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Our Mission is to build a fairer society by supporting diverse and impact founders into business. We do this through an ecosystem of support that includes the provision of knowledge, access to networks and mentorship. After witnessing the severe lack of basic support for entrepreneurs hailing from underrepresented communities Hatch has lead a unique approach to business support in the UK.

We’ve worked with our founders to bring new products to market, realise ambitions and facilitate meaningful change across the business landscape. Our goals are society-focused we believe a diverse economy where more businesses are led by underrepresented founders means a stronger, more vibrant and fairer society and economy. With Hatch’s support, entrepreneurs are winning awards, contracts and the hearts and minds of people in their communities.


Have successfully completed our core programmes


Have received support through our webinars and events


could be added to the UK economy if women started and scaled new businesses at the same rate as men in the UK men.*

We’re helping to change this by …

… empowering female entrepreneurs with the skills and networks they need to start, grow and scale their businesses

We believe that achieving gender parity in business is essential for the continued success of our society. So we created our Female Founders programme designed specifically to empower women with the tools they need to overcome the inequality currently endemic in business. So we created our Female Founders programme designed specifically to empower women.


women have been through our in-depth programmes


of women report an increase in leadership skills because of our programmes

I received really high quality financial and legal advice from the connections Hatch has found for us. These have been invaluable opportunities.

Khaleelah Jones

Careful Feet Digital Agency