based on strengths & personality profiling to close the gap between what they do for a living and who they are as a person.


Stefano Cappanari

After a degree in economics and experience in macroeconomic research, I have spent the last few years working as a financial analyst, specializing in corporate credit. In parallel, I co- founded an environmental-friendly delivery service in my home country, Brazil, which nurtured my interest for entrepreneurship and sustainable businesses. Before moving to London, I also studied and worked for one year in Italy.


John Citron

I have worked for five years as an investment analyst. My job involves deciding whether or not individual companies represent attractive investment opportunities. I meet with senior management, undertake proprietary research and also crunch lots of numbers. I am fortunate to have met with the founders of hundreds of businesses and to have discussed what made them successful entrepreneurs. I have seen countless examples of good and bad businesses and observed common lessons in each.

My own experience as an entrepreneur was founding a magazine. It did not make much money but it did win a Guardian Student Media Award.

Co-Founder – Five Years Time

Jessica Dick

I manage Synergy’s portfolio of investments of around 25 startups in the field of cleantech, social impact, healthtech, edtech, B2B and B2C software. I have worked directly with the portfolio startups as an advisor, board observer, and on a project basis – for example in investment readiness and fundraising, branding exercises, business planning and strategy, and financials. I also mentor entrepreneurs outside of the Synergy portfolio, with Entrepreneurial Spark, Bethnal Green Ventures, Hatch Enterprise, Google Launchpad and other similar organisations.
My co-founder and I have just launched Five Years Time. Our purpose is to support busy and ambitious Founders get investment ready.

Deutsche Bank

Paul Dickens

Paul is an experienced IT professional with 20 years experience of project work and consultancy across the finance sectors, specialising in investment banking. Half way through this he left for France and spent four years running his own small business running cycling tours up and down the mountain roads of the Tour de France.

Paul specialises in new product launches and the build out of new businesses and processes, and career highlights include setting up a new lending product for a bank that has now reached £3bn.


Patricia Eskinasy

Senior business leader with over 14 years’ experience in the tech industry. Executive MBA candidate at London Business School. Co-founded LBS Ventures. Led several business functions (Sales, Strategy, Consulting and Marketing). Lived in 4 different continents. Engineer & Economist.

Deutsche Bank

Gianluca Esposito

I started my career as a business journalist. Subsequently I moved into the Academic arena. I now have a PhD in Business Engineering, and as part of my research activities, I supported initiatives aimed at facilitating the creation of Star-up firms (Academic Spin-offs).

Over the past 12 years I have worked in the Change Management space. My current role is as a Program Manager at Deutsche Bank in the IT Risk and Control area.


Natalia Gonzalez

After graduating from Pompeu Fabra University in 2009 with a Bachelor degree in Business Management and Administration I started working as a Business Analyst Everis, a multinational consulting firm where I participated in several projects including market research, cost reduction strategies and organisational management. After 1.5 years I moved to J.P. Morgan, where I am currently working as an Associate in the Debt Capital Markets team covering Southern European clients. During this time, I have also served in the committee of two networking groups focused on career development of women at work, which has been extremely rewarding in terms of developing both my coaching and marketing skills.


Alliah Hamid

My background is in Accounting & Finance. I have a masters in Finance and I’m a qualified accountant (ACCA) with over 11years of experience in a variety of finance functions in several top tier investments banks. In my current role at JP Morgan I am a Business Manager, helping the operations groups achieve their aggressive cost and headcount targets of $86m /850 headcount. I recently chose to diversify my skills and knowledge by moving into a new project management role for a large strategic technology change program (with a budget of $130m) also within JP Morgan. I love problem solving and pushing myself out of my comfort zone.


Williams Johnson

I am an impact entrepreneur, investor and mentor for startups. I am the former Chief Executive Officer of LEAD International – the world’s largest not for profit organisation dedicated to building leadership capacity for sustainability with global network of 3,000 fellows across 90 countries and 12 international offices. Prior to joining LEAD, I was the Co-Founder and Managing Director at the GPTW UK, where I partnered with major global brands to re-invigorate their workplace cultures. I also worked as a researcher for the sustainability think-tank AccountAbility.I’ve served on the Board of a number of international organisations, including the Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN), which is a US$100 million global initiative, formed in 2010, designed to support developing countries in tackling the challenges posed by climate change.

Deutsche Bank

Robert von Kaufman

Digital Strategy Director – Studio Aura

Graeme Lipschitz

Digital Agency Co-Founder, Communications Keynote Speaker, Startup Mentor and Senior Business Development Professional with media owner, performance agency and private equity client-side experience. Heavyweight digital thinker and builder specialising in digital communications and strategy for non-profits, charities, social enterprises and businesses with a conscience.


Fiona Lloyd-Williams

Senior business executive in private-equity and large corporations in Insurance & Financial Services sectors. My deep rooted strategic business development background, coupled with product & marketing experience, manifests itself in a passion for delivering customer & client value. I have led many cross functional and global teams in a B2B, B2B2C and B2C, delivering sustainable business improvement. I have worked in Russia, Amsterdam, Norway, France, & twice the US.

Business Advisor

Graham Mann

A large part of my experience to date has been in Information Technology where I have worked in a range of strategic, leadership, consulting, training, mentoring and project management roles. I founded two start-up businesses one of which grew to £3.5 mil turnover and 52 employees before divestment to the UK’s industry leader. These experiences have given me a sound understanding of the key factors in how to start and grow a sustainable business in a complex competitive landscape. More recently I became Chairperson of my local cricket club leading a modernisation programme to improve administration & communication through the adoption of a range of cloud based IT services including Sage accounting, membership database, website, social media and security surveillance. I have also led a collaborative partnership with a local charity project managing events and marketing campaigns for the inaugural Walton-on-Thames Beer, Wine & Live Music Festival in June 2015 and follow up event in 2016 attended by 600 people generating £18,000 in one evening.


Emily O’Brien

In 2008 I worked with Alcatel Lucent in Paris, France as a communications coordinator, whilst completing a degree in Law and European Studies. In 2009, I was a member of the Washington Ireland Program (WIP) and interned with the Embassy of Ireland. During University I became involved with two start up enterprises. Later I joined Citibank in Dublin as a KYC analyst and was promoted to team lead after 18 months. From there I spent 10 weeks in Washington as part of the management team of the WIP, mentoring 29 young leaders from Ireland. Presently, I am a new joiner to JP Morgan and I work on their client on-boarding team in London.


Maria Osorio

I’m Portuguese and I graduated from Warwick Business School June 2013 with a BSc Management degree and I started my career in the finance sector in sales. A highlight so far was when my team from Warwick won the RBS Indian Summer Entrepreneurial Challenge in 2011 and we spent 3 weeks in Mumbai helping at a children’s rehab centre. The whole experience taught me a lot and the chance to help was beyond rewarding.


Calum Page

After graduating University of Strathclyde with Masters in Engineering with Aeronautics I took a slight detour and joined the Orange UK (now EE) marketing graduate scheme. Here I had three 6 month placements working in Customer Acquisition, Strategic Propositions & Upgrade & Retentions, learning the tricks of the trade. Now I’m in the Devices team where our day to day role is managing how best to invest the billions of pounds EE spends on buying phones every year. There’s been many highlights throughout my time at EE, but the stand out moment was when we launched our new 4G brand!

SixtyEight Consulting

Maccs Pescatore

I’m a chartered accountant turned commercial businesswoman bringing the combined skills of a CEO and CFO. I’ve worked for over 25 years with senior executives of European multi-national businesses, usually B2B’s with a B2C re-mit and largely, but not exclusively, in the retail and FMCG sectors. Through board participation or a more hands-on advisory or consulting role, I now impact medium sized businesses that want to grow or adapt. I mentor young entrepreneurs in start-up and early growth stages.  I’ve a particular interest in women-led businesses.


Marco Poliafico

I currently work as a project manager in the B2B data analytics sector. As part of my role I consult a variety of clients and support their data-led marketing strategies. I also lead teams in a variety of data management and risk modelling projects. Previously I worked in the energy & clean tech industry, both as a strategic consultant as well as analyst. My focus was the economic and technical evaluation of power projects as well as the mathematical modelling of energy markets related problems. My area of expertise lies in the business & processes analysis (including risk and financial modelling).

I strongly care about renewable energy and more in general about climate change and sustainability (which is also the area where I developed both my academic studies as well as most of my professional expertise). I enjoy collaborating as a business mentor because I think that supporting and inspiring others to grow is the best and more fulfilling way to become a better version of ourselves.


Andrew Ponsford

I was a management consultant for 9 years specialising in start-ups, acquisitions and business strategy. For the last 9 years I have been at JPMorgan, holding 4 positions:

  • Manager in a line of business strategy team
  • Head of EMEA Cash Product Management
  •  CFO of Global Trade
  • Global Head of Loan Products for the Corporate and Investment Bank
Roland Berger

Martin Prause

I am a strategy consultant with 5 years of experience focusing on growth strategy and commercial due diligence advice across a range of manufacturing and services industries. I have been based both in Germany and the UK and have worked on global assignments including in France, USA, China and Saudi Arabia. I am currently pursuing my Masters in Business Administration at London Business School, where I am pursuing my interest in entrepreneurship by taking entrepreneurship courses and by working on a start-up idea.


Mirella Reznic

As a Executive Director at JPMorgan, I manage a global team focused on implementing pricing strategy initiatives across the Private Bank. I have worked for over 18 years in the finance and hotel industries from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies like MetLife and American Express. Over the past few years, I have worked with various entrepreneurs to formulate strategy, develop business plans and identify go-to-market strategies. I have worked with entrepreneurs across Film, Fashion and Telemarketing.

Reimagine Cork

Rebecca Roche

I am a graphic designer experienced in branding and print. I have been in London 3 years and in my current role working for The Thomson Reuters Foundation about 8 months. I love working with people and designing a brand or product with them from start to finish. I am also a keen creative photographer with a love for all things creative.

Toni Radzihovska

I’m a business development professional with more than 10 years of experience in marketing, strategy and team management. I worked briefly for a private equity fund, and then spent six years at the largest telecommunications company in Ukraine. In 2009 I launched a strategy consulting company, I also launched an e-commerce venture in 2012 that sells sofas over the Internet in Ukraine and Russia. I have supported entrepreneurs as a speaker, mentor and advisor since 2011. In July 2014 I’ll begin work at Marks&Spencer as a Project Consultant.

Michael Rogerson

  • Chartered accountant
  • 10 years’ experience in operational change management
  • Strategic planner
  • Experience of helping start-ups in a range of industries
  • Trustee of a non-profit
  • Helped establish a recycling company

Alexandre Salem

I am a Business Performance Director at King Digital Entertainment, the leading online/mobile gaming firm (e.g. Candy Crush, Farm Heroes, Pet Rescue), in London. Prior to this role I had professional experience in banking at BNP Paribas and strategy consulting at Booz & Co. As a banker and a consultant I designed and implemented strategies for clients spanning a wide spectrum of geographies and sectors. I graduated from Sciences Po Bordeaux, ESSEC and INSEAD.

Deutsche Bank

Joachim Sciard

I have worked in financial markets for five years within a client-centric role, structuring strategic solutions. The ever-changing markets and constantly evolving client needs make each project both challenging and unique. The learning experience has been rewarding so far and this is something I wish to pass on.


Victoria Stausholm

I graduated from Art School in 2008 and subsequently completed an MSC in Management and Entrepreneurship followed by a law conversion course in London. I have previously worked for smaller businesses (within executive search firm and venture capital advisory). I am currently working at JPMorgan where I have worked in the legal department for four and a half years, predominantly on regulatory change projects and negotiating contracts for the bank with its clients based in both London and Hong Kong.


Sharmin Takin

I’ve lived in 4 countries on 3 continents, studied in the UK (Cambridge University) and the US (Columbia University) and spent the past 15 years working as a lawyer in London and New York. Throughout my career I have repeatedly challenged myself to learn new skills and move into new areas, which has helped me to think ‘outside the box’ and bring a fresh perspective to many of my roles. I am excited by the technology and start up-led ‘innovation revolution’ that is currently changing the global economy — and I’m looking forward to the opportunity to help some of our young entrepreneurs in the UK as they embark on their first ventures.


Sergejs Vohrins

I have a double degree in Computer Science and Business Management; I have lived in 5 different countries and speak 4 languages. My work experience is very varied – I worked in non-profit, technology start up, travel, consulting and banking industries. My highest position so far was a Director for Information systems, where I had to develop and implement Information Systems strategy in the Mexican office. I love travelling and, due to my previous job, I managed to build a large network of friends around the world.

Johnson & Johnson

Alicia Williams

I have worked professionally in the pharmaceutical industry in both Australia and the U.K. for over 12 years. During this time I have built many long-standing business partnerships with medical professionals and assisted them in achieving common goals. In 2005, I represented Australia on an international, 2 month youth programme, fostering leadership and multicultural understanding among 13 countries of the world. I currently reside in the U.K. and retain an active interest in the mentoring and development of young people.

Daniel White

I’m a senior marketer with strong commercial focus and general management experience, capable of transferring skills between sectors and channels. I’m passionate about brands and consumers, and delivering real business value through them. I have experience across general management, sales, marketing, operations and manufacturing across the luxury, clothing, lifestyle, drinks and sports sectors. I’ve planned and delivered both expansion and rationalisation strategies for medium and large businesses and have been the first man through the door in running a start up.

Coach and Lead Facilitator

Helen Wright

Helen is a business mentor, coach, TEDx speaker and founder of the global education social enterprise, Global People Project. Prior to this, Helen worked for over a decade in advertising on LVMH, Estée Lauder and P&G global brands.  She has a Masters in Psychology and Philosophy from Edinburgh University and is a Neuroleadership Institute coach specialising in entrepreneurship and leadership. Helen currently runs the Female Founders Accelerator with Sarah and Karen.

Sivan Zohar

Business strategy and transformation Consultant, Project Manager, driving customer-centric strategy and development initiatives. Skilled in identifying business optimisation opportunities; business partnering; shaping and selling solutions; building and maximising effective teams. MBA from Imperial College and Project Management certificate from UCLA. Passion to continue supporting empowering, entrepreneurial, education programmes.

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