“Everyone cooks noodles with boiling water.”

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It’s the phrase of the week here at Hatch HQ – and not just because we’re obsessed with noodles. We’re obsessed with ideas. Every business is created from a single idea, just like everyone cooks noodles with boiling water. However, it’s how you bring the final dish/ business to fruition that counts. Imagine trying to cook noodles with cold water, or boiling orange juice. The result just wouldn’t be the same; just like making an idea happen isn’t creating a website, logo and business cards. To really have a successful business you need to take small steps. Test your idea out. Sell it to family and friends, and most crucially get feedback. Without feedback in the initial stages, you could miss something crucial about your target market, or identify a need that you hadn’t thought of already. Identifying these issues in the early stages and carrying out market research is incredibly important, you don’t want to create a product that nobody wants to buy after all. Plus, once you’ve carried out this initial research, you are more equipped to getting stuck into building the foundations of the business. A business isn’t something that you can create overnight, regardless of what you may have read. It takes time, but the time you invest in the beginning really does make a difference. The time you put into developing your idea and getting to know your customers can be the thing that differentiates you from your competitors which matters as much on day one as it does five years from now. This is why we have created a brand new programme called Launchpad. Launchpad is our pre-incubator programme that has been created specifically for individuals that have an idea, but haven’t tested it out yet. If you have an idea, no matter how big or small, we want to hear about it. Interested in finding out more? Contact us and we’ll be in touch!

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