Yasmin Spark: The Hatch Founder Celebrating Sobriety

Yasmin Spark has been in alcohol recovery for the past six years and is passionate about creating joyful, alcohol-free spaces that bring people together.

Align Events, founded by Yasmin earlier this year, is a mobile bar and event service serving alcohol-free drinks fit for a special occasion that do not compromise on fanfare or fun.

Yasmin originally had a language consulting business that she was looking to relaunch online, and only pivoted to founding Align Events during the Hatch Launchpad programme she was on.

In the session exploring mission and vision Yasmin realised that she could build a business around doing what she was passionate about and really make a difference in the sector.

“It was honestly life changing, Hatch was crucial in helping me find my purpose. This business idea is now 100% aligned with me”

A huge number of people in the UK do not drink alcohol either out of choice, health, or lifestyle, with 107,428 people in treatment for alcohol use in the UK in the period of 2020-2021 alone.

Having been in recovery since 2016 she had become increasingly frustrated with the fact that there was nowhere for her to go to celebrate sobriety, get a nice drink, or feel special and included.

“I wanted the glamour and theatre of cocktails as well as places and spaces to dance, party, and socialise without alcohol.”

As well as those in recovery, there are a lot of cultural non-drinkers who really struggle in the UK due to the huge focus on alcohol in party and social spheres. 

It’s important to Yasmin that she is able to connect anyone struggling with addiction to the resources that can help them, and 6% of the profits from the business go to Alcohol Change UK to support them with their vital work in this area.

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Yasmin hopes to continue to grow Align Events to reach more people and have an even bigger impact, and has signed up to the Hatch Incubator programme for support on this journey.

Her next goal is to raise investment to set up a permanent location for the business where she can create a safe space for people to have fun, without triggers for those in recovery.

The space would also be used to host community events and hold recovery sessions, acting as a hub connecting everyone interested in the sober lifestyle, from those in recovery to those just looking to reduce their alcohol intake.

Having only launched this year, the business is already going from strength to strength. Yasmin says, “It’s a dream, I’m having fun, connecting with non-drinkers, and doing good.”

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