Mental Health Awareness: Avoid Burnout and Promote Your Wellbeing

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Here are Hatch we believe that a big part of creating an inclusive and safe space for all is ensuring that appropriate resources are accessible so that they may best promote wellbeing.

As a rapidly growing organisation, we have recognised the need for a dedicated People function in line with one of our main objectives of prioritising people, which has led to the development of a People & Operations Officer’s role, and the hiring of our Head of People, Justine Willmott, who said:

“When I joined Hatch, the good culture was instantly evident through their operating principle of transparency, openness and collaboration. We promote mental health and wellbeing at Hatch and we prioritise people as one of our strategic objectives. I look forward to further developing our People systems and practices as we grow as an organisation and ensuring we continue to put our people and their wellbeing at the heart of what we do.”

We believe in creating a safe space where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued. 

 Whether you’re an employee or a founder, taking care of your wellbeing is really important. Read the following tips shared by CharityComms experts to learn how you can promote your wellbeing and avoid burnout.

Promote Your Wellbeing: Create a healthy work culture

In our increasingly digitalised world, it is becoming harder and harder to switch off from work and implement clear boundaries. With emails and various apps used for communication, it has become so much easier to work effectively and even remotely, however the risk for burnout is far greater. 

Helen Breakwell, an experienced counsellor, warns us that stress and anxiety can be indicators to a larger mental health problem, and should not be ignored.

To take care of your wellbeing in the work-place, Helen first and foremost encourages trusted conversations with your colleagues or managers. She further advises the implementation of the following things for a balanced healthy lifestyle that will promote your wellbeing:

Work-Life Balance

Set yourself boundaries so you can enjoy both seperately

Coping strategies

Explore the outlets that make you feel good and de-stress

Support at work

Build connections and trust with the people you work with

Healthy lifestyle

Promote your wellbeing with good nutrients and plenty of activity

Personal life

Enjoy your time outside work in your own special, unique way


Go somewhere you can fully immerse yourself and enjoy the awe of nature

At Hatch, we understand the need for extra support, which we have certain systems in place to encourage connection, especially in a flexible hybrid working arrangement.

We use our channels to share pictures of our pets, family, nature, food, free wellbeing resources, and how we’re feeling each day. We also have more formal opportunities for connections with our team meetings, and our one to one’s with our managers, which are open spaces to discuss things that are impacting our wellbeing.

Extra benefits Hatch provides to all employers are two wellbeing days, without need for authorisation, and a budget that can be used for learning and development, or for our wellbeing.

These formal and informal processes are set in place to encourage a safe and healthy environment for all those working at Hatch. We are also encouraged to find our best working patterns with our flexible hours, whilst ensuring we’re maintaining a healthy work-life balance to avoid burnout.

Avoid Burnout: Build your personal resilience

Middle-aged people and Millenials are far more likely to suffer from burnout, a Guardian article states. This is due to an overwhelming sense of responsibility and care tied with their notion of professionalism. 

As an entrepreneur, your passion and work are usually extremely linked together which makes burnout a very real risk. 

It can take years to recover from burnout, so avoiding it altogether is vital. Hannah Massarella, a certified co-active coach and CharityComms author provides the following five strategies as a means to build your personal resilience and implement self-care daily.

1. Identify your inner critic
Your inner critic can be a motivational force towards achieving the goals you set for yourself. Identifying what it is saying and acknowledging that you ultimately have the power to create your own narrative is imperative in promoting a healthy image of yourself and your work-life balance.
2. Practice mindfulness
It's important to be aware and understand your physical and emotional state in order to avoid injury. Being in the moment and allowing yourself to appreciate the things around you without being distracted by a task can be an amazing way to reduce stress and anxiety.
3. Give yourself permission
Allow yourself to prioritise yourself and your time. “Take a piece of paper and write down, “I give myself permission to…”.” An example of this could be to give yourself permission to spend half an hour reading a book, arrange lunch with a friend, or go for a walk.
4. Be your own cheerleader
As an entrepreneur, it’s very easy to be goal oriented and celebrate the big achievements. However, championing the small feats along the way is one of the best ways to promote your resilience, according to Dr Rick Hanson’s research, who found that new neural pathways are built with self-encouragement and celebration which eventually promotes your wellbeing and self-esteem.
5. Practice gratitude
Whilst practising gratitude, we leave no room in our thoughts for our inner critic. Remind yourself of what you can feel joyful about, whether that’s with your business or in your personal life, and feel those worries melt away.
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Some further tips that can help build your resilience and ultimately promote your wellbeing and avoid burnout are:

  • Get enough sleep (Sleep is when our body repairs itself, don’t skip out on it!)
  • Learn to say no (Set yourself boundaries and don’t let others move them)
  • Enjoy a hobby (This can be a nice way to set your working life and personal life apart)

A big part of finding a healthy balanced lifestyle that promotes your wellbeing is exploring different things to find what suits you best. Everyone has different priorities, passions, and interests. Although some of these tips are vital, it’s not one size fits all, so continue trying out different things that encourage you to enjoy life.

If you are currently struggling with your mental health, here are a few resources you may find useful:

Create a safe space by looking after your wellbeing first.

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