So, what exactly is a Hackathon?

What is a Hackathon?

The Hatch Hackathon is the earliest stage of business support that we offer to founders and consists of a one day event to build confidence, clarity, and direction around a business idea. 

The Hackathon is for those who have an idea, or have identified a problem they want to solve, and are now ready to explore the next steps in terms of structuring a business model, identifying a value proposition, and expanding networks. 

The requirements for this session are simply a desire to increase business knowledge, skills, and confidence, willingness to engage with a cohort of like-minded entrepreneurs, and the ability to commit to the full day workshop.

The layout of the day includes:

After this workshop early-stage founders will have a solid blueprint to help build the foundations of their businesses, projects, and ideas.

Attendees will also come away with a new network of founders in a similar position to them, and access to the Hatch graduate community which includes invites to events and workshops, as well as regular newsletters full of resources and opportunities.  

Hear from the people involved

Naila, Hackathon graduate

“Feedback from the group from pitching was great - very supportive - and it helped that it was in small groups. All the presenters were amazing, very interactive. My next steps are to get on with it and get the idea into a reality whatever form it takes.”

Alex, Hackathon graduate

“I was part of the Hackathon programme and one of the things I’ve learned was design thinking and also innovative new ways of pitching to clients. Had such a great time and I highly recommend this programme.”

Joanna, Head of Cohort Programmes

“We know that there are so many people out there who are considering entrepreneurship, or thinking of starting a business. We created the Hackathon to give people the opportunity to test out their business idea in a safe space, surrounded by others at the start of the entrepreneurial journey. It’s an interactive, hands-on event where you’ll use practical tools to build out your business model and get comfortable pitching your idea to others.”

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