[Guest Blog] 5 Key Tips for Personal Branding

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  Last month Samuel ran a workshop on personal branding at our Hatch Social Club. In this piece he provides the main takeaways from his presentation:   1- Be known for what you do. Be the go to person for your services or products in your network, make your brand synonymous with your name and be known for what you offer. When we think of KFC, Virgin or Apple we think of Colonel Sanders, Richard Branson and Steve Jobs. What is it that people think of when they hear your name? Clearly define what you have to offer the world and get to work on making everyone in your network know you for it.   2- Be an asset not a liability.   Everything we acquire in our lives is determined by the exchange of time, money or assets. Those who succeed in life are value driven and seek opportunities to be an asset to others when connecting with someone new or being in a new environment. Think of how you can add value and make a lasting impression. It’s in adding value that we acquire value.   3- Develop a strong network of Brand leaders. According to motivational speaker Jim Rohn, “we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with” therefore by the law of averages if you intend to be a strong brand then you need to associate with other strong brands. The brands we associate with will either strengthen or weaken our overall image. Connecting with key players in your field boosts your credibility and reinforces your value. Your college or university alumni, suggested friends list on LinkedIn or Business cards you have received at previous networking events can be a great place to start.     4- Invest time in building your online presence. Have an up-to-date social media, blog or web presence and be consistent with it. It is amazing how many entrepreneurs I meet who don’t have an accessible online presence for themselves or their business. In building a personal brand you must think about how our online presence plays a part in the narrative of our overall image. What results will appear if someone were to type your name in Google? This can impact your personal brand either in a positive or negative way. Even something as simple as having an email such as yourname@company… or hi@yourname…  rather than using a Google or existing mail provider can give you more credibility when connecting with someone.   5- Become a connector. A connector thinks of ways to leverage their network by forging relationships that not only benefit themselves but those around them and seeks out opportunities to connect people. This will leave a lasting impact on both parties and people will appreciate you for it. A simple gesture like connecting an author you have met with a friend who is a publisher can lead to countless lives being impacted.  This will help your personal brand because the people you’ve helped along the way will be the ones to recommend you to others as a go-to person, building your profile and credibility.  

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