[Guest Blog] Your business and your wellbeing – success starts with You

How do you achieve longevity in your business?

There are many compelling answers to this question.

From my personal perspective, I believe it starts with you – the entrepreneur, the visionary, the leader of your business. Being in it for the long haul requires you to check in with yourself and truly look at your mindset on a daily basis. To understand yourself, your strengths and your purpose on a deep level, so that you embody this each day when making decisions about the progress of your business.

No one can replicate the passion and energy you bring to your business, and taking time to nurture your mindset and embrace the entrepreneur lifestyle with a balanced approach can be the best investment you make.

In the early days of running my company, I assessed the logistics of an international project I was developing down to the very fine detail. Yet, I was not assessing or looking after my wellbeing consistently. This ended up having an impact on my health and I needed to take time out of work to recover – that wasn’t good for my business and it certainly wasn’t good for me!

Over time, I leant how to manage my wellbeing effectively as an entrepreneur and I created Calmer to support entrepreneurs with their mental health and wellbeing, so they can thrive in their business and in life.

Here are some of my key tips for managing your wellbeing as an entrepreneur, on a daily basis.


# CALMER TIP 1: Your weekly wellbeing checklist

Ensure that each day you take time to check in with how you’re feeling and acknowledge each of your achievements. It’s easy to get carried away with the daily demands of running a business and it’s important for your wellbeing to reflect on how far you’ve come.

Try writing a list at the end of each week outlining your top accomplishments, however big or small, what you’ve learnt and how you feel as a result. See what steps you’ve taken on your entrepreneurial journey and then what you plan to do the following week. For example:

This week…

  1. I emailed… I learnt… I feel…
  2. I attended… I learnt… I feel…
  3. I sold… I learnt… I feel…
  4. I marketed… I learnt… I feel…

You can adapt these ideas to best suit the nature of your business, and add as many points as you can.


# CALMER TIP 2: Your environment

The environment you create for yourself every day is a key contribution to your success. As the saying goes “organised space, organised mind.”

Work towards creating an environment that encourages your personal and professional growth. How can you create an inspiring working space – what colours, objects and quotes do you feel boost your wellbeing while you work?

Who in your trusted network can you reach out to for support when you need it, whether it’s to bounce ideas around, get things off your chest or ask for help with an area of your business? We all need people to champion us, remind us of our achievements and how far we’ve come.


# CALMER TIP 3: Your self-belief

Even if it doesn’t feel like it, you are capable of handling whatever comes your way –possibly more than you give yourself credit for. Fear can often stem from convincing yourself that your business idea isn’t going to work out, without evidence to back it up or giving the idea a proper risk assessment.

Once you evaluate the potential outcomes of implementing your idea, consider these questions:

  • What is the worst that could happen and how would I handle that?
  • How might I feel if it’s successful and what impact would that have on my life?
  • If it doesn’t take off, how can I pick myself up and try again with a different approach?

I believe we often aren’t aware of how strong we can really be. It’s when we allow ourselves to be open to change that we learn more about who we are – and how resilient we can really be.

When you need a wellbeing boost repeat this mantra to yourself over and over again – in the words of the wonderful author Susan Jeffers, say “I can handle it” and then give it all you’ve got.




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