Hatch Launchpad Programme: What is it, and who is for?

Starting a business is hard, made even more so when there is little access to expertise, funding and networks. 

Here at Hatch we believe in helping build a fairer society by removing some of these barriers and supporting underrepresented entrepreneurs. 

The Hatch Launchpad programme is for entrepreneurs in the start-up stage of their business, who want to develop the skills they need in business modelling, finance, communications and marketing. 

If you have a business idea and are ready to start your entrepreneurial journey, this programme could be for you! 

Hatch Launchpad Programme Overview:

The Hatch Launchpad is a 12 week online programme for new founders who are ready to move forward with their business idea. The programme combines business training and peer learning with the close-knit cohort of other entrepreneurs, which is a great opportunity to grow a community with like-minded founders.

By taking part in this programme, you have access to:

Expert Sessions

Experts lead an interactive deep-dive workshop into a core business area

Peer Learning

Reflect, share insights, and apply new knowledge to your business


One to one support sessions with an expert to help you with key business challenges

Demo Day

Opportunity to pitch your business to our friendly dragons and receive helpful feedback

Key learnings to be taken from this programme include; discovering your entrepreneurial mindset, building your business model and financial and branding strategy.

Hi I’m Mellissa Morgan. I am the Hatch Launchpad programme Manager and also the founder of the brand Ms. Cupcake, which was the UK’s first vegan bakery, so I understand first hand what it’s like to start and grow a business. If you love baking, do check out my cookbook! I’m now focused on helping new founders on their own entrepreneurial journeys.

Is this Launchpad Programme the right fit for you?

  • Are you based in the UK ?
  • Do you have a business idea and want to launch it?
  • Do you want to increase your business knowledge, skills and confidence?
  • Do you want to be part of a cohort alongside other like-minded entrepreneurs?

If you said yes to all of the above, then this programme may be the perfect fit for you!

At Hatch, we want to help build a fairer society by working with entrepreneurs from underrepresented communities. We help them build smart ideas into successful, profitable, and sustainable businesses that have a positive and lasting impact on their communities.

We appreciate that finances can be a leading barrier in starting up your own business, which is why this three month programme valued at over £1500 is priced at a mere £50. There are also limited bursary options to cover this fee.

Once you have graduated from the Hatch Launchpad programme, you will be eligible to apply for up to £1,000 in grant funding.

Sound like something you would gain from?

Hatch Launchpad Testimonials

I loved being on the Launchpad so much and I’m so grateful that it gave me both a huge amount of business knowledge and the practical energy boost to do what I needed to.”

“Since the Launchpad finished, I’ve been signing up to Hatch’s events and making some new contacts to add to my network. I’ve managed to find people to test my service on, and that’s down to the knowledge I got and the connections I made from being on the Launchpad.”

Picture of Base Giezek, launchpad graduate. She is a white woman with ginger straight hair. She is looking as the camera with a smile and is leaning on her hand.

“I’m so happy I was able to be a part of this. The gravitas of this opportunity only hit me when I saw David Gibbs and his incredible CEO-level Zoom backdrop! It really was a pinch-me moment when I realised I was talking to the chief executive of all of these mega brands. I had the opportunity to pitch my business idea that was just living in my head a few months ago to David Gibbs.”

“What an opportunity and thank you for letting me be part of it. Hatch truly feels like the gift that just keeps on giving.”

Picture of Amari Cassidy, Launchpad graduate. She is a black woman with blonde afro curly hair. She is leaning over a DJ sound booth whilst laughing and looking at someone off camera

“There was a really broad group of founders in my cohort, some had very clear ideas and had started their businesses, whilst others hadn’t fully fleshed it out. That was useful for me, as it made me feel okay that I wasn’t fully there yet and there were others in the same situation.”

Picture of Hollie Andrews, Launchpad graduate. She is a white woman with brown wavy hair. She is facing the camera with a smile.

The following outcomes showcases the key growth areas for our graduates from before to after the Launchpad programme in the last year:

  • “I know how to find and grow the team I need” +129% 
  • “I have a network that can help me access expertise and opportunities” +104%
  • “I know how to get the support I need” +80%
  • “I know how to work to my strengths and balance my weaknesses” +66%
  • “I know how to manage my wellbeing” +56%
  • “I know how to access the funding I need” +44%
  • “I can embrace new challenges and keep on learning” +44%
Starting a business? Start here. The Launchpad programme can help you test your idea and launch your business. Suitable for founders who have a business idea, understand the problem they are trying to solve, and are ready to start their entrepreneurial journey.

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