Navigating an Unconventional Career Path with Eleanor Mills (Noon) and Rose Marley (Co-operatives UK)

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Join this uplifting and high energy conversation with Eleanor Mills, founder of Noon, and a journalist who has interviewed everyone from David Cameron to Sheryl Sandberg, and Rose Marley CEO of Co-operatives UK, and co-founder of social enterprise Sharp Futures.

Rose has been a pioneer in leading initiatives that help everyone get a chance to build a business that they love. Having started her career in the creative industries, during the “Madchester” era, working in the music industry, she then went into the social enterprise sector and has supported many young entrepreneurs through her time at SharpFutures. She has been the Social Enterprise Advisor to the Manchester City Council and has ensured that everyone who wants to start a social enterprise has the opportunity to. She is a progressive leader with a passion for inclusion. 

What will you learn?

  • How to build a social enterprise and coop and how to make it stand out from competitors
  • The importance of creativity in the entrepreneurship world 
  • The important role of diversity and inclusion in entrepreneurship
  •  An understanding into why supporting young entrepreneurs is so important and why we should ensure that all voices are represented.
  • Community action and how to spark passion 

Who is this for?

All entrepreneurs and business owners, especially social entrepreneurs and impact businesses, who want to learn about building a purpose-driven business.

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