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Social Enterprise Cohort 2018

Southern Community Roots


 Empower impoverished communities to have self-sufficiency through gardening

Mental Health The Arts


MHTA is an early intervention creative arts academy for young people between the ages of 13-25 years old with a direct and indirect experience of mental health.

Just Effect


Money Talks’ financial empowerment workshop series for vulnerable debtors in Lambeth. Designed to support people in tacking personal finance issues and engage with long-term financial planning.


Emma & Virginia

Bekudo is a Virtual Consultant that helps companies articulate the expertise they need to grow and innovate their business and matches them with independent professionals. Bekudo makes the optimum match based on skills, experience and company culture, but is blind to race, age, gender and location.

Turkish and Kurdish children group


A supplementary school which aims at educating, supporting and developing children and young persons, from low income family’s and ethnic minorities groups

Rose & Butterfly Coaching


Provide 1-2-1 coaching for people who’s mental wellbeing is negatively impacted by lack of purpose and direction in their working life or career.



Challenge 59 delivers dance and film projects to benefit health and well-being of young people in disadvantage communities

Film the Change


Make documentaries and short films looking at current environmental issues & solutions

Unblurred Lines Theatre Company

Lauren & Emily

Our aim is to educate young people about the dangers of CSE as well as help them have a better understanding of consent and coercion. Our work focuses primarily with workshops in schools, Pupil Referral Units, and councils with young people. We also hope to produce theatre with groups of vulnerable women.

Africa Fashion


To recruit & develop local FE students and HE graduates in journalism/media with African heritage to provide them with the vital real-world experience and skills they need to kick start their careers in media/journalism.

Swiss Rouge


Swiss Rouge aim is to recycle ocean plastic into luxury sunglasses

Rising Stars Support


Support young people from disadvantaged communities, into training, education and employment, using mixed martial arts as a platform for self-development and to engage young people.

Brake the Cycle

Tom & Joe

We organise cycle adventure to ecovillages around Europe. From a weekend to a 3 week ride we bring people together, physically empower them through the challenge, showcase alternative and sustainable living and build a community together on the road.

Walking invisible

Yvonne & Ingrid

Supports children impacted negatively by parental imprisonment- delivers awareness tracing to statutory agencies, provides consultation to schools,establishing parent peer support group

Summer 2017 Cohort

The Saffa Hut 


A street food venture born out of the desire to recreate the true authentic flavours of South African Street food here in South West London.

Step Into The Booth  


Step Into The Booth are a Photo booth hire service aimed particularly at clients in the London area. The aim is to provide a unique event sharing experience in a fun and creative way. We aim to go that extra mile and push barriers to create the perfect event experience.

Bubble & Squeak


Bubble & Squeak is an ambitious new social enterprise based in East Acton (West London). At the core of the project is collecting surplus food that would have ended up in landfill and redistributing it to the local community on a ‘pay as you feel’ basis. Since February 2017 we have been running a weekly food stall in Old Oak Primary School Playground as well as at Old Oak Community Centre.

2-­3   Degrees


2-­3 Degrees is a social enterprise with the aim of inspiring and equipping young people with the power to make positive decisions through talks and workshops. The mission is for every young person to develop the ability to overcome their challenges by building the knowledge and skills needed to create the best possible opportunities for themselves.



A mobile app that helps people to select the wine in the restaurant based on a few criteria: location, budget, food, number of people. After setting the restaurant the person picks the budget that he would like to spend per bottle of wine, food, number of guests the app automatically propose 5 wines best matching the food (food pairing) and the budget (on the scale from 1 to 10). The app is available for IOS and Android.



Angrymoo connects UK businesses that are interested in the Chinese market with local marketing agencies and freelancers based in China. My company will also provide consultancy and project management services to facilitate communication between UK based businesses and Chinese marketing companies and freelancers.

Taino Spice


Taino Spice, a preserves business focusing on Caribbean pickles and chutney recipes with a modern twist. The aim of these preserves is to bring these vibrant flavours and traditions to British plates. These pickles and chutneys are homemade using as much organic and locally sourced produce as possible. They are also naturally vegan, gluten and nut free so are completely adaptable to various dietary requirements. Our desire is bringing flavour as well as the health benefits of the ingredients which all provide natural sources of vitamins, minerals and contribute to the functioning of the metabolism and immune system.

It’s more than poetry


More Than Poetry is a content creation agency that’s sole mission is to empower people with ideas, bringing them to life by telling compelling stories and producing world class visual media content, while engaging local communities, aspiring creatives and collaborating with like-­‐minded enterprises.

Page­‐Muir Consulting


Bespoke marketing strategy, implementation and management needed to run a successful crowdfunding campaign. It is a personable service, with an excellent success rate. Services include 1-­‐1 crowdfunding consultations, workshops and university talks.

TheTruth Sessions


A creative agency that offers affordable branding tools for young people, creatives and entrepreneurs. We offer affordable branding tools such as graphic design (logos, business cards and flyers), photography (events, projects and special occasions), videography (creative visuals and company trailers), recording studio time (poets, singers and musicians), poetry/creative writing workshops and a performance platform. We also offer promotional services across all our social media platforms.

Spring 2017 Cohort

Just AK


Just AK is an eco-friendly ethical clothing label specialising in mens streetwear. The designs are inspired by political social and economical factors and topics that affect our society.

Switch Up


Switch Up is a series of regular 20min workshops designed to show you how to change your state and self-generate energy. Coming from a voice & communication coaching background, Dolly started this company with the aim to help people as entrepreneurs, students and corporate workers become more present and engaging speakers.

From The Hill


Jody is a freelancer filmmaker that wants to establish a business developing film documentary and comedy scripts and treatments with a focus on social injustice.

The SpaceCraft


The SpaceCraft aims to address social issues as isolation and loneliness by bringing people together to benefit from crafting, teaching them new skills and by connecting to people in their community – through making and selling handcrafted products.

Tapestry Innovation Ltd


Tapestry Innovation Ltd is a design led social impact business founded by Linda Damerell. The company mission is all about enabling people who work in, and for, communities and neighbourhoods, to harness their creativity and ‘can-do’ attitude to create positive change together – community connectivity.

Linda has spent 30 years in enterprise development – starting her own business on a market stall in the 1980’s and going on to run award winning businesses in design and manufacture, marketing, and retail.

7th Breath


7th Breath is an innovative approach to training physical mind and mobility fitness that uses myofascial techniques Tai Chi and Qi Gong to influence postural change and pain relief. Lindon’s aim is to take advantage of his experience in the field to establish a training centre open to the community as a Community Interest Company.


Vala is an online lifestyle medicine service that provides companies and consumers with access to high quality registered medical clinicians via an online video platform.

Brothers in art


Solomon is an artist who draws portrays and delivers workshops to young students in schools in order to help them express their full potential through arts. His business Brothers in Art is an online artist agency aimed to bridge the gap from clients to consumers.


Piece of the Puzzles is a fundraising platform for grassroots educational charities around the world that despite delivering excellent standards of childcare and education remain underfunded and underexposed. Toby’s mission is to increase access to and quality of education around the world.

Butter Nut


Butter Nut of London produce healthy and ethical butter nut. The business is committed to making nutritional food for the future and to tackle the current culture of excessive waste.

Autumn 2016 Cohort

Angella’s Kitchen


logofactoryI teach busy individuals how to cook and eat the Caribbean way in the comfort of your own home to the beat of sweet reggae music playing in the background with the delicate fragrant aromas of the Jamaican North Coast (Montego Bay) directly in your home.

Casting all your cares away as you and your loved ones, put down the phone, turn off the tweets and simply enjoy each other’s company.

People need to connect, get back to good home cooking and strong relationships, food cooked with love does that.

7 telecom


7_telecom_77 Telecommunications is a provider of full range telecommunication solutions to both business and residential customers in the UK.  By joining Hatch I will to gain expertise in better structuring the company as well as in developing a marketing strategy to grow my business.

Buatshini UK


Buatshini is a new clothing company fashioning a better way of living. We produce T-shirts, hoodies, dresses and many other products with unique designs inspired by the stories and life experiences of many vulnerable children living on the street – from The Congo in Africa to the rest of the world.

Little Lights Of The World


littlelightsWelcome to Little Lights Of The World. My name is Dia and I have created an ethical children’s wear brand. We offer high quality natural and organic fabrics. The USP of this brand is a range of exclusive, uniquely designed logo tees with positive, encouraging and prophetic messages, including World Changer, Pioneer, and Visionary. We aim to support a children’s cause through the sales of each piece. In a time when there is so much uncertainty and little thought for our future generations I wanted to combine my business expertise and creativity to promote the limitless potential within every child.



I am a clinical psychologist working for the NHS. Originally from Belgium, I always like to see the big picture. I enjoy problem solving and tackling the root cause instead of the symptoms. I value creative ideas and coming up with fresh approaches.

I am launching a new platform where the conscious consumer can source high quality food. With the possibility to order breakfast, lunch and or dinner up to a week in advance.

Geeks In Motion


geekinmotionA badass team of unique creatives
Uniting innovative tech and passionate art
To create & share meaningful stories in inspiring & unusual new ways


We’ve mastered YouTube vids, international TV co-production and lavish VFX promos for major brands. Now, inspired by Immersive technology we can empower audiences to become part of a story like never before.

Where talented creators: filmmakers, designers, engineers, animators, musicians and writers unite theirunique skills with real character. Innovating new and unusual ways to share stories and inspire audiences.

Improving the way professionals are treated in the creative industries.
Providing opportunities for new and emerging talent to shine.
Evolving the way stories are created and shared.

Whatever’s exciting or emerging, we’re there like kids in a candy store. Each Geek brings an individual voice to the team, contributing influences from film, theatre, gaming, extreme sports, comics, YouTube, TV, animation, anime and more. A truly international perspective: Making films and geeking out, from London to Tokyo.

Belle Beauty Services


belleAfter 11 years in the beauty services industry, Giorgiana created Belle, the link between luxury beauty services and the fast paced, digitally connected consumers of today. Having managed the top luxury beauty brands at Selfridges including Charlotte Tilbury, Mac, Nars, Bobbi Brown as well as the premium couture houses, Tom Ford, Chanel and Dior, mentoring and coaching hundreds of talented artists, Giorgiana launched Belle to enhance and personalise every woman’s beauty experience. “A senior artist with minimum 5 years of experience should make you feel and look VIP”, this is what Belle delivers. An “on demand” service shouldn’t end with the convenience and comfort of having an artist travelling to you , it should also provide certainty that you will look stunning for any occasion or event you’d like to attend. At Belle, all artist have been hand picked for their individual talent, work of art, experience working with red carpets events, bridals, theatre and celebrities and their passion for creating looks that will empower women to look and feel unique.

Carnaval del pueblo Association


unnamedCarnaval del pueblo Association aims to increase awareness of the vibrant cultural heritage of the 19 Latin American countries, by hosting a ground breaking, exciting and diverse annual Burgess Park based Carnaval . The Carnaval has won back its support by the authorities after the 2011 culture grant cuts and needs to re-build as a sustainable organisation. It has been granted a shop front by Peabody to create a Business and Cultural Hub and generate rents to kick start the sustainable process.

Kayu Photography


Who you are: I am a freelance photographer with my own unique story based in South London

Services:  Photography: Private vents, Corporate events, headshots, travel, visual story telling. These services will be offered to normal fee paying commercial and private clients and ethical clients; start-ups/social enterprise/charities (with a focus on storytelling.)

Kayu Photography will focus on income generation and take on at least one Ethical client each month.  Should a discount be needed this will be offered. Whether Kayu Photography takes on more ethical jobs will depend on the income generating work.


In addition to my normal photography services my other USP will be visual storytelling. This process involves expressing and communicating the organisations story, journey, values, personality/character, vision and offer.

SN Management


logoSerena Nalty-Coombs set up SN Management in 2008 to help solopreneurs, SME business owners and professionals to find practical ways to achieve their goals, using established organisational skills to structure projects into manageable tasks and focused activities until they are achieved.

Serena is skilled in setting up administrative systems and knowledgeable in various practices, research and solution based operations to the benefit of her clients. With over 10 years in social housing and a civil service background she has developed tried and tested project management formulas.

Working hard to provide tailored support to each of her clients from direct support through 1:1 sessions or full project management services for business clients delivering the outcomes they desire. Her practical project management skills and her innate way of breaking tasks down is the key to how she successfully supports each of her clients to achieve their personal and business goals.

Naturally Delicious


img_20160827_152311Hi I’m Shaine Williams and my company is called “Nature’s” also known as “Naturally Delicious Dairy free ice-cream”. I currently produce organic hemp ice cream, soon I’ll be offering a variety of dairy free products with loads more amazing ideas and approaches.


My business is a coworking space for artists and creative start ups. The space will not only provide studio and desk space but also a coffee shop and events space in South East London. With the decreasing amounts of affordable studio space for young artists and affordable workspace for start ups. The workspace will help create not only an affordable workspace but also a community for people to be part of to share and develop their work in.

xo Childcare


xochildcarexo Childcare is a 24 hour 365 days childcare provider. We offer our service to healthcare workers. Our service offers a series of programs/ activities devoted to the physical, emotional and social development of children. Our aim is to offer our service user the comfort of an extended home, what we like to call a home away from home. We offer different activities for children newborn through six years old. Our service is designed to improve both the qualities of life for parents and children of healthcare.

XO Childcare offers that peace of mind to parents who work in healthcare that their loved one is safe and being well cared for adequately as they care for other’s loved ones. Our service also reinforce good social skills in group play environment for all our children.

Summer 2016 Cohort

Nameless Studios


namelessAlong with a renowned contemporary musician and a not-for-profit real estate developer, and strong from a project manager background, I am working on an collaborative model of social enterprise.

Nameless Studios will be the first artist-led, rehearsal spaces dedicated to new, experimental and cross-genre music in London. Everything ensembles, soloists and music creators desperately need.

Cakes By Steinz


Karismatic Minds


kmthumbnail_karrisKaris is a Social Change Agent –

Karismatic Minds was created to provide people with a chance for change by redefining the narrative of leadership and empowerment through creative expression. Services include bespoke programme development, Consultancy on youth related matters and Training & Development through experiential.

Dyslexia Power


dyslexic power logoMarcus is creating a learning community and marketplace for dyslexic entrepreneurs where dyslexic people create video courses and learn from each other. He is inspired by his own experience with mild dyslexia as well as working in education and a variety of businesses. Statistics show the stark impact dyslexia can have – with estimates that 50% of prisoners are dyslexic as well as 50% of self made billionaires. Marcus is on a mission to rebrand dyslexia, not as a learning disability but as a unique learning style and gift if understood and utilised.

A Life Less Ordinary Wanted


h_v9m4ym_400x400I founded A Life Less Ordinary Wanted in 2014 so that I could do the work I love in a way that works for me.

For the last decade I have been inspiring, challenging and empowering entrepreneurs, business leaders, their teams and organisations to become proactive about change, reach more of their potential and become Less Ordinary.

I am known for my high impact, positively challenging, holistic approach to personal growth & leadership development. My support covers personal crises as well as professional development, leadership challenges, career progression and business growth.



HUSH is a discovery tool for finding calm, quiet spots and experiences on the go across London and Paris. HUSH was born out of the need to find quiet spaces locally to switch off and recharge away from work to help manage my generalised anxiety.

Humble Works


Hey there, my name is Ryan R Bish, a Project manager with over ten years working within the voluntary sector across five London boroughs and Greater Manchester. I have co-ordinated various community cohesion initiatives working in partnership with government services, educational institutes community organisations.

Trading under the name, Humble Works, I operate as a freelance project manager who supports non-for profit organisations meet specific project targets and manage quality assurance obligations which were agreed with their sponsors.

I am a skilled and experienced project manager who has an eye for detail and passionate in helping communities overcome challenges and enhance their community services.

Raw Ingredients CIC


We are a vegetarian and vegan cafe aiming to provide training opportunities to disadvantaged individuals and cooking classes to people in food poverty.

Spring 2016 Cohort

Positive Purpose AM


positivepurposeMy name is Andrea and I am the Founder and Director of Positive Purpose AM. We are a Wellbeing Agency, focused on coaching for personal development, health and wellbeing, career transition and work/life balance. We offer coaching packages, events and speaking engagements to support committed clients on their positive journey for change.

Firepot Wonderboom


Extraordinary eating experiences in transformative spaces, filled with live art.

The One Wing Project


onewingVision: A world where everyone has the wings to fly

Antiqu’e is the founder of the The One Wing Project – ‘providing the wings to fly’ Supporting young people, females and vulnerable adults within the creative, growth and development sectors, so they feel inspired and empowered. We do this by tackling social issues through creative expression and working within the community to affect personal transformation. The One Wing Project is suitable to anyone who wants to explore self-development and creative awareness.

Lets fly together!

Creative Crafts Boutique


creativecraftsCreative Crafts Boutique aims to offer local people creative crafts, skills and enterprise support. Creative Crafts Boutique brings people together to learn how to embroider logos, create custom gifts, create and design jewellery and clothes. We Connect, Create and Sell.

Southwark Arts Forum


safMy name is Bridget Edwards, SAF Director. SAF is a leading arts network. SAF helps artists and arts organisations to have a greater impact on their local community. We do this by providing a range of networking, information, and advice services. Our members come from all walks of life. They include visual artists, musicians, filmmakers, dancers, photographers, poets, film producers, graphic designers, theatres, galleries and studios. There’s good support whilst you’re learning but on graduation, as you seek to make your way in the industry, affordable support, connection and showcase opportunities are limited. Our new annual festival will help address this.

Built By Us


bbuBuilt By Us (BBU) is a not-for-profit consultancy based in London that specialises in the construction sector. Created by industry for industry, we find and develop the diverse talent that businesses need.

Built By Us believes that everyone can make a positive contribution to the places we live, learn and work in. To ensure candidates are able to take full advantage of opportunities we take the time to get to know them, providing information and customised support.

In Your Own Words


ownwords‘In Your Own Words’ offers a unique opportunity to enhance your loved one’s celebration with a poem written just for them. Whether you need the perfect reading for a friend’s wedding, a personalised thank you to someone who’s shown huge kindness, or a way to express your affection, a truly bespoke gift is just the thing.

Mister Suave

Eric & Ezra

suaveMister Suave provides the refinement of luxury men’s grooming, with a focus on simplicity and affordability. We create premium quality grooming products tailored for the young black gentleman, helping to refine their appearance for a smoother finish. We started our business from a frustration of not being able to find grooming products that were catered to our skin complexion, hair type and busy lifestyles. After years of discontent from using generic high-street products, we decided to develop our own solutions for skincare, hair care and beard maintenance.

Return of the Mac

Josh & Abi

macReturn of the Mac was born of our childhood favourite macaroni cheese. We discovered that we were not the only people obsessed with this cheesy delight, but that others had their own personal affair with the dish. With over 30 years of hospitality experience between us, we put our creative heads together and endeavoured to make the tastiest, unique Mac’n’Cheese combinations we could and serve it the world with a big cheesy smile.


Orlandam Team

orlandamOrlandam is a profit with a purpose company creating fun products and collective experiences to combat loneliness in big cities. Jesse is an Australian product designer and Neila a french marketing professional. Knowing that 1/3 people feel lonely in city like London they both wanted to give everybody the opportunity to experience the city at the fullest.

Revive Foundation


reviveWe are an organisation that offers advice and support to survivors of FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) to access reconstructive surgery by certified plastic surgeons. We also provide Support and Referral to appropriate agencies, offer Community support and FGM training for Professionals.



mploymeMPLOYME is a not for profit social enterprise who provides workshops in the area of employability and business startup, we have employment workbooks that accompanies all sessions.

Winter 2015 Cohort

Sensitive Souls


7imageSensitive Souls is a husband and wife team who started their business out of passion and necessity. As an allergy sufferer who was fed up with the lack of tasty treats on offer, Alex decided to create his own. The tasty, exciting and safe treats we create are all free of the main food allergy groups. There is a growing market for allergy free foods and ours appeals to both adults and children. We currently have five tempting treats for you to indulge in: Rockin’ Rocky Road, Mega Millionaire Shortbread, Fabulous Fruity Flapjack, Brilliant Brownie Bites and Terrific Toffee Popcorn.

Our mission is simple: To make the best tasting like for like premium ‘free-from’ products that are safe and enjoyable to eat for everyone.

Planet Paleo


6imagePlanet Paleo is a food and food supplement company drawing on some of the main principles of the paleo diet and evolving them to help support the challenges people face in modern living. I have worked in the field of Natural health for many years and it’s a true passion of mine.

Change Please


1imageOur mission is to tackle homelessness by selling great coffee. We have worked with London’s leading coffee experts to source and produce the best coffee around. We’ll be training homeless people as baristas, giving them the skills and tools to sell the best coffee on the street, via state of the art carts and machines. We’re combining The Big Issue’s 25 years of experience with a fresh approach to making a difference. Each barista entering the programme will be housed, trained and given all the support they need while being paid London living wage. After six months they will move into full time employment with one of our partners so we can help the next wave of people. This really is a fully rounded programme designed to get people back on their feet.

Skin House


I’m currently running a mobile service that provides beauty treatments. From manicures to pedicures, electrical facials, Lycon Waxing, tinting, massage and semi-permanent eyelashes extensions.

Katiico Jewellery


5imageKatiico Jewellery is a fun contemporary handmade fashion and fine jewellery label. Founded by me Kate Bruce a University of the Arts London graduate. Born in London and of Ghanaian heritage I fuse my cultural influences to create jewellery and gifts as beautiful and individual as the wearer. I work with mixed metals, Swarovski crystal elements and our unique handmade glass beads. My jewellery has a rich history and meaning that will resonate with anybody.

Katiico jewellery is universal to all cultures through a contemporary approach.

Good Vibe Canyon


gvcGood Vibe Canyon is all about spreading good vibes, shouting about the causes we care about most, and supporting those who are passionate about creating positive change. This is why we’ve made it our mission to help socially minded businesses and charities establish themselves online. Using digital media we provide the strategies, content, web copy and 1-1 support needed to help spread their visions and connect them to the people that care.

Wildfire Adventure Camp


9imageJules and I believe that adventures are important; for enjoyment and discovery but also for development and learning. As children every day is an adventure, but as adults we too often forgo adventures because we think we don’t have time, or it costs too much or because we’re too old. To help adults have more adventures, we decided to create Wildfire Adventure Camp.

Wildfire Adventure Camp is the worlds first Questival: half adventure camp, half music festival for adults only! Built for inquisitive, intrepid adults; by day, Wildfire is a bustling camp full of expeditions, bushcraft, artistry, engineering, and adventure sports. As darkness falls, the forest transforms into a glittering Wildfire of music and festivity. Our 2015 test event received storming reviews from Vice, The Independent, Reuters and The Telegraph and has been described as Carry On Camping meets Wes Anderson.

Carte Rare


3imageMy name is Lorcán. I’m a multi-disciplinary creative with over 7 years professional experience in music, branding and art direction. I have a BA (Hons) in Fine Art Media and have demonstrated success leading local and international marketing campaigns. I established Carte Rare in 2015 as a multi disciplinary creative studio. Carte Rare will also focus on producing a collection of high quality T-Shirts designed and manufactured in the UK. There will be a focus on the quality and durability of the garments, the sustainability of the materials used, and the uniqueness and artistry of their design.

Sistah Outlets!


Sistah Outlets is a Community Interest Company that embeds literacy, communication, life-skills and coaching with arts, crafts, music, fashion, agriculture and business. We recognise that a holistic and balanced approach to business that empathises with individual and community needs can contribute to equality, better health, wealth, and happiness. We extend this approach by using any surplus to support a youth programme in Ethiopia where young people can also learn entrepreneurial skills to suppor

Summer 2015 Cohort



11imageHelloHub in a nutshell can be described as a social network for locals, and although various Geo-social networks already exist as community forums, we believe HelloHub’s USP is its methodology.

Rhoda Elizabeth


12imageMy Name is Holly Smith. I am the designer behind the brand Rhoda Elizabeth. I studied Creative Arts at Bath School of Art and Design specialising in Mixed Media Textile Design and Visual Design. Applying a distinct combination of quality materials and original designs, I produce luxury, bespoke wallpaper and soft furnishings that are elegant and functional. Holding a strong ethic towards fair-trade and sustainability designs are inspired by human nature, particularly our sense of humour and appreciation of our natural world.



10imageBaretalks ignites honest conversations to empower choices. It starts these conversations with speeches and workshops at schools, universities and with young adults, and is currently focused on mental health.
Mental health directly affects 1 in 4 people a year and costs the UK government approximately £105.2 billion every year: it impacts all of us. And even though there are great treatments out there, two thirds of people struggling with depression do not ask for help and suffer in silence. Baretalks empowers young adults to step out of silence and get access to support.



15imageHi! We are three entrepreneurs from different professional backgrounds. We started up Fabment with the idea that everyone can enjoy a fabulous moment with an exclusive service in special places without any hassle. Going out with a group is usually something difficult to plan, time consuming and disagreements with mates arise. As a result, many people skip these plans and groups often end up leaving that pain to the same person and going out to the same places. Fabment allows people to easily reserve tables and bottle service at the best venues improving their night-out experience.

Star Clean Exclusive


17imageMy name is Joseph Banton. I am the founder & CEO of Star Clean Exclusive (sce). My business is unique in that we provide a high quality, eco friendly clinical deep cleaning service, providing our clients the same standards you will find in London’s cleanest hospitals at a affordable price .We aim to provide a positive social impact to our community by providing young adults with a job or an apprenticeship and the ability to obtain training through the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICS). BICS offers a number of training routes including the Cleaning Professionals Skills Suite.



14imageWe are Coffeelate, manufacturers of a unique coffee chocolate bar blend with exotic spices. Made from the finest ground coffee beans, combined with exotic cinnamon spices and dark chocolate it’s the perfect complement to your regular coffee – and something your taste buds will thank you for! We source the finest ingredients from all around the world so we are taking a huge step in the right direction to become a fair-trade enterprise. Furthermore, 15% of our profits will be invested in sustainable agriculture and energy projects worldwide.

BodyMind Shiatsu


13imageBodyMind Shiatsu is all about the therapeutic value in getting to know and accepting ourselves. There is an emphasis on the interconnection of the body and mind, and working with the body as a way to heal and free up energy throughout the system.
I provide person-centred one-to-one shiatsu bodywork sessions that focus on natural health and lifestyle. I also run workshops on relaxation and body awareness with adults and young people. It’s all about working holistically and creatively. Currently, my particular interest lies in the natural self in the urban environment. My work draws on Traditional Chinese Medicine and my background in Psychology, Arts and Play.

Power of Uke


16imageI believe that shared musical experiences can transform the way we work together. In the last 10 years I have worked as a teacher, musician, facilitator, coach, researcher, songwriter and comedian and have been fascinated by the power of music in bringing people together.
Last year I combined all of this to create ‘Power of Uke’ – team building days with a difference. Colleagues spend a day learning the ukulele, reflecting on their organisation and then writing and performing a team song. Workshops push colleagues out of their comfort zone, develop leadership and communication skills and allow them to re-establish a team identity and provide a long-lasting change in their team dynamics.

Spring 2015 Cohort



26imageWe are Wormfood Music Ltd. Growing out of Wormfood London (music promotion company – since 2007), we are a booking agency providing bands and DJs to festivals, venues & promoters across the UK and aiming to work more with Europe in 2015. A large proportion of our work focuses on African inspired music, jazz, reggae, Balkan and electronic. We specialise in the common ground between world music and electronic music. We pride ourselves on a passion for music and a friendly, personal relationship with our artists and our clients.

Neon Performing Arts


25imageNeon Performing Arts is a performing arts school for 4-18 year olds. We offer dance classes in Ballet, Modern Jazz and Hip-Hop as well as Drama and Singing classes. Our teachers are all well respected professionals in their chosen fields and we differ from other performing arts schools, in that we aim to prepare our students to be professional artists.

Astraea Bride


18imageAstraea is a contemporary, compassionate bridal wear label. It was created to bring more love and kindness into the world, because boy, or girl, we do we need it. At the heart of Astraea is the goal to help end child marriage and transform lives of vulnerable women and girls. Behind the beautiful dress is a story of empowerment, vegan principals and a team with deep love for the planet we are.



24imageLattjoPOP is a social enterprise which offers a very child friendly café in South London but also works as a platform for small businesses to reach a niche audience. We offer an affordable retail/workshop/crafts/cafe space to budding entrepreneurs wishing to expand and try their product on the high street.

Small is Beautiful


22imageSmall is Beautiful is a festival, a colourful, hands-on weekend celebration of the ideas of radical economist E. F. Schumacher. It blends small-scale technology use, ideas from international development and new economics with the arts through lectures, debates, workshops, music and installations. The festival aims to ignite imaginations and unlock positive solutions for our future in a creative environment.



23imageI am Noemi from Berlin, now living in Brixton. I recently left my corporate job to follow my dreams and launch brünch – when London meets Berlin for brunch. Created from a passion for bread, brunch, booze and Berlin, brünch is a roaming brunch pop up that offers an exciting alternative to the traditional British brunch. Brunch is an experience and hand picks its venues carefully. It offers a brunch spread, imports Berlin drinks, plays mellow Berlin tunes, and hopes improves on the original Brunch experience.



19imageMy business is DigitalAngel which provides 1-2-1 digital skills training for seniors (over 50s) who find it difficult to understand internet concepts. Millions of over 50’s in London alone lack digital skills and are being left behind in the current digital revolution. As the service is mobile the customer can have tailored training in the comfort of their own home, with their own computer.



20imageHustlebucks is a Social Enterprise providing garment printing for local businesses, organisations and one off clients, as well as running creative learning programmes in Graphic Design and Community Arts. Apprentices design clothing collections that get sold in store. We print vinyl jobs in store and outsource our Direct To Garment (DTG) and Screen printing jobs.

School Ground Sounds


21imageDuring my teaching experience, it became clear that increased pressure on schools to perform in Maths and English often meant that music is left behind, denying young people of invaluable opportunities and cultural capital. With a background in music production and experience working with artists (including George Ezra when he was 18), I felt well placed to tackle this inequality. And so I set up School Ground Sounds (SGS), which is now a music charity with a mission to discover and showcase talented musicians in London schools. We provide high-quality opportunities for young people to record and develop their music-making.

Autumn 2014 Cohort

AGR Designs


35imageAGR clothing,is a versatile clothing brand. I have passion for designing elegant clothing and edgy streetwear. The emphasis is on style and clothing that is fashionable without having to compromise on the amount of skin exposure.

BS recruitment


37imageRecruitment of Sales Professionals at all levels from Telesales to Senior Leadership to Business Information clients including Market Research and, media & publishers.

Sankofa to Nature


sankofaSankofa to Nature provides Forest School sessions, programs, events and special projects to people interested in learning more about nature, helping them to learn through nature and reconnect. The programme is open to groups, organisations and education providers that are or would like to be environmentally conscious, for all age groups. Sankofa means to return, so we return to nature as a fountain of knowledge and wellbeing: camp, hike, spend days in nature as this is the healthier choice also for fun and entertainment. We provide professional and fully qualified guidance,knowledge & positive approach to nature, bridging the gaps between urban life and the natural spaces available and its resources.

Recovery Arts


30imageRecovery arts is a peer led organisation which provides training and employment to vulnerable adults in Lambeth. Our mission is to create an organic artistic culture, which showcases the skills and talents in Lambeth. We deliver workshops through our RAW (Projects have included: Thrift shop, Café, family fun day, art gallery, talent show) and RAT programmes delivers short courses designed and taught by local service users. We also partner with likeminded organisations to deliver a wider range of workshops. Our future vision is to expand so we can provide the tools needed in recovery breaking the cycle of relapse and criminal activity.



39imageEquallyPossible is an online video course for applicants to UK medical schools. Medicine sadly remains an elitist field, and any teenager with such ambition would likely fail if they did not attend a private school or had years of mentoring. EquallyPossible grants access to all this information one needs to apply successfully, delivered in 400 bite-sized videos and exercises. It’s designed for web and app accessibility, and ultimately a fun and engaging experience. A passion project developed by real doctors and medical school interviewers, it will only cost 30 pounds and made truly affordable for everyone.

New Beginnings Youth


28imageI am a youth worker in Lambeth. I provide a youth service which allows other agencies to connect and engage with young people in a way others cannot. This is done through building a relationship with the young people using tailor made programmes to tap into their interest and empower them by allowing them to identify their own needs. We then marry up there’s needs with the appropriate service providers. This is a unique service which aims to build genuine partnerships while also equipping young people with the ability to take advantage of the available services.

Roadworks Media


31imageRoadWorks Media is a community interest company that transforms young lives via hands on media training.

Working within the local community we seek to encourage self-expression and the belief that with enough hard work anything is possible. By involving young people in our projects and providing them with hands on training, we give them the power to gain experience, knowledge and confidence to build up their careers . Current projects include the creation of short films, the magazine, and a pod cast. We also run creative workshops that are open to participation.

Archie Mac London


36imageArchie Mac London is a surface design company based in Brixton where. The brand is all about telling stories: it’s named after my great granddad, Archie McMillan, whose 100 year old drawings I stumbled across whilst looking for family photos. All my designs have a hidden story, there’s more to each one than meets the eye. I set up my business in order to one day provide patient, creative employment for people who’ve faced barriers to employment and plan to outsource my production locally.

We Are Grounded


40imageWe Are Grounded is a branding & communications company & we offer graphic design services to small and business enterprises. We also aim to be a hub for creativity by providing struggling businesses with the branding advice they need to tale their businesses to the next level.

Green Oil


34imageIn 2008, Simon developed Green Oil, an ecological bicycle chain lubricant. Other lubricants were toxic, imported, the packaging wasn’t recyclable. Many even said ‘Dangerous for the Environment’ on the back. Simon was concerned about toxic chain lube when riding through a river, and further realized every product used on a bike enters the environment. Samples were sent to the Ecologist Magazine, who made the lubricant ‘Pick of the Month’ in October 2007. Green Oil UK Ltd was founded in January 2008. Products have won awards, from What Mountain Bike’s Gold Award, to Cycling Plus Magazine’s Best Buy Award

Reconnect a Youth


Reconnect a Youth is a youth advocacy agency. We help to encourage young people’s knowledge and awareness of difficulties that may face them in the transition from childhood to adulthood, through workshops and one to one mentoring. We are trying to bridge the gap left by cuts in funding for youth centres & services for young people.

Brixton Soup Kitchen


27imageBrixton Soup Kitchen provides food, hot meals, and information to the homeless in Brixton. There are over 1000 people living rough on the streets in Brixton. The number of homeless people is growing due to the difficult economic circumstances. We collect un-used food from various outlets such as: Nandos, Greggs, Pret a Manger, Food for Love. We also give out food to local people in need. The Brixton Soup Kitchen started in the beginning 2013. Since then we’ve given out around 400 meals per week / 28,000 since we started.

Coco Gourmand


38imageMy name’s Vanessa Bolosier. I have a background in publishing, digital production and branding. I’m a food writer, recipe developer and run an award-winning confectionery company called Coco Gourmand. Coco Gourmand has been trading for 10 months, manufactures coconut-based sweets like fudge and brittle and supplies independent delis, coffee shop and more recently Selfridges Food Hall. The sweets are gluten free, suitable for vegans and dairy free on some, suitable for vegetarians on all, only use fresh ingredients and natural products and have won 2 Great Taste Awards.

The Grain Grocer


33imageWe are a Re-fill concept shop, offering organic, non GM & ethically sourced wholefoods, everyday ingredients & Eco friendly household products. Serving freshly made organic juices, smoothies and healthy snacks & we’re on a mission to reduce unnecessary packaging.

Spring 2014 Cohort

Nature & Life


44imageNATURE & LIFE is manufacturer and wholesaler of natural supplements, a family patented natural extract that supports wellbeing with un-compromised quality. Our product BETA GLUCAN 500 directly activates and boosts the immune system to protect from infectious, viral, bacterial, fungal, and parasitic diseases. It reactivates, regulates restores and relieves.



43imageSnact is a social enterprise developing creative solutions to food waste and food poverty. Every day huge a amount of food is wasted unnecessarily. Snact addresses this by using some of this perfectly good and edible food to make great snacts. Our first product, fruit jerky, is made with 100% fruit, no additives or preservatives. We want to draw attention to the issue of food waste, an injustice when so many people have to rely on food banks to feed themselves. That’s why we’re going to create employment opportunities for people who are affected by food poverty, giving them the opportunity to earn extra income, by selling our products and keeping the margins that would usually go to retailers and distributors.



46imageMy line of work is within the arts and it’s a bit hard to narrow it down because there is a bit of art in everything. The way I started is drawing, pretty bad drawings I might add. But I kept at it and now I can draw anything I want whether its real or fabricated. Then I moved on to digital imagery and became pretty good at it. After that I started filming and learned a lot about directing and the composure of a storyline. There has been something inside me as far as I can remember; the desire to be the best. I guess that has been the driving force for my actions, I don’t think anyone could ever be the best but I’m going to have a damn good try anyway.

Big Mouth Gets


42imageBig Mouth Gets is a London based social enterprise run by young graphic designers, who work to simplify political content to make it appeal to new audiences. Our aim is to increase political engagement by making democracy approachable, accessible and inclusive for everyone. We do this by producing graphics and data visualization to creatively showcase policy and better explain political output.

BID Network


41imageThe Before I Die Network is a supportive and inspired community of young people working together to achieve their dreams. The network helps participants to think about what they want to achieve with their lives – and to break those daunting goals down into the steps and challenges they need to overcome in order to achieve them. Users can connect with each other through interactive workshops and an online peer-to-peer site to share advice and skills to help each other to achieve those steps.

Particle Studios


45imageWe are three music based individuals who are setting up a demo recording and rehearsal studio, much like Sun Records was many years ago in memphis, a studio who will record anyone who comes of the street. No matter what style or where they come from. We will set up a platform for the best of artists that record to take them further into the industry. London is full of ambitious musicians who cannot afford high prices for demo’s, and decent rehearsal spaces. Also London schools are finding it difficult to produce music programmes that allow for their students to learn instruments. We will facilitate these needs through funding schemes that will help provide lessons for schools that cannot afford it.