Big Ideas event

Have you ever had an idea but not known where to begin? Join the club!

The event, Big Ideas Lambeth was set up for this reason. To help young people with big ideas start something awesome. With a potential £500 on the table for those that pitched it was set to be an exciting day for all involved – And it was.

Located in Brixton East 1871, the event hosted a combination of guest speakers and workshops facilitated by members of the Hatch team, The Princes Trust and more. Everything had been curated specifically with the aim of helping the young entrepreneurs present really get a taste of what starting a business is all about.

Starting with an introduction by Capita, the budding entrepreneurs were treated to an inspiring speech from entrepreneur Onyi Anyado. Nothing he said was overly complicated. He simply did the most powerful thing that he could do – he shared his story, managing to get everyone super excited about the journey that they were about to start.

After a quick pep talk by Princes Trust on how to present your idea effectively, alongside a couple of exciting activities, individuals started to be called to pitch in front of a panel, including Jack Hopkins, Onyi Anyado and Hatch’s very own Laura.

Taking over in the afternoon was Hatch, doing a workshop specifically focused on sales and marketing. Encompassing the Golden Circle and helping budding entrepreneurs figure out there ‘why’, it really helped get to the heart of what the entrepreneurs were doing, helping entrepreneurs go away even more passionate about there idea.

If you have an idea and want to see what you can do with it, get in touch. We’re currently recruiting for our Launchpad program, perfect for anyone who’s in the early stages of starting their business!

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