Investing in Women to Build a Better World

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Investing in women is crucial in building a fairer society. This was the theme of International Women’s Day 2024, and is also the driving force behind a lot of our work at Hatch Enterprise

We have supported thousands of inspiring, ambitious, innovative female founders over the past decade, and we know that one of the biggest barriers these entrepreneurs face on their journey is investment. 

We are working to build a better world, one that does not make it harder for half of the population to succeed, and we spoke to some graduates of our programmes about what that better world would look like, and why it is crucial that we invest in women.

Roots of Belonging hosts interdisciplinary outdoor workshops for mixed, bi-cultural and multicultural people of colour to connect with nature and cultivate their belonging.

“For me, ‘investing in women’ goes beyond funding and financing, but it’s about believing in female founders and the inherent value of their entrepreneurial vision.

“I find that women founders are naturally regenerative and resourceful: they already know how to tap into their networks and leverage their existing skills to bring their powerful visions to life, however, that potential would be multiplied a hundred-fold only if society would wake up and smell the coffee!

“Those who have supported me most on my founder journey have inevitably also been female and POC founders. Investing in women can also entail knowledge-sharing, encouragement and support, promotion and uplifting. 

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“Building a business or venture is a long journey, and I think all of us can ‘invest’ in female founders in small ways to move us toward a marketplace that embraces greater diversity, equity and inclusion in a meaningful sense.

“In this way, ‘investing’ becomes an active engagement with the world. I think the world would look vastly different if we meaningfully invested in female founders, especially intersectional entrepreneurs.

“These are the founders doing the work of world-building: they are looking at our global problems and working towards more equitable, sustainable solutions.”

Vested Woman provides UK ethnic minority women with financial education, to help them become financially independent, build wealth and gain control of their financial futures. 

“Investing in women means investing in all areas of our lives including, our health (physical and mental) and financial education. Investing not just money, but also time and support through mentors.

“Lack of finances is a major concern for many female founders, it can lead to not only relationship breakdowns, but also mental health issues (stress and anxiety).

“Limited access to financial resources, education and funding for female founders means many women are afraid to take the step into entrepreneurship or last the distance once they do start.

“The world would look great if we invested more in female founders. There would be much needed visibility and growth for female founders. There is evidence to show that when women have economic power, it doesn’t just benefit them but their families, community and the broader economy.”

Off Piste Ski Trip is a Winter Sports & Entertainment company focusing on integrating elements of Black culture, such as music, community, and cuisine, into engaging ski experiences. Its goal is to make mountain adventures more accessible and appealing to its audience.

“As a first-generation immigrant woman, I see investing in women as an acknowledgement of the strength, resilience, and creativity that diverse women bring to any endeavour. It means recognising our unique perspectives, and intersectionality, and providing the necessary support and resources for us to realise our aspirations.

“In regards to Off Piste, it’s about creating an environment where all women feel empowered to participate in winter sports, a field often dominated by men. We aim to break down barriers, challenge stereotypes, and pave the way for more women to explore outdoor opportunities they may not have previously considered.

“Investing more in female founders would create a world with strong, diverse role models for future generations. Businesses would be more innovative and cater to a wider range of needs, fostering a society rich in diverse experiences and perspectives. The investment would be more than just an economic driver; it would act as a catalyst for inspiring the next generation of changemakers.

“As we celebrate Women’s Empowerment Month, I believe it’s important to remember that every investment in a woman is an investment in our collective future.”

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ASRA Club is a run club and community space centering Muslim women in sports, wellness and sisterhood. It does this through free run sessions, wellness programmes and intergenerational projects around nature.

“For me investing in women means ensuring that every space I curate or engage in is filled with care and grace to allow sisters to grow/flourish together.

“If there are any ways to help, I am always ready to jump to find solutions and make room for that.

“A world where we invested in women would be free of a lot of problems. We would see a shift in industries, where it is around empowering individuals whilst fostering true community spirit. Funding would be better allocated and we would see better working habits. I also think there would be more younger girls seeing themselves as curators and entrepreneurs. I would like to see that world one day and if not, contribute to there being one in the future.”

Female Entrepreneurship: Building a Better World

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We know that women currently face an unequal playing field across so many sectors, especially in entrepreneurship. We also know that through investing in female founders we can flip this narrative and build a better world by allowing female founders the space to innovate with the same opportunities and financial backing as men.

Only 1% of venture capital goes to businesses with all female teams, and in one study only 54% of applications from women-owned SMEs were successful versus 73% from men. Looking through an intersectional lens these disparities are further compounded for disabled women and women of colour. Investing in women should absolutely be understood to include time, energy, trust, policy considerations and more, but we want to take this opportunity to bang the drum for directly investing funding into female founded businesses, and closing the entrepreneurial gender pay gap for good.

We are proud to be investing in women through our programmes, through our events, through the Hatch Fund, and more. Last year 84% of the graduates of our programmes were women, or from another marginalised gender, and many of our cohorts were female-only spaces.

We want to do more, and we need your help to do it. By making a donation to Hatch you could help a woman to access the support, opportunity, and investment needed to help her business become a success. If you are not in a position to donate right now consider how you can invest in women in your own way, by shopping from women-led brands, offering opportunities, or volunteering your time.

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