Interview: Maya and Helen from FFeatured in 15

Last month, during StartUP  Brixton, we met two female founders from South London, Maya and Helen. They founded Featured in 15,  a community project in Forest Hill. We asked them a couple of questions about their experience as founders.

What are your fears in business?

Helen: I think the fear is that we’re at a stage in our project where it’s getting bigger, and it’s how we manage that. So we are trying to learn from others how to contain it and not grow too fast, at a speed that you can’t control?.

Maya: Which is a good problem to have!

What do you think we can do to help entrepreneurs in Lambeth?

Helen: I think by really upscaling the chance of partnerships and networking because you are so much stronger together than you are, you know, on your own. And I think that because we represent a community project where we run in it together definitely has a huge benefit.

Maya: I think it’s really hard sometimes to know how to access that help. And that is a real struggle when you’re starting out. It is like, ‘Where do you go?’ ‘Where do you turn to for help support and that kind of mentoring that will help you succeed’. Because, you know, you do need that you need the help from people who’ve been there and done it as well.

What do you think will help you most when taking the next step?

Maya: I think just the confidence of, of knowing that there is support out there that you can turn to, to help you be successful and that there are people you know, cheering for you in the background. That’s always that’s always helpful when those moments of doubt and fear come into it. Also, it’s good when you’ve created a network which I think events like StartUP Brixton helps you with.

Helen: I think that be rested in the fact that, just because it seems hard, that’s how it should be. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. So, you know, yes, you are going to work hard, you’re not going to sleep as effectively as you used to be. But you’ll find new creative ways that really do bring a lot of joy, rather than commuting to London Bridge every day.

Why have you come to StartUP Brixton today?

Maya: We heard about what was happening today, and thought it would be an amazing opportunity to come down and sort of see what new things we could learn.

Helen: And also, you know, being inspired by new entrepreneurs!

Maya: We’ve come mainly to network, to learn more about what we can do to make our business successful.

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