Building a Business With Climate Change In Mind with Louisa Ziane (Toast Ale) and Georgina Wilson-Powell (Pebble mag)

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We sat down with Louisa Ziane, founder of Toast Ale, and Georgina Wilson-Powell, founder of Pebble Mag to discuss how you can build a business with climate change in mind. 

Louisa co-founded Toast Ale in 2015. She is the Chief Operating Officer, managing the company’s commitment to people, planet and profit, and ensuring the brand is true to its purpose: to end food waste over a cheeky pint. She is a certified management accountant with a background in sustainability consulting and marketing. She’s passionate about social enterprise, the circular economy and the growing B Corp movement.

Georgina is a passionate journalist and magazine editor who is using her 16 years in the media industry for global change. She founded pebble magazine 3 years ago as a stylish portal for sustainable living advice and positive stories that help inspire people to change the world. pebble covers everything from eco-travel to ethical fashion, plastic waste, food waste, permaculture, foraging, heritage crafts, yoga and pioneers trying to impact the planet. pebble expanded to events in 2019, producing 4 large scale consumer festivals in London and is focusing on creating positive digital communities this year.

In this episode they discuss:

  • The challenges and hurdles of growing a sustainable business
  • What do you need to consider to build an ethical and sustainable business
  • Practical techniques with ethical and values at the heart of what you do
  • How does it affect financial growth
  • A decision around becoming a B-Corp

.Come and join in to get some inspiration on thinking big, growing your business and how to fight challenges on the way from those who have been there.

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