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“The skills we learned during the Hatch process meant we were able to revisit our budgets and create a realistic event on a smaller amount. We’ve now raised significant funds for the 2016 festival to be even more amazing than last years!” - George Bell, Small is Beautiful

‘Small is Beautiful’ is a festival that explores positive responses to our future through low carbon technology, social justice and the arts. The festival brings together experts, enthusiasts, creators and the curious from around the world. In 2015, over 300 people attended the festival at our new location in Wales.

Our entrepreneurs come from all walks of life & their businesses are as varied, to give you an idea, here are our previous cohorts:

“We joined the Hatch incubator in 2014 and the programme really helped us to get to grips with our business model. We have now raised investment and are bringing our ‘SNACTS’ into shops and supermarkets.“ Ilana Taub and Michael Midge-Dixon, Co-founder

At SNACT we collect food surplus from wholesale markets, restaurants and supermarkets and turn them into tasty snacks. What we love about food is that even small changes in the supply chain can lead to big impacts and that is why we founded the company, to positively impact the world around us. Small numbers become large when multiplied by a few million - collecting surplus fruit at London’s wholesale markets, making snacks in a kitchen in Hackney, and selling them at markets and events across London, that’s SNACT!