Head of Operations

Head of Operations

Do you love spending most of your time at work helping other people to succeed? Are you comfortable taking on important decisions to which there isn’t a right answer (like when to hire a new team member)? Does your mind naturally look for links between future dreams and how things are today? Can you nurture a high level of trust in a group, so people can experiment safely?

If you said ‘yes’, you sound like someone we want to welcome to our team!

At Hatch, we are committed to building a fairer society by supporting diverse and impact founders into business. We offer world-class support to entrepreneurs, mainly through our courses and workshops. Since 2014, we’ve grown our revenue to 600K, something that takes the average social enterprise fifteen years. Now we’re looking at our next big milestones: Passing the million turnover mark, and 10X’ing our impact. We want to do this by 2025. This is a deliberately ambitious target – we like that it scares us a bit!

We want you to help us get there by unlocking our potential as our new Head of Operations.

When you join us, you’ll be the current most senior member of the team after the CEO. Don’t be put off if that sounds like a challenge. We don’t expect you to have held a post like this before. We’re more interested in you having leadership potential and a talent for multiplying other people’s impact.

You’ll be taking over some responsibilities from the CEO. He’ll narrow his focus onto what he loves and does best: securing the future of Hatch through product development, fundraising and strategy. You’ll be responsible for…well, everything else! That means almost all of the team will report to you and you’ll be the one who gives the ultimate “green light” to Hatch projects. It also means that you will be the bridge between the CEO’s long-term vision and everyone else’s everyday work, and keep conversations flowing in both directions.

At Hatch, we practice self-management. But even self-managed teams benefit from someone on the outside who can help them put their entrepreneurial spirit to best use. That means guiding the team in selecting problems to work on and coaching them to overcome any obstacles they meet along the way. It also means shining a light on how things are going, so that we can learn and put things right if we’re falling short – and celebrate when we succeed. Like any good manager, you’ll intervene when you think it’s needed, but you’ll aim to help people be needing less intervention in future.

You will be responsible for building the capacity of the team to meet the challenges they’ll be facing in 6 – 12 months time, through hiring and training. You’ll encourage and coach individuals on their development journeys (and maybe give an occasional nudge forwards), and pay attention to the group dynamic too (which is particularly important now we’re all working remotely more often). “Building capacity” will also involve helping us all respond to the rapidly changing world of work, and making the most of the opportunities that emerge.

As well as helping other people, you’ll head up our support functions – things like finance, HR, recruitment, and office admin. A lot of this will come up naturally as part of your other work, but there will be a few extra bits you have to make time for, although you’ll be very ably assisted by a small operations team.

Some of the things you will spend your time doing:

  • Regular 1:1s with individual team members – we’re a small (and growing) team of 12, so maybe that means once a fortnight with most people, and once a week with the CEO as a critical friend
  • Spontaneous conversations when someone needs you as a sounding board – which could be a quick interaction on Slack, a real or virtual ‘cup of tea’, or blocking out time with a whiteboard
  • Scheduled project catch-ups with Programme Managers, where you’ll be the ‘manger to the self-managed’, providing vision and direction and setting priorities on behalf of our clients
  • Meeting with the Head of our Investment Fund to make sure you understand what’s happening in this new area of the businesses that brings with it unfamiliar risks 
  • Updating the financial and project forecasts that inform your hiring plan
  • Co-operating on the monthly management accounts with the Operations Manager
  • Preparing for, or conducting, job interviews for a whole range of roles
  • Creating a worksheet for self-evaluation, and talking to the team about when and how to use it
  • Reviewing the kinds of meetings that we’re having, and updating their formats so that they continue to help us share information and ask for help 
  • A chunk of your time is also going to be spent observing and reflecting – getting in touch with what’s happening in the work, framing decisions that need to be made, thinking about how we can improve our ‘way of working’, and making space for the unknown unknowns.

About you

  • You see yourself as a catalyst – your biggest reward is seeing others succeed.
  • You have a good imagination that helps you think creatively about the future. You have the ability to see the bigger picture, and to share that view with others (at Hatch we particularly like one-pagers and short presentations – but we’re open to other formats).
  • You can ask great questions and listen with patience.
  • You’re willing to act in the face of uncertainty and to take responsibility for your actions, to ensure important decisions get made, and to say no when necessary.
  • You are self-aware. In a leadership role, it’s not just about what you do – it’s about how you do it. Your behaviour and mindset will have a big impact on our culture.
  • You don’t have to be a maths whizz, but you do need to know your way around a company’s financials and be comfortable crunching numbers in a spreadsheet.

About Us

We’re not typical of the charity sector. As you would expect from a charity focused on teaching start-up skills, we think and act like a business. Our programmes are run by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.

In the last seven years, we’ve worked with over 2,500 diverse and impact founders and we want to do even more in the next five years. To support our founders, we have built a diverse network of partners, funders and investors who share our vision. We are currently developing our first impact investment fund in order to connect our existing support programmes with enterprise finance.

At Hatch, we value transparency, openness and collaboration (read more about it here). We practice open-book management and strategic decisions are made collaboratively so we can fully draw on the expertise, experience and networks we have.

Hatch is an organisation that loves experimentation and trying things out. We are influenced by lean management philosophy and we are constantly looking for ways to improve and innovate in our programmes and in the way that we work.


We care about our people and giving them the things they need to succeed. We have always been supportive of flexible working, which has become even more important in 2020. We have a cheerful, plant-filled office in Elephant & Castle, where everyone gets a desktop Mac and a good chair. For those working at home, we’ll cover the cost of a laptop stand and headphones. Although we can’t afford to pay you like the private sector, we can offer you a generous holiday allowance (29 days plus bank holidays) and a training budget of £600 a year. We also have a generous parental leave policy.

This job is offered as a 12 months contract initially, and the salary will be in the region of £40,000-£45,000 (depending on experience).

Equal Opportunities

We believe business can be a force for good. Our mission is to increase diversity among business owners – and we want to do the same for our team. We are committed to representing a wider cross-section of society than a typical start-up, and we know that means we have to make an effort to understand and accommodate different people’s needs. If you’ve read this far, and you like the sound of the job, but you’re worried you don’t quite fit the requirements – we’d love it if you went ahead and applied.

To apply…

Deadline for applications: 19th August 2020

Please email us (jobs@hatchenterprise.org) with your CV and a motivational letter/ cover letter attached as 2 separate documents, outlining why you are you interested in this job, and what would you draw on to meet the demands of the role? Please put “Head of Operations Application” in the email subject line.

If you have any questions or need any help with your application, please drop us a line via jobs@hatchenterprise.org. We’re also open to receiving your CV if you’re excited by Hatch but not interested in this role. (Recruiters will be politely turned away).

If you apply, we will process your personal data for recruitment purposes only and in accordance with our Recruitment Privacy Policy.