Our Search For Founders Helped Plant 1,500 Trees

Picture of two Nepalese women holding a planter tree between them, surrounded by greenery.

This summer, Hatch has been eagerly seeking applications from promising new business founders up and down the UK.

We’re always keen to find ethical ways reach new entrepreneurs, and we’re proud to say that our advertising this summer through Treeapp helped plant 1,500 trees in high-impact projects round the globe.

We envision this next campaign will help us go above and beyond this number.

What is Treeapp?

Treeapp enables people to plant one tree for free everyday and to have a more sustainable lifestyle.

The Ipsos’ Global Trends Study in 2021 showed that most people (63%) across 25 countries now agree it is more important that businesses fight climate change, with an average 70% of customers in these markets saying they prefer to buy from brands they believe reflect their own principles.⁠

Treeapp’s mission is to enable everyone who wants to have a positive impact on the environment and to combat climate change, to do so. They work with individuals and organisations, equipping them with resources and the power to make change with a few taps.

"We're ready to fight for our planet, and we'd love it if you were to join us."

Treeapp with Hatch

Hatch began supporting Treeapp this summer as the passion project of one of our Communications team members, Thomas Humphrey, our Digital Marketing Manager.

I can safely say that planting thousands of trees in global projects that benefit some of the communities most at risk from the effects of climate change - as part of my usual day-to-day - is easily my personal highlight of the year.

“Hatch’s marketing team has to invest a reasonable amount of budget each year to make sure that people who would benefit from our programmes hear about them.

“From a digital marketing point of view, that can often mean handing over money to a small handful of technocratic businesses – almost all of which have quite unclear stances on key social issues and even less transparent tax statuses.

“So how we build a better world with our marketing spend is becoming an increasingly important question to us as a team.

“Treeapp seemed like the perfect solution. A lot of Hatch’s work revolves around helping socially and environmentally conscientious businesses, and we knew Treeapp would attract those kinds of users.

“The app allows us to reach an impact-motivated audience in a targeted way, and it allows us to do that on their own terms – because unlike invasive interruption marketing on most social media platforms, people actively seek out this advertising as part of their own personal commitment to planting trees.

“It makes me proud to work at Hatch, and I am very grateful to the team and Treeapp for allowing me to try something new, and allowing us to get great business and environmental results at the same time!”

Healing The World By Planting Trees

Treeapp was launched in the UK and Ireland on the 22nd of April 2020 and was met with immediate recognition with more than 1,000 downloads in its’ first two weeks.

The app enables anyone with a mobile phone to plant a tree for free, in under a minute, simply by watching three short ads or messages from one of Treeapp’s branding partners.

Their brand partners gives £1 to Treeapp, who then arranges planting the tree in its user-chosen site.

Picture of someone's hands in soil whilst planting a tree.

Since their launch Treeapp has:

  • Planted over a million trees
  • Restored land the size of Gibraltar
  • Planted over 150 different species of trees
  • Spanned over four continents in 13 countries
  • Provided homes for over 60 species of mammals
  • Created over 200 jobs for treeplanters
  • Attained B-Corp Status

"We don’t have much time left to reverse the effects of deforestation and climate change. Tree planting is one of the most effective ways to create functioning ecosystems that support healthy air, water and ground activity."

Join the mission, start planting today!

"Plant just 4 trees a week and you’ll offset the average carbon emissions of an EU citizen."

We at Hatch believe that everyone should have the power to positively impact the world for the better and to take control of these matters.

We wanted to partner with Treeapp as a way to proactively do something to help combat climate change and global deforestation, by planting trees whilst encouraging like-minded entrepreneurs to find our programmes for support.

Businesses like Treeapp facilitate as a means of bringing power to the people, allowing us to make and see the change we want. If you’d like to help make change happen, join their mission in healing the world.

Who are we?

At Hatch, we work with entrepreneurs from underrepresented communities. We help them build smart ideas into successful, profitable, and sustainable businesses that have a positive and lasting impact on their communities.

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