Hatch DIY Weekender: Dream, Learn and Play


The beautiful Oxfordshire countryside was a fitting setting for the Hatch DIY Weekender, bringing together entrepreneurs and innovators for a fantastic experience. The first Hatch Weekender sought to combine the aspects required to successfully launch and grow a business, allowing the campers to ‘Dream, Learn and Play’.

The backdrop of the British countryside alongside the River Thames provided the opportunity to reflect and pause from the hectic routines of our day-to-day lives.

Through the mindfulness sessions and 1-2-1 conversations available with our well-being coach Andrea, there was the opportunity to truly delve into issues that arise from being an entrepreneur and be given constructive ways to deal with them. ‘The Council’ session that was run by Tom encapsulated the relaxed and thoughtful ways of discussing how to scale your business and the challenges one may face.

Other sessions that were well received included how to make the transition from full-time employment to entrepreneurship and the obstacles within the ‘Hero’s Journey’. Collectively, they offered the campers a wonderful insight for self-growth and reflection. The Weekender also provided the space to let loose. With a yoga instructor and disco instructor among the fellow campers, it should come as no surprise that ‘disco yoga’ was formed! For those that wanted a ‘different’ experience, the opportunity to fish in the Thames and get a real feel of the countryside was available. Thanks to Paddy, campers were offered to visit his Hemp farm and help harvest the crops.

The Hatch community really pulled together to create evenings filled with fun. Through the events put on by the organisers and volunteers, the campers came together to relax. The backdrop of the starry nights the first night was a perfect setting to sit around the warm fire and sing songs together. The second night proved as popular, as the ‘Pub quiz’ certainly put the teams out of their comfort zones through a range of atypical rounds.

The DIY motto of the weekend was certainly reflected as everyone participated either in the cleaning, cooking, and organisation of the events over the three days. As cold as the nights were, this camping experience really brought the best of both worlds together. The next Hatch DIY Weekender has a lot to live up to!  

By Mohibur Rahman

Photo’s by Sebastian Kasmo Wood

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